Tex, Don and Charlie




Sad But True                    1993   13

CD   AUS   Red Eye REDCD37 / 521 183-2

MC   AUS   Red Eye

Monday Morning Coming Down...   1995   16

CD   AUS   Red Eye REDCD43 / 527 089-2

All Is Forgiven                 2005   13

CD   AUS   Universal 9873330 (digipak)

Contribution to album

JJJ Live At The Wireless   1992
Totally Wireless           1994


Owen Charlie (bv,g,dobro,lapsteel) 1993-1994,2005-
Perkins Tex (v,g) 1993-1994,2005-
Walker Don (v,k) 1993-1994,2005-

Sources of information: Gordon Clarke, Jason Cleeland, Mark A McGrath, Jerome Withers, Divine Rites, Paul Baird, Richard Miles
© Magnus Holmgren
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