Can I install Ubuntu on Intel Cedarview Atom-based mainboards?

As of February 2012, due to driver limitations of the PowerVR graphics processing unit (GPU) core used in Intel’s Cedarview processors, operating system support is currently limited to Windows 7 and Windows 8 32-bit versions.

While Ubuntu Linux 12.04 can be installed, functionality is limited and hardware graphics acceleration does not work. Because there are no drivers for the PowerVR graphics chip, the OS uses the generic VESA driver for, thus Graphical User Interfaces still function, but users may experience sluggish performance, limited screen resolutions, video tearing, and playback for fullscreen or high-definition videos will stutter or freeze.


There are no available drivers for Windows 7 64-bit operating systems.

As a result, Logic Supply does not currently offer support for Windows 7 64-bit or Ubuntu Linux 12.04 installed on Cedarview boards or guarantee functionality of these operating systems on boards purchased by our customers. This restriction may change as newer driver updates are released, and we’ll do our best to stay on top of it.