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Registered Coaches Program

The USATF Registered Coaches Program was conceived to establish a set of standards for all coaches affiliated with USA Track & Field. The program involves a four-pronged process, which results in a published list of coaches who have demonstrated the ethics, honesty and trustworthiness necessary for endorsement by the national governing body. The centerpiece of the process is a comprehensive Code of Conduct which focuses on only the highest ethical and honorable standards. Registered Coaches also carry with them the rights and privileges available only to those within the registry. These benefits may include:

  • Discounts for premier seminars and coaching education programs
  • Registered Coach credential at USA National Championships
  • Selection to international team staffs
  • Selection for Coaching Enhancement Grants
  • Involvement in USATF High Performance Programs
  • Compensation from USATF or USOC athlete support programs

To become registered a coach must complete the application process which includes the steps outlined below.

  1. Be a current USATF member
  2. List current coaching affiliation in the application process
  3. Accept and adhere to the Coaches Code of Conduct
  4. Pass the USATF background screen

Program Endorsements

"The USOC whole heartedly supports measures such as USATF’s Coaches Registry, which lend legitimacy to coaches in good standing while also potentially protecting athletes from individuals with ill-intentions."

- Scott Blackmun, United States Olympic Committee CEO

"The Coaches Registry is part of our commitment to implementing 'best practices' that are on a par with the best-run sports in America. In the end, this is everybody doing what is best for athletes, coaches and our sport.  It is our intent to work together with coaches in a positive and productive way to make sure we are serving them as well as our athletes."

- Stephanie Hightower, USATF President & Chairman

"Coaches from all of our communities, which include college, post-collegiate, youth, high school and club, have completed the process to be a Registered Coach. We know the majority of coaches already live and work according to the Code of Conduct; the Coaches Registry helps the rest of the world understand that as well."

- Terry Crawford, USATF Director of Coaching
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