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Number 216 Exposes Barack Obama
 as Antichrist Candidate
(Scoreboard Canada contributor Dec. 11th, 2007)

It is the theoretical contention of this writer that the biblical number of the beast or 666 is a code for the location where the monstrosity will incarnate into our world and into our species. The usual manner of viewing the number is as if the number were linked to the person himself.

Such as a birthmark on the head like Mikhail Gorbachev. While this may be true, it is likely that what the number is providing as a clue is the location from which will emerge the beast. In the USA if you ask anyone you see "What's your number"? Most people will respond with giving you their phone number, not their SSN or social security number.

Until recently, most phone numbers were LAND LINES which were established at a specific LOCATION. Ley Line = Land Line = Location . Another way of asking what's your number was to ask where do you live since , for example law enforcement could find a person's address by simply discovering where their phone number was located physically.

Therefore, the 666 number of a man is his home. The home number of his Ley Line / Land Line. Barak Obama fits the numerological description of 666 as a home or birth address.


1. Barack Obama is a multiethnic and multireligious chameleon that has a one-size-fits-all charm to it. He was born in Hawaii. The island State is also number 50 in the number of States.

2.Honolulu, Hawaii is at 21.6 latitude N.
more .

3. The number 50 is a so-called "Holy Number" according to the Pythagorean Mystery schools and oddly enough upon reaching this number the Black Lodge that secretly rules the USA lost interest in adding States to the Union. Numbers above 50 have no meaning for Pythagoras.

There are 50 gates of understanding in the Kabbalah, from a rock to uperconciousness and 50 sounds in the Sanskirt language of ancient India and 50 is associated with Pythagoras triangle.

4. The 21.6 or 216 of the latitude is half of 432 which is a number with extensive links to the occult and Orpheus, the Greek god of music, poetry and rebirth. This is linked to the Eleussian Mysteries of ancient Greece.
more .

5. The number 216 has EXTENSIVE links to occult phenomenon. This includes the fact that 216 is 6x6x6. This means that 216 is illuminist code for 666.
more .

6. The number 216 is at the core of the numerological occult movie pi and is noted in Tim Lahaye's Left Behind series.
more .

7. The latitude 21.6 or 666 goes through Manila, North Vietnam , and Hawaii . They are
places where the USA has suffered horrible defeats. The US defeat at the hands of Japanese forces in the Phillipines during WWII; The Vietnam War, and the Pearl Harbor attack . In Vietnam , the Cao Dai sect which mixes Buddhism , Confucianism
and Catholicism along with pagan practices believes that the antichrist was born during the Vietnam war and will be a man from the east.
more . Barack was born in August of 1961. more . The Vietnam War began for the USA in 1959. He was born during the war. His father is Kenyan. He lived in Hawaii and the far east in Indonesia. He is a man "from the east". more . He is black and white. Muslim and Christian and secularist. He is a liberal and a conservative and his wife has ties to the Rockefeller empire. more .

8. The movie pi notes that the fictional 216-digit number is meant to usher in the Messianic age.
more .

9. Barack Hussein Obama as a secular messiah.
more . A blend of Jesus and Obama = more blend of Jesus and Obama = more .


The man for all seasons, races, ideologies and religions. Someone who can appeal to everyone and seems so innocent. Someone who will inherit the vast powers that George Bush has now vested in the Presidency including the power to torture and kidnap and declare war without a real reason to preempt real or imagined threats. This power may be one day held by Obama.

The man from 216 or 6x6x6 or 6 cubed or 666. Remember also that in the Book of Revelations the evil one "from the eternal sea he rises".
more . The eternal sea has also been said to be the world of politics. scroll down 25% more .

Obama combines both....he comes from Hawaii , in the middle of the Pacific , surrounded by the eternal sea and now he is rising from the eternal raging sea of American politics.

Coincidence? This the reader must determine. ...

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(Nov. 9th., 2008)
It is becoming increasingly apparent and known that the political processes of the USA , and many other societies are influenced if not outright controlled by hidden occult forces. The human agents of these forces are known by many names, one of which is The Illuminati. Sadly, there are those that believe that the selection by these forces of Barack Hussein Obama to be the resident of the Masonic structure known as The White House ... is no accident. The reader may find the following facts useful to proving this hypothesis.

555 Numerology Exposes Michelle Obama
as Illuminati Agent
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(May 28th, 2007)
The following information may lead the reader to believe that things are going from bad to worse when it comes to Presidential leadership in the USA. Currently, we have Dubya - a  male cheerleader at Yale University, that falsified his military record during the Vietnam era and had numerous visits from " Jeff Gannon " , a bogus news reporter from Talon News Service that in fact was a gay male prostitute, in the White House.  Soon we may have Barack Obama. It appears that the one that wears the pants in the house is his wife, Michelle Obama. In fact , she recruited him into the Illuminati network. She is not just his wife - she is his illuminati handler.





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The "Illuminati" is at best a concept of a group of people.  If you chase it, you will never find it.  You must put something more specific on the name to catch the people.  
There are two-sides to the Illuminati. I refer to them as.
(1)  Vatican, Rothchilds, Mason, Skull & Bones, CFR, Maurice Strong, Trilateral Commission, The One World Banker-Military-Industrial- Zionist-Kabel and Bilderbergs, 
(2) The Shanghi Cooperation Organization which is basically led by Russia, China, Iran and others.
Note: I often refer to them as reptilians (shape shifters) as well. Mainly because both myself and my wife have experienced contact with them. 

This incredible audio recording of a speech made by JFK before the American Newspaper Publishers Association where he warns the press about the secret societies that are the real power in global affairs.