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China Hijacks Popular BitTorrent Sites

China is not new to censoring the Internet, but up until now, BitTorrent sites have never been blocked. Recently however, several reports came in from China, indicating that popular BitTorrent sites such as Mininova, isoHunt and The Pirate Bay had been hijacked. The sites became inaccessible, instead redirecting to the leading Chinese search engine Baidu.

chineseflagJust a week ago, reports came in that China had started to ban 10 video hosting sites, allegedly because of “regulations violations”. Other sites, including China’s largest eDonkey indexing site, VeryCD, received warnings. A few days later, however, VeryCD users found that their favorite eDonkey site was redirected to the Chinese search engine –

It soon became apparent that VeryCD was not the only P2P website to be hijacked. A host of BitTorrent sites, including Mininova, isoHunt and The Pirate Bay were also affected. People in the Beijing area who attempted to access the sites were promptly redirecting to Baidu, China’s Google.

The domain hijacks continued for more than two days straight, but were lifted yesterday. According to some sources, there was never an attempt to censor the BitTorrent sites, claiming that a DNS error cause the problems. This doesn’t seem very plausible though, as the diversions almost exclusively involved P2P related sites, which are hosted right across the globe. Also, DNS issues can’t explain why all the P2P sites were suddenly redirected to another website.

Mininova co-founder Niek, whose domain was also redirected to Baidu told TorrentFreak: “We had the questionable honor of joining Wikipedia and YouTube on the list of websites that (at some point) were censored in China. Fortunately the people in charge made the right decision, and realized that blocking a search engine like Mininova wasn’t such a good idea.”

“I’m happy to see that the block is removed now, though it would be nice to talk to the people who made this decision so we can understand their motives,” Niek added. The true reason behind the hijack attempt will probably never come to light. Most importantly, the ‘problems’ are resolved now, and all BitTorrent sites are accessible again.

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  • alongneckedpony

    Piracy is wrong no matter what you think. That being said, I’m gonna go out and buy some cds to support my favorite artists!

  • Dan

    if the record companys wernt so greedy and lowerd there prices then people would buy them. im certanley not paying £13 for a cd.

  • Struggling Fartist

    #2 exactly, especially when most of the money goes into the fat cats’ wallets to buy that guitar shaped swimming pool they’ve always wanted for their penthouse apartment on the moon. If you want to support the artists go to their gigs/concerts & buy their merchandise directly.

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  • enter8

    @1, @2 and @3

    Your insight relating to China and BT is utterly fascinating.

    Re: China. Publicly they’ll say the re-directs are relating to ethics/morals, but privately it’s just a matter of corruption- i.e. someone at Baidu greased the right palm.

  • @1

    Don’t buy the artists CDs, buy tickets to see them playing live.

  • UnderWhere?

    Sharing is caring.. pirating as well :D

  • Ghostofchris

    Will opendns get past this?

  • Anonymous

    Was this just a DNS redirect, or was access to the the numeric IP address hijacked also?

  • Life feeds on life

    Who fucking cares what China does?

    There are so many “civil” rights that are broken in China. Worring about illegal downloading in China is petty.

    Seriously, if you want a cause to be against China or have people notice that China violates the rights of it’s people; this is not it.

  • jimbo 222

    piracy is wrong, but so is shoving outdated, over-inflated formats on people for the point of profit.
    money could still be made very easily.
    just not as much, as easy.
    why pay 25 euro for a cd / dvd, when any clown can turn his pc into a dvd factory.
    shit when i make a dvd, it costs me 1 euro.
    24 euro more and someone will burn ‘american pie’ on it for me.f*** that!

    it might sound like me justifying ‘copying’, but hey wheres the justice in the record industry?

  • Hugi

    Hugi Asgeirsson here, currently living in China. The Pirate Bay is not accessible and has been blocked for many months, if not years.


    Fuck Hu Jintao, oops, i wonder if I got TF banned there as well now!
    Seriously though, they remind me a lot of the music industry… as they see their control slipping they tighten up and keep tightening up… till one day the people just wont stand for it and will bust their skulls
    Its also worth noting that whatever they do to censor the net, its not 100% foolproof, it can never be.

