Current roadmap of empowerment
11 August 2008
Pierre Huyghebaert
Mapping us, time as neighbourhood, positions and statistics.

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Australian’s God’s Eye View
"And while the artists tried to be as geographically accurate as possible, they admitted that parts of the Garden Eden are from Belgium."
Potential Estate presented at the 1st Brussels Biennial, from October 19th 2008 till January 4th 2009. "The biennial represents a first step in a larger project designed as a trans-national endeavour that will unfold in two steps until 2010."

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The road* - «In our eyes, a car club is an organization of friends ! A brotherhood ! A union of hard working blue collar laborers just building their rides with what they got and willing to help build each other cars, not buy them built!»
Rascals Car Club, 2001
Collective Property Sale - A Gift : a transatlantic journey
Press Release - POTENTIAL ESTATE invites you to CABINET ANCIAUX presented at the 1st Brussels Biennial, Postal Sorting Center – Midi/Zuid Station.
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The distribution of The Crying of Potential Estate (Blank Version) - Potential Estate announces the distribution of The Crying of Potential Estate (Blank Version), a film of murder, money and multiplicity.

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