Cabinet Jurino, March - September 2009

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Jurino Rodeo - 10 spet 2009 - JOAN JONAS "The Shape, the Scent, the Feel of Things" ⁂ Unique screening - European Première ⁂ + Yeeeeeha!
Cabinet Jurino / Museumnacht - Potential Estate / Cabine Jurino Nog tot 10 september. Op donderdag 10 september tussen 18 en 21 uur sluit Potential Estate Cabinet Jurino af met een unieke presentatie van Joan Jonas’s single channel versie van ‘The Shape, The Scent, The Feel of Things’, een vijfdelige video-installatie die The Renaissance Society in 2004 produceerde, waarin Jonas ingaat op Aby Warburg’s studie van de Hopi beeldentaal.

" My brain is frozen. I have to break free from this culture of mechanical reproduction and the thick incrustration who die on the surface "

in « House of 10.000 corpses », Rob Zombie, 2003.

Extra City Benefit Auction - Unique Potential Estate edition
Potential Estate has participated to the first beneft auction launched by Extra City Center for Contemporary Art in Antwerp the December 17th at Bernaerts Auction House in Antwerp.
Antwerpen - MuHKA - KMSKA


What about the museum? - Muhka is not a mud museum.
Ghost Dance - At the end of the 19th century Thomas Edison filmed « Ghost Dance », one of the first films ever made and the first filmic record of ‘authentic’ American Indians.
Reanimating the serpent - Red on Yellow, Kills a Fellow — American proverb
What’s in a name - In Cochiti (a New Mexican pueblo) Aby Warburg (Hamburg, 1866-1929) spoke to a Hopi priest named Cleo Jurino.
Potawatomi Bingo Casino - Milwaukee

"We are shining our light in the community—aiming to make an impact where we live and work."

Whether it involves creating an inviting place for our millions of visitors to come and enjoy first-rate entertainment, or collaborating with other businesses to encourage a strong economic climate or simply assisting those who need help—we have always worked to keep the Forest County Potawatomi traditions alive.

As Keeper of the Fire, we are committed to those we serve, those we work with and those we help. In that spirit, we have invested in the future. The recent $240 million expansion of Potawatomi Bingo Casino created hundreds of new jobs, built new and lasting partnerships and furthered our commitment to this community.


— Tricksters or fakes, assistants or ‘toons, they are exemplars of the coming community

Giorgio Agamben, The Coming Community, University of Minnesota Press

What Warburg did not see

Steps and ladders are an ancient and universal device for representing the growth, the upward and downward motion of nature. They are the symbol of achievement in the rise and descent through space, just as the circle, the coiled serpent, is the symbol for the rhythm of time...

David Freedberg / Pathos at Oraibi : What Warburg did not see

One hamburger at a time

« Our ancestors sold Manhattan for trinkets. Today with the acquisition of the Hard Rock cafes we’re going to buy Manhattan back one hamburger at a time. »

Press conference Seminole Tribe

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