The owner and distributor of this freeware, Brett Bartholomew accepts no responsibility for damages resulting from the use of these files and makes no warranty or representation, either express or implied, including but not limited to, any implied warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. This software is provided "AS IS", and you, its user, assume all risks when using it. By downloading software provided on, you agree to the above. There is absolutely NO support provided for any of the software offered on this site - Use at your own risk!

PSTTools for Microsoft Outlook 2007 131k - .NET 2.0+ Runtime, Outlook 2007+
PSTTools Organize mail items in your multiple PST files easily with PSTTools. PSTTools contains two utilities: PST Merger and PST Duplicate Removal. With PST Merger, select multiple non-password protected PST files as input and one PST file as output. Mail items from all input PSTs will be copied to the root folder of the output PST. Duplicates will not be copied if they exist in any input PSTs or the output PST. The PST Duplicate Removal tool removes duplicates from any non-password protected PST file. Duplicates are moved to the Deleted Items folder. As with all tools on this site, use PSTTools at your own risk and backup your PSTs before using.

Clean up your email today and Download PSTTools!

Seven Segment LED Control for ASP.NET 5k - .NET 2.0 (see below for 1.1)
SevenSegmentLED Seven Segment LED is a simple, easy to use server control for Microsoft ASP.NET websites. With this control in your ToolBox, you can place alarm clock style digits within your webpages. Some features include:

  • Create a display of any size using any number of digits
  • Choose custom colors for segment on, segment off and face colors
  • Pad display with zeroes or spaces and optional comma thousands seperator
  • Uses CSS divs and spans for all rendering - no image caching problems!
  • Completely free for you to use in any application

  • Download SevenSegmentLED for ASP.NET 2.0, or Download SevenSegmentLED for ASP.NET 1.1 to add some bling to your site today!

    TIFFToolKit Library for .NET 499k - .NET
    TIFFToolKit Working with TIFF files in the .NET environment has never been easier. See how easily TIFF file problems can be solved using VB.NET, C# or ASP.NET.
    TIFFToolKit Features:

  • Convert single or multi-page TIFF files to single or multi-page PDF files
  • Create, split, replace pages from multi and single page TIFF files
  • Byteserve PDF files or save them as files in ASP.NET
  • Convert multipage TIFF to multiple file JPG, TIFF or PDF
  • Get and Set TIFF Tag data for each TIFF page  
  • TIFF tags exposed as Properties in .NET
  • Insert and remove custom or standard TIFF Tags
  • Compress 1-bit uncompressed TIFFs as LZW or CCITT4 
  • Compatible with all managed projects - 100% managed code
  • Works with many TIFF files that GDI+ does not natively support

  • Download TIFFToolKit, TIFFToolKit Signed Version , or a code sample to get a handle on TIFF files in the .NET environment!

    Doom Alert 346k - 2K,XP and .NET
    DoomAlert Predict future events with Doom Alert! Based on scientific research indicating that current or future events influence random number generators, Doom Alert uses your sound card to create real random numbers. These numbers are accumulated and the current total is displayed in the lower left corner. As the total approaches the session minimum or maximum, the icon in your system tray will flash red. This will occur frequently at first and less frequently the longer it is running. If you see large spikes after a long period of stable activity, this could indicate some future or current event. This program requires the Microsoft .NET framework installed which can be obtained by going to Most XP systems will already have the framework installed.

    Context Menu Editor 737k - 98,NT,2K,XP
    ContextMenuEditor Context Menu Editor can view and delete links to programs on your context menus (the popup menus you see when you right-click). Context Menu Editor does not delete the programs, it just removes them from your menus. Menu deletions cannot be undone so please use with care - you may need to reinstall your software if you want them back. Context Menu Editor can view and delete menu items for right clicking on files, right clicking on folders and right clicking in Internet Explorer. Try Context Menu Editor today to see just how clean your menus can be!

    CachePal 273k - 98,2K,XP
    CachePal CachePal lets you clear your Internet History, Temporary Internet Files and Cookies from one click on your Internet Explorer toolbar. Simply install, add to your toolbar and click whenever you need to dump your past or see a web site with a clean cache. Perfect for Web or Flash developers who constantly need to clear the browser environment to view changes. Includes uninstall.

