Reflexions on a case of Paris syndrome.

Accession number;99A0260258
Title;Reflexions on a case of Paris syndrome.
Author; KATADA TAMAMI (Nissei Hosp.)
Journal Title;Journal of the Nissei Hospital
Journal Code:Y0067A
Pub. Country;Japan
Abstract;It's Paris syndrome that Dr. Ota, japanese psychiatrist, has reported and from which a number of Japanese staying in paris are suffering because of their fantasy and idealization of Paris and of their cultural shock. I report a case of manic-depressive disorder who presented his symptoms, insomnia, fluctuation of mood, aggression, irritation and rise in sex drive, after having begun to stay in paris and I think about the psychopathological mechanism of triggering off from the point of view of role identity and of Paris syndrome. It's very important that, separated from his family, living alone in Paris, he has lost his role identity which gave support to him when he worked as professor and fulfilled his duties as father and husband at home is Japan. Moreover, his fantasy and idealization of Paris, characteristic of Paris syndrome, played a great part in his abnormal behaviors searching for his lost youth and love affaire. (author abst.)