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Vacature : a round table discussion - January 2008 Potential Estate published a job ad in several media related to the local art community, announcing a vacant part-time position as administrator. The application deadline was February 22nd 2008. As a follow up to the response on the job ad Potential Estate invited four applicants for a job interview.
Pourbusstraat 5, B-2000 Antwerpen - BELGIUM +32(0)
Formerly Koraalberg Art Gallery, Antwerp


Anal. map - You and our other visitors coming from 106 cities.
Relocation Test - Excursions around Red Star Line will take place in the frame of Cabinet Wally Hope.
Out of Print - Meeting Jean Ducat.
On air - Movie : making of the recording of the sound of the video "Money, Lots Of Money".
The Crying of Potential Estate - Opening event (24/01/2008) of Cabinet Wally Hope was The Crying of Potential Estate, a real-time auction. The auction offered a story for sale cut up in sentences. It was developed as a scenario for live television broadcasting.
Meanwhile in Belgium - Review of recent articles in the Village of Belgium newsletters.
Vacature – part-time Administrator - Potential Estate is looking forward to continue expanding the moving space between things in close collaboration with a motivated agent helping us define the blanks in our practice.
Where’s Wally ? We’re all Wally - Wally Hope aka Phil Russell is a legendary figure. It was he who inspired the gatherings at Stonehenge that became the Stonehenge People’s Free Festival. The multiple use of the name Wally in his time was a playful and idealistic attempt to create havoc with officialdom.
That was the invitation - Far from the archive.
Rephrasing The Conditional

Rephrase the sentence "If It’s Tuesday It Must Be Belgium"

 "Its being Tuesday implies that this is Belgium."
 "This is Belgium if it’s Tuesday."
 "It’s Tuesday only if this is Belgium."
 "It can’t be Tuesday unless this is Belgium."
 "Its being Tuesday is sufficient for this to be Belgium."
 "That this is Belgium is a necessary condition for its being Tuesday."

Read more : Introduction to Logic by Stefan Waner and Steven R. Costenoble

Indiani Metropolitani

Nous pouvons tous entrer dans un devenir-noir, dans un devenir-indien, ce qui fut d’ailleurs justement l’intuition humoristique et géniale des Indiens Métropolitains à Rome. (...) Indiani metropolitani est le nom adopté par des groupes d’étudiants et de jeunes travailleurs précaires du Mouvement de 1977 en Italie, point culminant du mouvement de l’Autonomia. Le nom se réfère au fait que ces groupes s’autodéfinissaient comme les habitants d’une sorte de "réserve culturelle" par rapport à l’ordre établi (du travail). Les Indiani metropolitani ont surtout existé à Rome où ils organisèrent des performances au printemps de 1977, et à Bologne, où se forma le groupe analogue Cellule mao-dadaïste. On pourrait dire que ces groupes étaient sous influence situationniste avec une matrice ouvriériste.

Felix Guattari *

in Felix Guattari/Suely Ronik, Micropolitiques, Les Empêcheurs de penser en rond, 2007, pp 111 & 475.

* (le titre est de la rédaction)


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