  • h33t

    Meh, who cares really. As long as I can get access to what I want I could care less about those dopey communists. The Chinese authorities can do what they want as long as they don’t block my great website. I like to think it’s way better than The Pirate Bay. :) where we love oppressive regimes

  • Moonrend

    Nice to see how ppl instantly forget the whole subject and start to comment the trolls & addtrolls.
    (1# 9# 11#)

    Could ppl actually stay on the subject ? (China Hijacks Popular BitTorrent Sites)

    Seriously all of that (Piracy is right, piracy is wrong, my mom made cookies, riaa has buttsmex with my dog, ect..)
    Comments have been heard already.

  • EggFace

    Who cares

  • Anonymous

    Ooooooooooooh, daaaawg, China pissed off The Pirate Bay!!
    They ain’t gonna like that!!

    Seriously though, China stands for everything that TPB has been fighting against. I think it’s about time they took notice of China.
    I can’t wait to see what TPB does to get around China’s censorship. I predict an ongoing dance of blocking-fixing.
    Of course we all remember what happened the last time a country’s ISP tried to deny access to the pirate bay……

  • lol

    wow china sux.. shit country.

  • Anonymous

    “we all remember what happened the last time a country’s ISP tried to deny access to the pirate bay……”

    This wont turn out the same – as I understand what happend in Italy was ISP’s were asked to block TPB’s IP. China has a content blocking system that is run by the goverment that sits at the international pipes that link the country to the outside world.

  • Matheus Svensson

    Not Baidu, that well known MP3 search engine?

    China’s blocking of sites, or parts of sites, can be subtle and multifaceted. Going by that piece from the Reg, the most plausible explanation is that the owners of Baidu orchestrated the redirections. It’s not uncommon for China to go through the process of blocking, then, shortly after, unblocking. It’s a psychological trick to remind users of particular websites that they’re being monitored, so they best behave. Blocking BitTorrent sites for any length of time strikes me as counter-productive. If you encourage your average, non-political Chinese folks to tunnel through the Great Firewall just so they can get at the torrent file for the latest episode of Heroes, what else might they discover once they’ve tunnelled out?

  • Roze

    If copyright laws weren’t there then culture would proliferate all over the chinese mainland and beyond. American would slowly become Communist and Yugoslavia would re-form as one block of state entities. The topology of the evil MPAA culture whores and their system wide firewall prevents the free flow of ideals and political will from several powerbases at least. Any intelligent person such as myself finds this obvious in all aspects of cloovenness and paribilities.


  • Anonymous

    “…It’s a psychological trick to remind users…”

    How is that a trick? You mother of a HAIRLESS chicken farmer, you must be a very simple and uneducated person to write that.

  • annoyance

    communist pigs

  • Anonymous

    I see an increasing use of Psiphon and other proxies in China in order to get around such redirects.

    Besides, blocking websites when there are so many ways to get around such restrictions is an exercise in futility.

    Chinese Internet users who are smart will find ways around it, proving the adage that the Internet treats censorship as damage and routes around it.

  • Gonz

    @1 Ahahahahahahaha!

    Support the artists? Yeah right. You mus mean support the industry.

    Nice joke! That one made my day!

  • Anonymous

    Quoted from above:

    ‘shit country’ Wtf?
    You can’t call an entire country shit for a few people’s mistakes.

    ‘Communist pigs’ — what ignorance is this?
    China is not totally communist right now. Since when has there been a perfect government? Stop using old Cold War terms you biased idiot.

  • true_blue

    Quoted from above:

    ‘shit country’ Wtf?
    You can’t call an entire country shit for a few people’s mistakes.

    ‘Communist pigs’ — what ignorance is this?
    China is not totally communist right now. Since when has there been a perfect government? Stop using old Cold War terms you biased idiot.

