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Program - Cabinet Reclus - On May 4th 2007, Cabinet Reclus – the name of the temporary stop at Netwerk – has taken a run-up to its opening on Saturday June 9th, presented in its completeness.
The making of an Atlantic World - On June 9 in Cabinet Reclus , Historian Torsten Feys (European University Institute) lectured about "The making of an Atlantic World: Belgium and the 19th Century European mass migration movement to the New World". Read a few quotes taken out from the lecture.
Flemish Bastard

Flemish Bastard aka Jan Smits aka John Smiths aka Canaqueese : metis Mohawk chief whose birth and death dates remain unknown. Son of a Mohawk mother and a Dutch father, he led war parties against the French and served as an intermediary between the French, Dutch, and English circa 1650-1687.

Source : Perrot, Nicolas. Ch. 15 of "Mémoire sur les moeurs, coustumes et religion des sauvages de l’Amérique Septentrionale" at Turning Points in Wis. History) ; see also "The Role of Chief Canaqueese in the Iroquois Wars" by Peter Lowensteyn


AUCTION / ACTION - The first version of a collaborative scenario.
Statement - On May 12, 1852, Brussels Illinois received its first pastor in the person of Father John Molotor, having been sent here by the Bishop of Chicago.
Statement - As its name might suggest ‘Potential Estate’ isn’t a physical territory or one that can be owned.
Statement - Arc of potential line.
Statement - Overseas Assignment Inventory
Statement - An office during closing hours.
Statement - "East West at home best"
Projet de construction d’un Globe Terrestre à l’échelle du Cent-millième - Le géographe Élisée Reclus projette la construction d’une mappemonde de plâtre de 120m de diamètre pour l’Exposition universelle de Paris.
Nova Belgica - From 1615, the region between Virginia and New-England was equally named New-Belgium or New-Netherlands.
Story Number 505739 - Seminole Tribe of Florida buying Hard Rock cafe business.
Tape Number: EF06/1189
Duration: 00:03:22
Intime: 10:40:12
Date: 2006-12-072006-12-07 GMT
Source: AP TELEVISION/ Seminole Hard Rock Entertainment
Creationism Was Not Invented In Europe - Fantasy is a situation imagined by an individual or group, which does not correspond with reality but expresses certain desires or aims of its creator. But fantasy is also another name for Gamma-hydroxybutyrate, a date-rape drug.
About Utopian Communities - In 1803 George Rapp, a Lutheran separatist from Germany came to America in search of religious freedom. Along with 800 people from Pennsylvania, Rapp carved out a utopian niche in the wilderness.
Elisée Reclus : About and From - Born 1830, died 1905. Geographer and anarchist, lived in exile in Belgium.
If It’s Tuesday It Must Be Belgium ! - Nine countries in eighteen days... impossible. But not for some hapless American tourists who, during a whirlwind trip to Europe, come up against a lot more than just a language barrier.
Cities : The Grand Suburban Tour - Visit those locations
Ghent : relocation, real estate, travel, jobs, hospitals, schools, crime, news.
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"We speak belgian"
 Walloons from Wisconsin don’t use the word "walloon" to define the dialectal langage they speak ? They say : "we speak belgian".
If It’s Tuesday It Must Be Belgium (1968)
 "I’m Europe, Baby. I sent you Dutch Elm Disease, German Measles, and Russian Roulette. You sent me World Wind Vacation Tour #225. Now we’re even." Read more
Nova Belgica

According to the legend, New York was founded in 1626 by the Dutch in the southern part of Manhattan Island. Some schoolbooks, history books, television broadcasts - and down to cigarettes makers - even say that the founder of New York was named Peter Stuyvesant.

The reality is somewhat different... (read further)

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