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We strive to make every run something special. Something memorable. Something runners strive for each and every day. To discover moments when your mind, body, and soul seem to soar, and for a moment, you believe you can run forever.

We Are Mizuno

  • Why We Run

    Why We Run

    Three runners share the
    inspiration behind their personal
    quests for mezamashii.

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  • Experience It

    Experience It

    What does a mezamashii
    run feel like?

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  • Taking Bold Strides

    Taking Bold Strides

    Mizuno insiders reveal their vision
    for creating more sensational,
    euphoric mezamashii running.

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Our Story

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  • A Glimpse Inside

    A Glimpse Inside

    Explore our lead shoe designer's
    sketchbook to discover the inspiration
    behind Mizuno's latest model.

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  • Breath Thermo

    Breath Thermo

    Learn how our revolutionary fiber
    technology creates warmth without
    all the layers.

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Our Innovations

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  • This Month In Mezamashii

    This Month In Mezamashii

    Discover our member-exclusive
    monthly offers here, from shoe
    giveaways to clinics.

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  • Running Buddies

    Running Buddies

    We're partnering with STRAVA
    to give our members a chance to
    conquer Mt. Fuji - learn how
    you can join the challenge.

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The Mezamashii Run Project

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What does a Mezamashii Run look like?   Show the world  

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