One is amused: The cartoon caricature of Kate and Wills that gave her a fit of giggles

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A cartoon caricature of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge on their wedding day – with Prince Harry looking merry in the background – will take pride of place in their new apartment at Kensington Palace when they move in this week.

Kate saw a copy of the picture in a shop in Wales and was so amused that she asked to buy it.

She was flabbergasted to hear that she and William had already been given the original during a Royal walkabout.

Kate has had the picture up on the wall in Anglesey, but now they have moved to London, it is destined to have a special place at Kensington Palace

Kate has had the picture up on the wall in Anglesey, but now they have moved to London, it is destined to have a special place at Kensington Palace

Having no recollection of the gift, the Duchess ordered staff  to help her search ‘high and low’ until it was finally found.


She hung it in their cottage in Anglesey, but now they have moved to London, it is destined to have a special place in the couple’s lavish apartment.

The caricature-style watercolour features William carrying his bride in his arms. In the background is a bright yellow helicopter similar to the one he flew as a rescue pilot – and an unsteady looking Harry clutching a glass of wine.

Celebration: The cartoon depicts the Royal couple's wedding day

Celebration: The cartoon depicts the Royal couple's wedding day

It could be the most colourful addition at Apartment 1A. I’m told the residence has been decorated in various shades of beige – much to Prince Charles’s annoyance.

Sources say Kate used her mother’s friend Anne Allen to decorate and the result is a tasteful but rather muted affair.

‘The word is it looks more Peter Jones than Kensington Palace,’ says an insider.

It's not often that a quote for work is turned down for being too cheap. Yet that’s why a former tank gunner from Princes William and Harry’s regiment, the Blues and Royals, was denied the chance to clean carpets at Buckingham Palace.

Mark Cane claims he was told by the Palace that his inexpensive rates betrayed a lack of experience. ‘The Palace is obviously being charged inflated London rates that many companies apply to wealthier, high-profile clients,’ says a source.

Boris Johnson may still be undecided over  a return to the Commons after his stint as London Mayor, but younger brother Leo has emphatically ruled out running for Parliament.

Leo, 45, held secret talks about becoming the Green candidate in Oxford West and Abingdon but has now shelved the idea.

‘I’ve changed my mind,’  said the eco expert at the launch of his aptly named new book Turnaround Challenge. ‘I’m not sure that I need to do it any more.’

The relationship between heiress Kate Rothschild and boyfriend  Jay Electronica is said to be on the rocks after the pair clashed over the US rapper’s spending habits.

Kate, 31, and Jay, 37, were recently spotted arguing at a KFC restaurant in full view of onlookers.

‘They are far from solid,’ says a chum.  ‘She is a rich Rothschild helping out a poor rapper.’ Once touted as the next Jay Z, Jay’s debut album has still not been released.

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So far she has not put a foot wrong. Why is she disliked so much. Plus her mum and dad have done so well.

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They receive HUNDREDS of gifts, of course someone helps catalog & store them, they all can't fit in even the 3 or 4 "front rooms" I'm sure they've got in their new palace place.

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LOL too bad he looks like his bird-like dad, hopefully baby takes after mom.

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Where's the caricature?

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I'll be impressed with the royal family when they stop hunting animals for their so called sport.

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Show us the cartoon and I might even read the story...

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They will have recieved literally thousands of gifts from well wishers all over the world even though they requested nothing or donations to charity. Buckingham Palace has massive store-rooms given over to the stuff: it can't be seen to be sold, as that would be insulting, and when some of it was as is traditional in big old households, given to staff I seem to recall a certain newspaper decrying the undeclared gifts as some kind of tax scam. Much as I like HRH championing architectural causes, I'm pleased the Duchess got to paint her home the colour she wanted - which is our fashion today just as much as crimson was in Victorian times and bright yellow in Regency period!

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beautiful smiles....

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So she didn't even know that she had the original! The poor artist who gave it to them. So ungrateful. As for her mother's friend decorating it in Peter Jones beige how very suburban! It's a palace not a semi in Reading!

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So where is the picture??

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