    Toolbar Chest for Outlook Express 242k - 98,2K,XP
    ToolBarChest Toolbar Chest for Outlook Express will save many of your Outlook Express settings such as Toolbar content, size and position. Toolbar Chest for OE will save window positions, layout settings and many other settings. Get your Outlook Express configuration just the way you like it, back it up with Toolbar Chest for OE, and never worry about having to reload Windows to get it back.

    Screen Launcher 12k - 98,2K,XP
    ScreenLauncher Screen Launcher lets you choose any program to run as a screensaver. You could start a Powerpoint, a movie or any EXE or associated file. To install, simply unzip, right-click and click Install on the context menu. You can then use Screen Launcher just like any other screensaver. To open files such as Powerpoint presentations, you must execute the powerpoint program and type the path to your ppt as a parameter. An example for displaying an image would be c:\winnt\system32\mspaint.exe c:\picture.bmp. Download today to take advantage of any media as a screensaver.

    BartMark Bitmap Encoder 379k - ME,2K,XP
    BartMark BartMark Bitmap Encoder allows you to encode text messages into color or monochrome bitmap images. The encoding is key based, meaning you must have a number to encode and decode a message. Click above to download now, or below for more information. Read More...

    Cmd2Wav 14k - 95,98,ME,NT,2K,XP
    Cmd2Wav Cmd2Wav is a simple command-line tool that records a wav file for a given number of seconds. It uses the windows sound system, so you must adjust your mixer inputs to use either your microphone or line in. CMD2WAV lets you specify the sample rate, the bit depth, the number of channels to record, the filename and the number of seconds to record. Perfect for use as a Scheduled Task for taping those late night talk shows!

    IEScroll 261k - 98,ME,NT,2K,XP
    IEScroll IEScroll is a handy utility that lets you use your Scroll Lock keyboard key to switch between IE windows on your desktop. The Scroll Lock key is seldom used by other applications and can be easily tapped for instant Internet Explorer window switching. Download IEScroll today to upgrade your Internet browsing experience!

    WMPopKill 112k - 98,ME,NT,2K,XP
    wmpopkill WMPopKill is a handy utility for turning off Scripting in Microsoft Media Player. By default, any video or audio clip that has scripts within it can cause your Media Player to pop-up internet sites, files or in some cases much worse. This utility will switch scripting on OR off. Your version of Media Player may need to be updated with a patch from Microsoft in order for scripting to be turned off. WMPopKill will tell you if this is the case and will offer to download it for you.

    Toolbar Chest 250k - 98,ME,NT,2K,XP
    ToolbarChest Toolbar Chest allows you to save and restore your Internet Explorer Toolbar settings. It will save IE toolbars' position, size, content, order and more. If you have any time invested in setting up your IE toolbars just right, download Toolbar Chest today and back them up!

    ProxyPal 264k - 98,ME,NT,2K,XP
    ProxyPal Ever think that it takes way too many clicks to turn your Internet Explorer proxy on and off? Me too so I wrote ProxyPal. After installing ProxyPal, just add it to your IE toolbar and you have one click access to toggle your proxy. This is very useful for corporate latptops that connect to the Internet away from work. Install ProxyPal today to put an end to seven-clicking your proxy on and off!

    Text File Cleaver 35k - 98,ME,NT,2K,XP
    TextCleaver Text File Cleaver splits large text files into smaller manageable files for other programs (such as Excel) to manipulate. This program is extremely fast and will run on most Wintel OS's. Text File Cleaver will handle text files hundreds of megabytes in size; there is no size limitation other than individual line size of 1025 characters. Just Unzip and run. Text File Cleaver sets a default size of 65000 rows which is just under Microsoft Excel's Maximum spreadsheet size. You can adjust the size according to your own needs.

    bdLCD 14k - 98,ME,NT,2K,XP (Java VM Required)
    BDLCD bdLCD is a Java applet that looks like a realistic LCD panel using a typical 5x7 character set. Colors, character size and text are fully customizable. Text is displayed sequentially as if over a slow serial line. bdLCD has methods that can be called at run time via JavaScript. Read more...

    ClickZap 412k - 2K,XP
    ClickZap ClickZap allows you to run a predefined action when you right click two or three times at your current mouse double-click speed. There is no faster way to lock your computer when screen security is needed quickly.

