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Adam Leech : "The Historian of Brussels, Illinois" (video, 2007, 4 min)

Zurich’s experimental film festival Videoex invites Potential Estate. Cabinet Voltaire consists in a compilation of videos shown in the context of previous Cabinets or selected for this event. All of them are premières in Switzerland. Next to Potential Estate’s collective film, the program includes films by guests artists Patrick Bernier & Olive Martin (F), Brian Springer (USA) and David Robbins (USA). The programs will be introduced by a member of Potential Estate. Videoex runs from May 21 to May 29. Potential Estate’s screening dates are to be announced soon.

Since 2006 Potential Estate has been developing a mobile, pars pro toto format – a Cabinet – in which knowledge dilutes itself into tales. Each Cabinet is a chapter in a plurivocal narrative whose epilogue is continually postponed. Using auctions, drinking games, bowling alleys, films, t-shirts and rodeos, Potential Estate invoke the ghosts of forgotten Modern figures, who often appear to them as venomous tricoloured snakes.

Each Cabinet is the chapter of a plurivocal narrative. One could already come across the ghosts of pedagogist Joseph Jacotot, communard geographer Élisée Reclus, multiple pseudonym Wally Hope, fourierist anarchist Marie-Adèle Anciaux, Hopi priest Cleo Jurino and artworks of guest artists Seth Price, Joe Scanlan, Jimmie Durham and David Robbins just to quote a few of them.


Featured articles

Traduire - Traduire c’est s’installer dans l’espace de l’équivoque et l’habiter.
Among the Sphinxes - Notes* on the work of Brian Springer
The Disappointment; Or, The Force of Credulity - “An unexpected masterpiece.” — Grady Hendrix, New York Sun
David Bald Eagle - A short biography.
The Significance of the Frontier in American History - Historian Frederick Jackson Turner presented this paper to a special meeting of the American Historical Association at the 1893 World’s Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois. His assessment of the frontier’s significance was the first of its kind and revolutionized American intellectual and historical thinking.
Jurino Rodeo - 10 spet 2009 - JOAN JONAS "The Shape, the Scent, the Feel of Things" ⁂ Unique screening - European Première ⁂ + Yeeeeeha!

" My brain is frozen. I have to break free from this culture of mechanical reproduction and the thick incrustration who die on the surface "

in « House of 10.000 corpses », Rob Zombie, 2003.

What about the museum? - Muhka is not a mud museum.
Ghost Dance - At the end of the 19th century Thomas Edison filmed « Ghost Dance », one of the first films ever made and the first filmic record of ‘authentic’ American Indians.
What’s in a name - In Cochiti (a New Mexican pueblo) Aby Warburg (Hamburg, 1866-1929) spoke to a Hopi priest named Cleo Jurino.
The distribution of The Crying of Potential Estate (Blank Version) - Potential Estate announces the distribution of The Crying of Potential Estate (Blank Version), a film of murder, money and multiplicity.
Newsletter 01 : Show & Tell - Dear Barbara, Dear Philippe,
Current roadmap of empowerment - Mapping us, time as neighbourhood, positions and statistics.
Quelques notes abandonnées sur un coin de table un mardi matin - Fabriquer des écarts, défaire des temporalités, actualiser nos ruses.
Anal. map - You and our other visitors coming from 106 cities.
Out of Print - Meeting Jean Ducat.
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Who are they?
Potential Estate is a temporary alliance that designs residential spaces and narratives. It operates along models of self-organization and mutual inclusion. This practice is highlighted in a number of Potential Estate activities : cabinets, public events and the present website.

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Potential Estate announces the distribution of The Crying of Potential Estate (Blank Version), a film of murder, money and multiplicity.


Lot #19

Lot #20

Lot #21

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Shop New Belgium
One hamburger at a time

« Our ancestors sold Manhattan for trinkets. Today with the acquisition of the Hard Rock cafes we’re going to buy Manhattan back one hamburger at a time. »

Press conference Seminole Tribe

Extra City Benefit Auction - Unique Potential Estate edition
 Potential Estate has participated to the first beneft auction launched by Extra City Center for Contemporary Art in Antwerp the December 17th at Bernaerts Auction House in Antwerp.
Belgique : a ghost town
 Belgique is an unincorporated community in eastern Perry County, Missouri, USA. It is located about five miles south of Chester, Illinois. Its post office has closed and its mail now comes from Perryville. The community was founded in 1890 and is named after the French name for Belgium. In 1970 it had more than 20 occupied residences and a large building. Since the flood of 1993 there is no longer a town, but the cemetery remains.
What Warburg did not see

Steps and ladders are an ancient and universal device for representing the growth, the upward and downward motion of nature. They are the symbol of achievement in the rise and descent through space, just as the circle, the coiled serpent, is the symbol for the rhythm of time...

David Freedberg / Pathos at Oraibi : What Warburg did not see

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