It has become apparent that the recently issued European Tour Order of Merit rankings, issued on the World Snooker website following the Bulgarian Open 2013, were incorrect.


In the 2012/13 season, European Tour events paid in Euros received Order of Merit points on a €1 for £1 basis so as to reward those snooker players who had travelled overseas for their efforts.


This season (2013/14), following the significant increases in the prize money for these events and in order to more accurately reflect the difference between the Euro and the British Pound Sterling, it was decided that an alternative approach should be taken where Order of Merit money would be allocated on a converted currency basis.


This was incorrectly calculated in line with the prize money available in the UK based European Tour events.


This basis does not result in a consistent rate of exchange for each round of prize money won and for that reason, World Snooker have decided to instead allocate this prize money on a fair and consistent rate of exchange which for the purposes of simplicity will be set at £1 to €1.2.


You can access the link to the re-worked European Tour Order of Merit below.


World Snooker can confirm that this does not affect the WPBSA World Rankings (a link for which is also shown below) which are calculated on a points basis, not a converted prize money basis.


Furthermore, World Snooker can confirm that this has not affected the seeding in any event completed to date.


World Snooker would like to take this opportunity to thank the attentive fans who have taken the time to raise their concerns over the methods adopted to calculate these rankings and to assure those fans that we will endeavour to ensure that this oversight does not happen again.