    ScrubXP 343k - 2K,XP
    ScrubXP ScrubXP cleans a computer from temporary files and registry keys resulting from opening files and or using the Internet.
        o Removes IE History
        o Removes IE Temporary Files
        o Removes all files from TEMP directory
        o Removes IE Cookies
        o Removes Documents List from Start Menu
        o Empties Recycle Bin
        o Clears Autocomplete Entries and Turns it Off
        o Clears Recent File Lists for Run, Common Dialogs, Recent Documents, Search Assistant, Typed URLs, Paint, Find Computer, Printer Ports, Find Files, Media Player, Previous Tasks, and Real Player

    ScrubXP will run automatically when your computer starts. Panic mode can be invoked by double-clicking the icon in your task tray. Panic mode will do all of the above but will also restart Windows Explorer for the ultimate in cleanliness.

    KillProc 28k - 95,98,ME,NT,2K,XP
    KillProc KillProc will terminate a process given a window name. It is useful for scripting when you will not know the name of the process, or you only want to terminate a process if a certain window title appears. Terminating a process will close all windows associated with the process....Use caution.

    WinYaht 120k - 95OSR2,98,ME,NTSP6,2K,XP
    WinYacht WinYaht is a hand held yahtzee game emulator. Please note that this is not for sale or distribution. The only purpose of this file is to showcase what is possible with C++ and the Win32 API.

    TRNG 23k - 95,98,ME,NT,2K,XP (PIII Only)
    TRNG This simple utility will generate true random numbers of any length up to base-36. TRNG uses the on-board Intel RNG architecture present in Chipsets with Firmware Hub 82802 and later. The Intel RNG uses thermal noise from a resistor (Johnson Noise) to generate a true random, non-deterministic stream of bits. This type of RNG was only previously available with external hardware or RNG Servers equipped with external hardware.

    FileProg 23k - 95,98,ME,NT,2K,XP
    FileProg FileProg is a simple progress bar that displays the progress of a file copy. It uses the difference in disk size on the target drive and compares that to a value you specify. When this value is reached, FileProg will exit. Not all installations consistently install the same size of files so FileProg also has a timeout period that is defaulted to 10 seconds. This allows FileProg to exit even if the target disk space change is never met on the target drive. The color, message and update intervals can be set on the command line. Please run FileProg without any arguments or with a /h to display the help screen. This is a very useful utility for batch file copies and 'blind copy' installations.

    WaitKill 40k - 95,98,ME,NT,2K,XP
    WaitKill WaitKill will wait for a window to appear and then it will kill the process that created that window. The main use for this is killing a dialog at the end of an installation that will reboot your computer. Why not just send a close message to the dialog... Because in some installs, the dialog is just holding up the reboot, not actually causing it. It is the initial process that is rebooting after the dialog is gone. WaitKill polls the system every second looking for the title of the offending dialog. Be warned though that WaitKill will keep looking every second until it finds the window, so make sure it appears at some time.

    DateDiff 47k - 95,98,ME,NT,2K,XP
    DateDiff DateDiff takes 2 dates as parameters and will output the number of days between the dates. This is a command-line based tool that is useful in scripts or just figuring out how many days old you are. It will, take dates with different delimiters or dates with only two digit years.

    ServEdit 20k - NT,2K,XP
    ServEdit ServEdit is a command-line utility for editing windows services. You can start, stop, disable and set-to-manual any NT service.

    RmPrn 20k - 95,98,ME,NT,2K,XP
    RMPrn RmPrn is a command line printer removal utility. Useful tool for uninstalling printer related software automagically. Requires Admin rights on NT/2K/XP.

    TimeGet 23k - 95,98,ME,NT,2K,XP
    TimeGet TimeGet is a command line utility that grabs the date and time from any NTP Time server. It takes an IP address only and has a 10 second network timeout. This is different than most utilities because it is very simple and it does not have the ability to set the client time. Perfect for scripting software timeouts!

    EnumRas 20k - 95,98,ME,NT,2K,XP
    enumras EnumRas is a command line utility that will display a list of all RAS connections on NT type systems or all Dial Up Connections on 9x type systems. It will report either RAS Not Installed or RAS Error if the RAS service is not running (NT) or if DUN is not installed (9x).