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Absolut Vodka pays to clean up Walk of Fame

Vodka will clean up the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Absolut Vodka will help restore the deteriorating tourist attraction through a program called “Friends of the Walk of Fame.” Hollywood Chamber of Commerce President Leron Gubler says other corporations will contribute money too.

Leron Gubler: “The city said basically there’s not enough public sector dollars to do these repairs, we’ve got to identify private sector contributions, which is why we’re manning that effort now to do that. And I’m sure the public is going to be appreciative that we’re raising money rather than trying to tap into tax dollars when the budgets are in such bad shape.”

Gubler says repairs will cost at least $4 million and be complete in two years – just in time for the Walk of Fame’s 50th anniversary. In exchange for their contribution, Absolut Vodka received an honorary star on the Walk of Fame.


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