  • Anonymous

    china is a big pile of steaming shit

    censorship, human rights, corruption..

    you can deny it all you want, but its pretty evident from the Olympics how many countries hate china for what they do

  • Anonymous

    china rox

    they can hack honkies in sweden easy!

  • Anonymous

    china is better than USA


  • Anonymous

    What the hell has this got to do with the price of eggs in China?

  • Anonymous

    They block The Pirate Bay? That’s great news, the government is protecting their people from crappy, slow, piece of shit public trackers obviously.

    Why are morons here saying China isn’t a Communist country – the same one party has been in power for over 50 years. This party was founded by Mao Tse Dong: are you going to argue that he wasn’t Communist?

  • Ashton

    This is ridiculous. I visit all three of those sites on a daily basis (I live in Guangzhou) and they’ve never been blocked. Ever. In fact I can access them right now.

    People use China as a whipping boy for their political grandstanding because it’s easy to do, because almost no westerners know anything about the country. What a bunch of ignoramuses.

  • Ashton

    “Why are morons here saying China isn’t a Communist country – the same one party has been in power for over 50 years. This party was founded by Mao Tse Dong: are you going to argue that he wasn’t Communist?”

    It’s only Communist in name currently. While 50 years ago the country adopted a Communist regime, the current government only calls itself a Communist state because saying it has changed to Capitalism would upset a politically delicate situation with neighboring countries. The country has been operating under a Capitalist mindset for a long time now; in fact, it’s become an almost brutal Capitalist society; the rich crush the poor under their feet in order to gain more money. It’s a very very depressing state of affairs; it makes me appreciate the U.S. and Canada a lot more than I used to.

  • Roze

    It has always been true that totalitarian regimes are unreliable. The edict of one or of few is more whimsical and arbitrary than the democratic process. A change of laws in the United States is thus much more important than changing copyright law in China.


  • Anonymous

    Doesn’t change the fact that large swathes of the population have their internet censored for news articles critical of the regime, protests are banned, Chinese people that publish articles criticising the authorities abuses of human rights are jailed and the Chinese people have no chance to elect their government though does it dipsh*t.

    China is easy to use as a whipping boy because it’s guilty of these things.

  • Roze

    I’m sorry people, I actually ahve just realised I have no idea what I’m talking about. It was pointed out to me that I keep making blanket statements about topics that have nothing to do with the point I’m arguing against except that the answer or theme supports the statements I make subsequent to that – a veritable red herring in other words. Thus please ignore the previous comments above. I’m sorry, I can be an ass sometimes because I’m trying to stay off mind-altering drugs – sometimes I lapse and write here.


  • Roze

    It has always been true that totalitarian regimes are unreliable. The edict of one or of few is more whimsical and arbitrary than the democratic process. A change of laws in the United States is thus much more important than changing copyright law in China.


    P.S. @20 I don’t get you. Note that you do not know me, and who are you to judge me? Why do you care that much about my intelligence anyways? I suggest that you stop making unwarranted claims, although making a fool of yourself is at your discretion.

  • Ashton

    I would wager that half of the crap that people use against China is completely untrue.

    China has its problems, but people can make up whatever they want about it and others will readily believe them because they’ve been brainwashed by Western media that China is this soulless, evil nation that is inhabited by golems.

  • Roze

    Nice try, but note that it is actually you who do not know what you are talking about. I do not know why you are being so arrogantly making judgments as you do, judging my statements as “blank statements,” but clearly you are being arrogant in doing so. It is rather you who is being an ass by trying to impersonate myself, and by pretending to actually know me.


  • Roze

    I have heard that China is indeed seen positively in many SE Asian states, and is starting to export its culture worldwide. However, knowing it very little, I can little judge how much goodness China has.


  • just charlie

    surprising that the chinese government would block bit torrent sites, presumably an attempt at moving the pirated software/movie business offline and to the infinite number of places to buy pirated material inside china. they do the same thing with pornography – block websites while prostitutes are almost as common as white rice in the mainland. I live in China by the way.

