Pira Packaging Summit Advisory Board

This year's Pira Packaging Summit programme was developed with the supporting expertise of Smithers Pira, Packaging News, Moorgate Capital, Stora Enso and SABMiller.

douglas huttDoug Hutt, Global Packaging Materials Development Consultant


Doug has worked in the packaging and graphics industry for the past 25 years working in the pharmaceuticals sector, for Schering-Plough Animal Health; for Mars Confectionery; leading print development on major global brands such as Mars, Snickers and Starburst. He has also worked in in the retail sector, for Safeway stores, in Packaging procurement, before leading Kimberly-Clark Europe's business-2-business packaging team develop a global strategy on "reduce, reuse, recycle".

ohto nuottamoOhto Nuottamo, Senior Packaging Adviser, Stora Enso Renewable Packaging

store enso

Senior Packaging Adviser Ohto Nuottamo, MSc. in Forestry, has over 30 years of experience in sales and marketing of tree based products ranging from construction timber to pulp, paper and board. In his role as Packaging Advisor, his task is to build bridges with the parts of the value chain, especially with the brand owners, who long have remained invisible for the raw material manufacturers. He speaks of sun powered biomaterials and believes the world needs a new approach substituting finite material with renewables, especially in packaging. As most Finns, Ohto lives by a lake and enjoys a wide variety of ecosystem services provided by the Finnish forests

adamAdam Page, Business Manager, Reports and Consultancy

Adam Page is responsible for market reports and strategic consultancy at Smithers Pira. Adam has more than 10 years experience in project management of international market research projects. A former journalist, Adam is also member of Strategic and Competitive Intelligence Professionals (SCIP).

joshJosh Brooks, Brand Director


Josh Brooks became editor of Packaging News in 2008 and in that time has developed the brand through initiatives such as this year's PowerBook & Directory and the dedicated monthly Equipment News mini-magazine, which launched last year. Josh joined Packaging News from PrintWeek, where he was deputy editor. He has also worked as a journalist in the property and urban planning sectors, and as an English language trainer in the advertising and media industry in Paris. Josh studied languages and social sciences at University College, London.

Nick MockettNick Mockett, Corporate Finance


Nicholas Mockett is a corporate financier and has focussed on the packaging industry for 20 years. His experience includes leveraged buy-outs (including MBOs/MBIs), mergers, acquisitions and disposals, public company takeovers and public to privates, refinancings and restructurings. He has worked on dozens of deals, around the globe, worth over €5bn, and has been active in every substrate from rigid packaging to flexible to fibre and in consumer and industrial applications ranging from pharmaceutical packaging to food and beverage to bulk chemicals.

sam sheppard fidlerSam Sheppard Fidler, Director, Distribution and Product Testing


Sam has over 15 years' experience in packaging and testing, with a broad knowledge of packaging materials and logistics/distribution processes. He has extensive knowledge of the issues around cost effective shipment of products throughout the supply chain, having conducted numerous projects addressing compliance, shipment damage reduction and cost avoidance for leading global brands. In April 2012 Sam extended his industry activities becoming Vice Chair of the board of ISTA (the International Safe Transit Association). Sam is also Chair of ISTA's European Divisional Board and a member of the Packaging Society in the UK.

Special thanks and acknowledgement also goes to the support and help from Elliott Orlik, R&D Director - Packaging Development at PepsiCo, who sadly passed away this month. All our thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues at this time.

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