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9. September 2012, 17:39:32


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Opera Mini version/build history

I was looking for an older Java/J2ME Opera Mini version and found this thread. It gives links to a couple of OM versions, but to download some other version/build you have to know it's number. Does anyone know where I could find OM version/build history? I couldn't find one, so I made a script to check a lot of links in the range 4.2.00000-7.1.00000-advanced-en.jar (with 'wget --spider' command). Here are the ones that worked:

2.0.3920 (2006-05-03) jar jad basic
2.0.3920 (2006-05-03) jar jad
2.0.4062 (2006-05-16) jar jad basic
2.0.4062 (2006-05-16) jar jad
2.0.4459 (2006-06-28) jar jad basic
2.0.4459 (2006-06-28) jar jad
2.0.4509 (2006-07-04) jar jad basic
2.0.4509 (2006-07-04) jar jad
3.1.10423 (2008-02-29) jar jad basic
3.1.10423 (2008-02-29) jar jad
3.1.13045 (2008-02-29) jar jad basic
3.1.13045 (2008-02-29) jar jad
4.2.13216 (2008-11-24) jar jad zip
4.2.13337 (2008-12-05) jar jad zip
4.2.13918 (2009-03-03) jar jad zip
4.2.14320 (2009-05-12) jar jad zip
4.2.14881 (2009-07-27) jar jad
4.2.14912 (2009-08-03) jar jad zip
4.2.18769 (2010-03-19) jar jad zip
4.2.18887 (2010-03-24) jar jad zip
4.2.20663 (2010-06-15) jar jad zip
4.2.21992 (2010-09-21) jar jad zip
4.2.22714 (2010-11-22) jar jad zip
4.2.22715 (2010-11-22) jar jad
4.2.23546 (2011-02-04) jar jad zip
4.2.23551 (2011-02-04) jar jad
4.2.23656 (2011-02-10) jar jad zip
4.3.24097 (2011-03-18) jar jad
4.3.24214 (2011-03-21) jar jad zip
4.3.24223 (2011-03-21) jar jad
4.3.25172 (2011-06-07) jar jad zip
4.3.25173 (2011-06-07) jar jad
4.3.26549 (2011-10-10) jar jad zip
4.3.26550 (2011-10-10) jar jad
4.4.26736 (2011-10-20) jar jad zip
4.4.26737 (2011-10-20) jar jad
4.4.27461 (2011-11-18) jar jad zip
4.4.27463 (2011-11-18) jar jad
4.4.28000 (2011-12-20) jar jad zip
4.4.28002 (2011-12-20) jar jad
4.4.28684 (2012-02-08) jar jad zip
4.4.28686 (2012-02-08) jar jad
4.4.29476 (2012-03-26) jar jad
4.4.29478 (2012-03-26) jar jad
4.4.29620 (2012-04-11) jar jad
4.4.31583 (2012-09-10) jar jad
5.0.15650 (2009-09-15) jar jad
5.0.15651 (2009-09-15) jar jad
5.0.15652 (2009-09-15) jar jad
5.0.15653 (2009-09-15) jar jad
5.0.16823 (2009-12-01) jar jad
5.0.17381 (2009-12-16) jar jad
5.0.17443 (2009-12-21) jar jad
5.0.18635 (2010-03-15) jar jad
5.0.18741 (2010-03-18) jar jad
5.0.19693 (2010-05-03) jar jad
5.1.21051 (2010-07-08) jar jad
5.1.21214 (2010-07-23) jar jad
5.1.22296 (2010-10-14) jar jad
6.0.24093 (2011-03-18) jar jad
6.1.25378 (2011-06-29) jar jad
6.5.26955 (2011-10-28) jar jad
7.0.30567 (2012-06-28) jar jad
7.0.31438 (2012-08-31) jar jad

The date is the latest modification date of any file in the jar archive.
There are probably a lot of beta versions in these, I don't know how to recognize them. Also, these are unsigned.
Zip of these versions. If the links die, extract the zip, upload the jar of your choosing to some file hosting site, e.g. , or google "small file upload", point you mobile browser to the uploaded jar. If your phone only accepts jad, upload the jar, in the jad file edit the line "MIDlet-Jar-URL:" with the direct link to the uploaded jar, upload the jad, point mobile browser to jad file.
I also made a script to automatically upload the latest OM 7, OM 4 signed jar, jad files here, but when installing from the jad file I always get "Failed to verify".

