Get Your RN Faster By Reading This Book!

Have you always wanted to be a registered nurse?

Have you been trying to become an RN nurse using traditional registered nursing schools? Are you caught up in waiting lists and zillions of pre-requisite nursing courses at your school of nursing?

Are you going into nursing as a second career? Do you have financial responsibilities and have to work to earn an income while you’re in nursing school? Have any of your pre-requisite courses already expired? Will you ever become an RN using the traditional RN Nursing Degree process?

Learn how to become a nurse by QUALIFYING and actually SUCCEEDING in ONLINE Nursing School Degree programs (USA and Canada). The new book: Get Your RN Faster: Bypass RN School Wait Lists and Get On Your Way To Making More Money FAST… While Helping Others! is written by Joy Porter, a leading Independent Nursing Education Consultant who has helped thousands learn about online nursing degree programs.

What will you learn by reading this informational nursing school book?

SHAVE OFF years from earning your Nursing Degree
– How to QUALIFY for Online College of Nursing Degree Programs
– Why you will NOT need Chemistry or Algebra as Nursing School Requirements
– Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) verses Registered Nurses (RN)
– Best ways to SUCCEED and COMPLETE non-traditional Online RN programs
CUT Tuition Costs to avoid most of the high college Student Loan debt
– Learn a more FOCUSED way to complete Nursing Practicum and Clinicals
Jump over wait lists & bypass Traditional RN schools & Nursing Universities
– CUT your pre-requisite Nursing Course List in HALF
AVOID traditional Classrooms for most of your Accelerated RN degree
– NO Writing of long Term Papers for pre-requisite or Nursing Courses
– Get Your ASN/ADN or BSN using online and blended Schools of Nursing
– Schedule studying around your commitments to Job and Family
– Differences between LPN training and RN Courses and Training
– MOST of your PAST College Courses will Transfer, NO Matter how Old

“My book tells anyone who wants their RN degree how to avoid nursing school waiting lists. You can study now and won’t have to put your education off for months or years,” Porter said. This is a great book to jumpstart your health career and learn to be an RN. Many of Porter’s nursing students have earned their RN degrees online before they would have even been admitted to a traditional nursing program.

Get Your RN Faster shows aspiring nurses how to go to top nursing schools and use their online nursing courses. The book details how they can study at their own pace and on their own schedule, stop writing term papers, AVOID taking algebra and chemistry 1 & 2, and transfer past college courses even dating back decades. Students are also shown a single multiple choice test that compresses months of study. Coaching resources are available to help people create individual strategies to earn an Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN/ASN) or Bachelor’s in Nursing (BSN).

The online nursing programs in the book are fully accredited by appropriate regional and professional accrediting agencies. Passing those nurse classes eventually allow for a nursing job and to earn an RN salary. Get Your RN Faster reveals the secret to properly qualify for Online RN School and proven success techniques for those online nurse trainings to eventually pass the RN nursing boards (Nclex).

The author says that it’s her calling to help people achieve their calling… of becoming a registered nurse. CLICK on the Book cover below to order your book from Amazon today.