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USATF Championships Series broadcast restrictions (pdf)

2013 Media Guide

Pages 1-70  (About USATF and Team USA section)
Pages 71-170  (Athlete bios A-Knight)
Pages 171-276  (Athlete bios Kovacs-Z)



Credential Applications

Credential Guidelines

Who may apply for credentials?

Media credentials are issued to working journalists and photographers from legitimate and recognized news outlets. This includes: newspapers, magazines, news services, track and field publications, television and radio and college SID’s, and the websites affiliated with these outlets.

Internet-only sites will only be considered and approved if they regularly report on sports, track & field, or related news. Preference is given to online media outlets with a demonstrated audience and a history of event-based coverage of track and field and in-depth profiles. Enthusiast and fan websites and general-interest or personal blogs will not be approved for a media credential.

Freelancers must provide a documentation of assignment from a legitimate and recognized news outlet.

What are some reasons for denying a request?

There are a limited number of credentials available. Some reasons for denying a request include: the application is incomplete, is not from an approved media outlet, or too many individuals have applied from a single outlet. Media credentials will be denied to individuals not fitting the criteria of “working press” as identified above.

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