Hope someone finds the links useful.

9. September 2012, 19:45:04


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This topic need to be sticked smile

Might b helpful for someone!

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9. September 2012, 21:39:30


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this is amazing man thank you...really

10. September 2012, 15:09:17 (edited)


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Excellent!!! What a great contribution for operamini's users that actually can NOT install the latest version of OM on their device. yes but,the same problem: How to get a certificate from one of these operamini versions. I know how to get a signed version for "virgin"(4.2) and for SE. It's just typing "Cert=verisign" or another certification name.Example: go with your phone to http://m.opera.com/virgin/?region=en-us&cert=verisign or http://m.opera.com/se/?region=en&cert=verisign. you can change languaje and the certificate name too,or put "cert=all" into link. wink
But I don´t find a way to put a certification option that works with these "global/advanced ones".
thanks for your HelpFul post !!! bigsmile

12. September 2012, 07:01:50


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Originally posted by mvthakar:

This topic need to be sticked smile

Might b helpful for someone!

I agree with this idea.
This topic should be sticked.

It helps a lot. Users are always asking for links to the older OM versions.
Opera Mini 4.2.21992, 2010.09.21 - The Best.
Opera Mini 4.5.33634
Opera Mini 5.0.17443
Opera Mini Next 7.0.28870
Opera Mini 7.0.29915

23. September 2012, 20:34:38


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Sooner or later all these versions will jump in Opera's junk folder closing the path for .jar files (+remote) and m.opera.com will provide the best opera mini version well suited for any device compatible. Customed signed versions can have another purposes (more practical) other than user satisfaction btw.
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1. October 2012, 02:58:22


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"The advantage of the signed version is that you can have better control over how Opera Mini can access your device files, folders and connection settings. The end result is that you will get fewer permission dialogs for file and network access
Opera Mini uses settings to read and write user data, as well as Internet connectivity settings". Well I see that having a signed operamini on your phone is more than "practical porpuses" and it really make a user Satisfied!!
there are many phone devices that will crash your operamini if it isn´t certificaded-signed.these forum is full of users's problems that point to it. I agree with that: Opera will provide the most suitable and COMPATIBLE OM from thier download system, but plesase give that option of signed Om's by default and links to older 4.2 and 4.4 oficial versions in m.opera.com,so users will get a workable version if the LATEST crash.

1. October 2012, 14:48:17 (edited)


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I know the link for signed 4.0v m.opera.com/g but I don't see the 'porpose' here. bigsmile No really, do you think that signed versions are specially made to rise users satisfaction level? Think again, Opera ASA doesn't pay that much for nothing and most likely some j2me devices which have all certificates active on phone are not detected properly (via m.opera.com) because doesn't forward browser UA in download process. wink Anyway latest devices (like se j10i2) doesn't need any trusted or java signature at least for a decade. smile

1. October 2012, 18:25:31 (edited)


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Coming from you,my friend DIRGAS,I better shut up!! I didn´t know Opera got to pay for certificates.That's why I asked myself they should have a strong reason to "hide" certificates for operaminis. Well, I resign to run a signed OM 4.4 in my old phone because latest doesn´t support it anymore. I will keep operamini 7/next and latest 4.4 on my smartphones!

2. October 2012, 17:57:20


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you let me without words.Lol, It's an honor for me and My best Wishes to YOU!!
from this part of America I'll drink that coffe with you!!!

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