David Bald Eagle
8 September 2010
A short biography.

He was born the grandson of White Bull, who had led one of those immortal charges on Custer’s 7th Cavalry at the Little Big Horn. “My grandfather was my school room,” David Bald Eagle told an interviewer. “I didn’t talk English until I was 12.” Five years after White Bull’s death, in 1939, the young Bald Eagle convinced his father to let him join the U. S. Army’s 4th Cavalry, purely for the adventure and because liked the uniform. It was an ironic and fateful decision.

Sergeant Bald Eagle became a code-talking paratrooper in one of the most storied combat units of military history: the 82nd Airborne. Decorated for bravery in the Anzio campaign, Bald Eagle was wounded parachuting behind enemy lines on D-Day.

Returning home victorious, the handsome veteran later appeared in Hollywood movies such as “Flaming Arrow” with Errol Flynn and “Into the West.”

For nearly five decades, Bald Eagle was accorded the high distinction of leading the Days of ’76 parade in Deadwood, South Dakota. In the late 1950s, as a star of the “Casey Tibbs Wild West Show” touring Europe and especially the 1958 Brussels World Fair , he met his wife Josée, herself an actress and a native of Belgium, a country Bald Eagle had helped liberate only a few years earlier.

Bald Eagle was part of the one hundred South Dakota indians stucked in Belgium after the Casey Tibbs rodeo went bankrupt in 1958. They helped rebuilding part of the readymade rodeo buildings in Tremelo that became the first western village in Belgium. Texas City in the village of Tremelo, in Flanders, is now under severe threat of destruction by regional authorities.

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