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Emergency Field Guide, EFG

Emergency Field Guide

NFPA is putting life-saving information in your hands for Electric/Hybrid on-scene reference. NFPA’s Electric Vehicle Emergency Field Guide is an easy-to-use, quick reference guide that covers all current makes and models of hybrid and electric passenger cars. All vehicle information has been reviewed by the manufacturers for technical accuracy, and the guide incorporates NHTSA’s "Interim Guidance for High Voltage Vehicles".

This Field Guide includes vehicle specific guides from all the top manufacturers and includes information on:

  • Initial response
  • Crash/extrication
  • Fire
  • Submersion
  • Damaged high voltage batteries
  • Primary and alternate shutdown procedures
  • High voltage component locations
  • Vehicle specific cautions and warnings
  • Airbag/SRS diagrams

Order your copy of the Electric Vehicle Emergency Field Guide today!

Online Training

Online TrainingOur Electric Vehicle Safety Training team started a nationwide training tour in July 2011, delivering EV classroom training to thousands of emergency responders. Now the same training is available online. This dynamic, self-paced course includes all the same topics covered in the classroom course:

  • Introduction to hybrid and electric vehicle
  • Basic electrical concepts
  • Vehicle systems and charging stations
  • Identification methods
  • Immobilization process
  • Disabling procedures
  • Extrication operations
  • Fires
  • Submersions
  • Incidents involving charging stations
  • High voltage battery damage

This interactive training program provides emergency responders with the tools and information they need to safely handle emergency situations involving EVs, PHEVs, and charging stations. Participate in this online training today!

Training Feedback

What do participants think of our classroom training?


"Probably one of the most thorough and best classes I have ever taken. I would recommend it to anyone!" - MA


"Anyone responding to motor vehicle accidents should take this class." - NH


"Presented a wealth of information!" - MA


"As always, NFPA provided a great class and a fantastic instructor." - GA


"Matt [Paiss, Subject Matter Expert] was very knowledgeable, extremely organized and concise, pleasant, professional, and enthusiastic about the material. I would definitely take another class from him!" - OR


"Both instructors [Jason Emery and John Cannon] were very interesting, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable. They had easy manners of delivery, and engaged the students appropriately. This was a well-prepared and well-delivered class!" - CT


"I was surprised at how little I knew at the beginning of the course versus how much I knew at the end. Very eye-opening!" - CT