FHM 100 Sexiest Women In The World 2013: The full list

Posted by , 01 May 2013

FHM 100 Sexiest Women In The World 2013: The full list


12 months ago, in this very issue, we announced that Tulisa Contostavlos - of N-Dubz, X Factor and sex tape fame - had officially been voted the World’s Sexiest Woman by the readers of FHM. We expected a few people to be surprised; shocked, even. But what happened next, no one was prepared for.

Thousands – nay, millions of you – took to the streets (or at least the internet) to voice your outrage. It was front-page news on every tabloid newspaper. So many people clicked on FHM.com that our server crashed. Three times. We received letters, emails, tweets and letter bombs denouncing the result. How could – in a world of 3,301,112,087 women – Tulisa possibly be the world’s hottest?

Our answer was simple: Democracy. 99% of those who threw their toys out of the pram did not cast a vote. If they had, things could have been very different.

This year, they were. Across three long months of polling we received more votes than ever before. You took to Twitter, to Facebook, to Instagram, to the pub, to have your voice heard. You made campaign videos. You shouted from the rooftops. One of you even sent in an anonymous plastic doll of Kate Upton with a ‘Vote for me’ badge (thanks for that, by the way). And the result? The most competitive, and the most trouser-shatteringly sexy 100 Sexiest countdown of all time.

A huge big-up goes out to our chums at VO5 Extreme Style for supporting the campaign, and for giving us lovely, soft hair that smells nice. And of course a massive thank you goes out to you lot, for getting off your arses, clicking away and sending a message to North Korea’s Kim Jong Un about the power of democracy.

Dan Jude, Deputy Editor

2013's top 100

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