  • Ashton

    One final thing:

    News reports on China are grossly biased and, in fact, oftentimes untruthful. here are a few examples: : This is a picture from Nepal policeman in Katmandu visibly attacking a helpless victim. Yet obviously from the article it claims that it’s a Chinese policeman attacking a helpless Tibetian. Um, okay? : Usage of stupid captions like “Heavy military presence” when those people are clearly moving someone into an ambulance. And look at their sleeves…they’re not policemen or soldiers. : Why are they using a picture with Indian soldiers, not Chinese? Because one Asian is as good as another. It’s not like the people reading this will know the difference.

    Also, think of this scenario: someone comes into your house and begins pawing around, photographign and filming everything in sight. You tell them to get off your property and the next day you see them on the news saying you ‘have something to hide’ and showing thigns that certain people may find incredibly offensive. Journalists that do their job for the sake of finding the truth are noble, but most are just gunning for their next big break so they can get that big promotion.

    I’m not saying there are no problems here. There are plenty. I’ve seen them. But you should never accept what the news tells you as unarguable, unassailable truth. The Chinese government aren’t the only ones pulling the sheets over people’s eyes. You have to be able to think for yourself, that’s all I ask, and that’s why I try to educate everyone I see instead of name calling and mud throwing.

    Don’t hate, educate.

  • Ashton

    “I have heard that China is indeed seen positively in many SE Asian states, and is starting to export its culture worldwide. However, knowing it very little, I can little judge how much goodness China has.”

    Don’t get me wrong. Chian has a load of problems and living here has made me appreciate what I have when I go back to the U.S.

    But I just want you to be more critical of your information sources. Much like the government here, those sources can’t be trusted to deliver a full, unbiased report.

  • Ack

    My biggest beef with buying CDs is that the ones I want aren’t available in my country unless you want to sell your organs to pay the imported price.

  • Roze

    Piss off you idiot. Try and impersonate me. Like I’d admit to using drugs like that. Lol!


  • Roze

    Yeah? Well it’s better to be arrogant that to be a duncey m0r0n like you an post the nopnsensical garbage that you do. W*anker!


  • mini nova/pirating

    for some reason mini nova isn’t working still you know there is alot of good brought from these sights for many reasons(not going into detail) but i agree if there is an artist you know you like support them and but the cd or download it and if you like it tell a friend or two to buy it i only buy cd’s i know i like the artist.. if its someone new i will download it them convince others to buy it cause my opinion is valued threw everyone i know and if i like it they will buy it

  • Roze

    Yep, keep imperonating me. You do realise that you obviously have no life and therefore have nothing better to do that to pretend to be me on this blog right?


  • Anonymous

    @47 – “convince others to buy it cause my opinion is valued threw everyone i know and if i like it they will buy it”

    What goddamn drugs are you on to throw that many wrong words that make no sense into what you just wrote? Are you sure your opinion is valued because you sound as if your living in your own little drug fuelled reality to the extent that you can’t talk straight let alone think straight.

    GET OFF THE DRUGS DUDE, your lack of making sense what with the wrong words you use seemingly at random is F*CKING SCARY. You panty wearing lunatic b*tt knuckle.

  • Anonymous

    I have myself visited China once, two years ago. I have not visited Beijing that much, but rather the Sichuan province, near a city called Chengdu. The pollution in the less urban areas are much less of a problem, since there was less of the smog blanketing the entire city, as there was in Beijing. However, there were various aspects that were quite unpleasant, like the bathrooms. I once went to a restaurant in the countryside, and they have little health practices, throwing their garbage all over the floor. Overall, the thing I hate most is the lack of attention paid to cleanliness. I guess that this is what happens in impoverished areas, though.

    As for this report, the information source is myself. What can you say of it?

    Well, my actual reason for saying that China is seen positively is based off of this report:

    I guess you can hardly know the foreign relations of China through taking a tour of its countryside.

    Note: ignore #45, #46, and #48. It is quite obnoxious and unpleasant, but whatever.

  • Rosy

    China is the best country imo.


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  • Roze

    No, I don’t think so. I don’t know what you are trying to do, but you are merely making yourself look like an ass by impersonating me.

