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Belgian Emigrants Abroad and Their Descendants Researching Their Roots in Belgium with the Support of Belgian Residents
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To become established in a new residence of place of business, says The American Heritage Dictionary. Relocated = settled in a new location, resettled - established in a desired position or place ; not moving about ; "nomads ... absorbed among the settled people" ; "settled areas" ; "I don’t feel entirely settled here" ; "the advent of settled civilization"


The Town of Belgium Needs To Regulate Farm Concerts - Rock around the clock? Not here A little rock music in the countryside might be all right, but until dawn? writes an editorialist from Ozaukee Press.
Replicating Belgian Architecture - Camelot Development is building a shopping center.
Belgique : a ghost town - Belgique is an unincorporated community in eastern Perry County, Missouri, USA.
Belgians mapped - A map of native Belgians in Wisconsin in 1890
Belgenland - In the census of 1980, more than 360,000 Americans stated to be from Belgian descent. That’s about 1.5 % of the total population. Most of them live in the Mid West, with a Flemish concentration around Ghent (Minnesota) and a Walloon concentration around Green Bay (Wisconsin). The next highest concentration is in California, but those Belgians immigrated mainly after WW II.
Au premier belge : Robinsonville - It was late in the month of November, and before coming to our own lands we had planted some potatoes at Premier Belge (Robinsonville or Champion). It took the boat two days to deliver all our baggage.
"This Place I Was Always Proud To Call My Home"
 Read more on The Belgian Club and read more from the Center for Belgian Culture.
Brussels, Ontario (CA)
 Brussels is a community in Huron County, Ontario, Canada (coordinates : 43.742577° N 81.249948° W). It was originally called Ainleyville. The name was changed in the 1870s when a branch line of the Grand Trunk Railway from Guelph came through the town.
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