Mon, May 16, 2011 | 08:12 BST

Final Fantasy Haeresis XIII trademark allowed to expire

Square Enix has let its trademark for Final Fantasy Haeresis XIII lapse, apparently confirming the demise of the rumoured Fabula Nova Crystallis entry.

The latest status report on the oft-forgotten trademark reveals Square Enix has not responded to notifications of its impending expiration, suggesting the publisher is willing to let it slide.

The Haeresis logo was filed as early as 2006, but has not shown hide nor hair in any official communication, despite heavy rumours of its appearance at Square Enix’s 2007 press event.

Not that this tells us whether the game was planned and canned, or never existed – another entry in the compendium, Final Fantasy Type-0, was known as Final Fantasy Agito XIII until January this year, while Final Fantasy Versus XIII has been delayed until late 2012.

Fabula Nova Crystallis is Square Enix’s designation for a collection of vaguely related games, of which 2009′s Final Fantasy XIII is the flagship and sole release so far.

Thanks, Erren.



16/05/11, 8:39 am

Haeresis sounded like some kind of hideous disease anyway. :-)


16/05/11, 7:39 pm

I feel a little said about it, however S-E stated that they are making a company restructuring so it’s only normal that Haeresis XIII stays on paper .. however I felt too sad that S-E is further delaying Versus XIII, Let alone the fans dream about a Final Fantasy VII remake.

Let’s hope for the best !! Gambaro S-E

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