    Roze #35, #38, #40, #41, #50

  • Roze

    Excuse me, who is the ass and who is impersonating who? I did not post #46, #48 or #52. Please stop pretending to be me please, it’s really pathetic.

    Roze (the real one)

  • Roze

    @53 ROFL, what are you trying to do – you have a serious problem and should seek psychiatric help.


  • Roze

    I do feel compelled to identify that #53 is not I.

    In any case, I do not think that, even if China got rid of the copyright law, any progress would be made. Right now, the biggest pusher for copyright law is the United States, and thus, it is most important to change the laws of the United States. If this would change, then the rest of the world would follow. Not so for China.

    Roze #35, #38, #40, #41, #50, #52

  • Roze

    Oh for God sake – this guy has the gall to talk about the nerve? #55 above is NOT ME again. What an ass – you do realise your just making yourself look foolish and people can spot the real Roze’s posts right?

    I do think that IF the USA changed it’s laws China would eventually follow but this is not the reason that China is blocking these websites. It may be interference from the United Nations, the pseudo “League of Nations”, but in any case the Nazi conspiracy is sure to fall down one day. I just feel sorry for Chinese people with their masters in government.

    Roze #35, #42, #38, #40, #41, #50, #52

  • Roze

    @56 you have serious issues and I think you should go and see a doctor. It’s probably the MPAA trying to make me look foolish – probably this just shows we are winning the fight against global imperialism manifested through copyright laws.


  • h33t

    The evil, satanic Nazi’s at the MPAA must be chuckling to themselves over China doing this. We must rise up, unite and beat down the doors of people who dont allow freedom of infomation.

    Whomever is impersonating, get a life and find something better to do. To the real Roze, dont worry about it, everyone loves you and you have some great ideas. where the real Roze is always recognised

  • alex

    musicians rarely see profits from cd sales…so you going out and buying some cds to support favorite artists!

    helps ceos wallets get bigger than they are

    good job idiot

  • Roze

    If it is interference from IGOs, then the U.S. is at the root of the IGOs doing such interference.

    Roze #35, #38, #40, #41, #50, #52, #55

  • Roze

    Once again I feel compelled to point out that #61, #55 and #52 are not me and could you please stop doing this? It’s boring and nobody is fooled for a minute.


  • Shiggity


    You don’t support artists by buying their CDs, they see almost none of that money. You’ll be supporting large corporate media who frankly don’t deserve it.

    Go to their concerts instead.

  • Sausages

    Fascinating story, but how does this affect me? Not in the slighest, that’s how.

    A dictatorship censoring content??? Never!!

  • Anonymous

    Only the pirate bay is blocked.Mininova and isohunt are accessible.

  • phreak

    The concept of intellectual property is an insult to the freedom of our minds.

  • annoyance

    commie basterds.

  • Anonymous

    So a service provider (China Unicom) becomes China. If Verizon or Sprint or Comcast blocked P2P websites, we should blame it on the evil United States.

  • jason

    Im in china, the piratebay has been blocked for a few months now, not a redirect, but cant even get there, tis really annoying

  • LivingInchina

    a) this is the frst time that these sites have been re directed (but re directs are not uncommon google at one point redirected to Baidu.

    b) Not the first time mininova has been block it was blocked for about 4 months the end of last year and begining of this year

    c) Pirate bay is still blocked where I am and has been block for aprox 9 months now. This includes the tracker.

    d) Stragnely engough the blocks do not always affect the whole of China.

    e) From what my students told me the redirect was removed after attacks started on baidu on a scale massive enough to cause downtime to the main site (DDOS atacks in china are mind boggling in scale as a huge amount of compramised computers are in china and internal communications are extremely fast even when I still only had a 2mb plan inside china I could get up to 6mb so long as i was downloading from chinese sources)

  • LivingInChina


    I’m pretty sure the MPAA doesn’t ever laugh at things happen in China. It is actually hard to buy real CD or DVD’s here (at least where I am downtown shanghai for instance is different).

