Review: ‘Orange Petals’ in a Storm by Dr Niamh Clune – magical realism/ metaphysical fiction

Review by Tahlia Newland. A list of all her reviews can be seen here.

Title: Orange Petals in a Storm

Author: Dr Niamh Clune

Genre: magical realism/metaphysical fiction

I picked this book up when I was searching for a definition of metaphysical fiction, and found an article by the author. I was impressed with her writing so I bought the book, and I’m very glad that I did.

Orange Petals in a Storm is the story of an eleven year old girl who has been mistreated by her stepfather since her mother’s death one year ago. On an external level, it’s a simple story about her life turning around, but it’s the inner world that gives this story its magic.

To handle the abuse,  the girl sits in an old chair—all that she has left of her mother—and withdraws into her mental ‘safe room’. There, she meets the human male version of the cat that saves her when she runs away and nearly freezes to death in a storm. With him—and sometimes an old woman—as her guide she travels the web of light that makes up the connections of the inner world. The confidence and wisdom she gains from her inner travels empowers her actions in the outer world.

The inner experiences are too detailed and beautifully written for me to do them any justice in a description. It’s better you simply read the story yourself.

The book is expertly crafted, the prose beautiful and the characters well drawn. I highly recommend the book for anyone interested in magical realism, metaphysical or visionary fiction.

Here is Clune’s definition of metaphysical fiction. It’s exactly what you’ll find in this book.

“Modern metaphysical/visionary literature often crosses genres and enters into the little celebrated field of magic realism. In this genre, the supernatural is part of tangible reality; spirit and nature are interwoven, inseparable, and unquestioned, and the extraordinary is made ordinary. Metaphysical literature tells tales of the inner life. Usually these tales are told simply, in prose that reaches to express the beauty inherent in us and in the world about us. Its task is to give voice to soul and its yearning to transcend the suffering of everyday reality.”

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  1. Thank you for your deep understanding of my work. Lovely review!

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    Tahlia Newland runs a really interesting blog site for Indies Authors. Well! I would say that. She has given me a wonderful review for Orange Petals In A Storm. I will be featuring Tahlia soon on Plum Tree Books. The follow-up to Orange Petals In A Storm, Exaltation Of A Rose, will be available shortly. Many thanks Tahlia for the great review!

  3. Thanks for your comments Nianmh

  4. Sounds creative and different! May have to check it out. Thanks. xo

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    I give you a quote that may influence you to read the full review of the book “Orange Petals in a Storm” and to then go out and find this book and make it your own as I have and other books by Dr. Niamh Clune. And enjoy and be caught in the imagination of Skyla McFee and in the writing of such an inspiration writer and artist as Niamh Clune. I have had the pleasure of knowing about her writing for awhile now and find that they are at the front of my reading list. I read and reread Niamh Clune’s writing and her poetry and the writing on her blog … it is one of my regular blog spots besides my own. j.k. Jennifer kiley

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