    WB and Paramout both sell discount DVD’s here to try and combat the problem the work out to approx US$3 each (a copy dvd is about .70c). The only real reason to ever think about buying them is the chinese subtitles are actually correct, often you can buy a copy of it before the actual dvd release. Which is quite common DVD’s with global release, copies are almost always able to be purchased a week before the actual release.

  • Thijs (Shenzhen)

    I’m in China and have had no problems visiting mininova at all. It could be that the measures were limited to some areas of China though.

  • Anonymous

    if you’re buying those cd’s at a shop you aren’t supporting that artist. the only way that artist sees more than a percent of that sale is if you go to their shows and buy their cd’s and merch directly from them at the show

  • Roze

    Of course, the question is whether the IP address or merely the domain name was blocked, and whether the corresponding trackers were blocked as well. Which, now?


  • iptorrents/torrentleech

    whatever!!! now what should i download???

  • LivingInChina


    Most of the blocks don’t work on IP only but on the DNS request the simply edit the DNS response to direct you to a different IP within china that simply doesn’t respond one of the side effects of this is that it often blocks refering domain as well for a short amount of time, or blocks any dns request from your ip for a bit. The pirate bay is blocked including all sub domains and several of their alternate addresses as well.

    But to answer your question the trackers were also down DHT is a life saver here as is giving you a list of alt trackers.

  • Anonymous

    alright calm down, honkies.

    piracy is for poor people

    sweden is shit country, nobody cares about honkies in sweden

    they are simply to poor, thats why its piracy in sweden and piratebay


  • Roze

    Artists should not make money. They should live in squalor and filth, awash in their own feces and torment. That is the point of being an artist. In fact, i’m pretty sure the word ‘artist” is derived from Ortho-Greek word “artestia” meaning “starvation”.

    Creators who want to make money are whores and worse than Nazis.

    Hiroshima, Auschwitz, Columbine… none of it compares to the MPAA/RIAA suing people. Not even close.

    This is fact and by the way, I am the sole allotter of official facts. If you think you know something to be factual, check with me first and I’ll tell you if it is or not. I am very intelligent.



  • Anon

    I recently tried to visit all those sites using the China Channel firefox addon, which makes me go through a proxy in china, and I found this to be extremely false, or at least I was able to get to any of those sites. So Unless that’s just for major cities, it’s not affecting all areas of china, at least where these proxies are, which are in china.

  • mike-s

    #12, #18.
    China may be loaded with communism & censorship. But unfortunately that is to be expected. I’m not looking forward to when the government try’s to roll out their half arsed censorship of the net measures (look up “Steven Conroy internet censorship” in a search engine to see what i’m on about). Were not communists, but we’re certainly the whipping boy for any f*#kers that decide to try and put hairbrained ideas into law.

    Industrial Relation & centrelink reform anyone?

  • Roze

    Also if the evil, Nazi fascists known as the RIAA/MPAA didn’t sue people we wouldn’t be in this economic mess we are in ATM. It’s the evil, scumbag artists that expect to – I know, it’s so evil – get paid to make creations – that have pushed the economy to the breaking point and now over the edge. I predicted it quite a while ago, read some of my postings from 6 months ago and that is patently abvious to anyone. Even if they’re just 1/4 as intelligent as I am.

    Artists also eat valuable food. If they starved themselves poor people all over the world would have full stomaches. Shame on those evil Nazi scum.

    Culture should be free to anybody to download. If the billion people in the world who are starving downloaded their culture the rich elites would build one less swimming pool at their penthouse. As well those same people, by virtue of free downloaded culture, would have food to eat aplenty, because culture begats intelligence and intelligence leads to food. It should be a world priority to get these people culture so theyre consciousness can be healed an dfill their stomaches.

    I know I have a lot of revolutionary ideas which only someone like me could come up with, but I am certain that implementing them will free the world from poverty and provide a utopia the likes of which has never been seen before. I’m also certainm that the MPAA delights in 1 billion people not being able to buy their crap and they also like world poverty.


  • Stephen Conroy

    Shut up you little sh*t, Labour rulez OK!!

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  • Anonymous

    speaking of piratebay, they are currently @ 24.111.604 peers =) brb joining for one more :) guess they’ll hit their 25m target way before christmas

  • Roze

    Great … 25,000,000 crappy peers at the worlds slowest, crappiest, shittiest public tracker (it seriously eats dogs balls). Please dont show your face around here again you ugly muppet.


  • Roze

    The Pirate Bay may not be the fastest tracker, but they do provide one important function: political support and mobilization. In addition, it allows anybody to use it, so it has the capability for newcomers to BitTorrent to easily jump in.


  • Roze

    Brothers, we will win this war. We will not stop until all the rapists and murderers have been freed from all the world’s prisons and the MPAA/RIAA copyright lobby have taken their place behind bars.

    My intelligence is vast. Like the sea. And not just one sea but all the seas combined…including the rumored underground ones on Europa.

    The MPAA is solely responsible for global warming. This is not debatable so don’t even try.

    The RIAA devoloped AIDS to kill off the poor people that can’t afford their products. This is not debatable so don’t even try.

    I am the smartest person here. If you don’t understand my posts then I’m sorry to inform you, it’s likely that you suffer from some sort of learning disability or mental retardation.


  • Roze

    correction – it’s assured that you suffer from mental retardation if you don’t understand my posts.


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  • Roze

    Funny story, I was talking to this mother earlier today whose daughter had been viciously raped and tortured. Naturally I tried to comfort her by pointing out that well, it could have been worse, she could have been sued by the copyright lobby for a couple thousand dollars but this mother was so INTELLECTUALLY INFERIOR that she found no comfort in that at all and started screaming and crying like a obnoxious baboon.

    It depresses me sometimes, how dumb people can be…


  • dwpbike

    yugo #1. why were you wasting your time here?

  • ??


  • John John

    I’m sorry but The Pirate Bay is NOT accessible from Shanghai since at least 6 months.


  • ArrrRRRrrr

    to alongneckedpony who stated:

    “Piracy is wrong no matter what you think. That being said, I’m gonna go out and buy some cds to support my favorite artists!”

    wrong… you are going to buy some cds to support your favourite recording studios… the artists will get less than a dollar from those sales, unless of course your favourite artists are independants and sell their content directly.

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  • 46

    wtf do you expect from totalitarian entities?

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  • Anonymous

    that must have been one heck of a bribe. that’s how things are done there.

  • mrgtb

    LOL, so god dam typical of Chinese government. To point Mininova and ThePirateBay.

    To a site they can pump their own propaganda at there people. Talk about brain washing!

  • Pingback: Populäre Torrent-Webseiten wurden auf chinesische Suchmaschine Baidu umgeleitet  | Scene

  • P

    3 or 4 of the torrent sites I visit daily including private sites were redirected to Baidu.

    The same sites including mininova worked fine with a proxy.

  • Ace

    Im in beijing and starting around the 8th i have been unable to download at more than 2-3 kbps per torrent, it’s rediculous. For the past 2 months i was able to torrent at approx 300 kbps net across all active torrents down stream. Now it’s all gone to shits. Bye bye entourage and the office =(.

  • daze

    I live in China and have no trouble with minivova. Would you people who have never been there please refrain from making stupid comments about the country. Its not perfect but then neither is any other place

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  • wokman

    damn, a bunch of FUD. some of you in the US and EU get the fcuk out of your parents basements and take a look around. also, TF get your facts straight, only TPB has been blocked. Mininova, isohunt, etc all work. There’s also a plethora of chinese torrent sites up and alive. even if China cuts itself off, torrents are alive and well over here. Oh, you whiny kids over there, at least we don’t need to worry about the RIAA/MPAA. Still downloading the latest mp3′s mofo.

  • chairman miaow

    Mininova blocked again in China or routine maintainence?

  • aquatiumfish

    All I can say is “Trust China”, Jesus, they want concentrate on stopping breeding.

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  • Vuze
  • BTGuard - BitTorrent Anonymously


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