Shocking moment US rapper broke woman fan's arm after leaping 35ft into crowd from light rigging during London concert


American musician George Watsky (pictured left and, right, on top of the rigging) leapt into the crowd during his last song at the Alexandra Palace in London after asking them: 'Have you got my back?' However, his terrified fans scattered and Watsky landed on a man and a woman, who collapsed on the concrete floor. Watsky has since apologised on Facebook for his 'shameful' actions and has visited the female fan in hospital to personally say sorry.

The fake locksmith sticker that could mark you for burglary: Thieves identify vulnerable homes in 'sophisticated new scam'


The virtually-transparent plastic stickers are being placed by burglars on vulnerable properties in Wandsworth, south-west London, in what the council has described as a 'sophisticated new scam'. The stickers - which have already been linked to one local burglary - are printed with the words '24/7 Locksmith - Repair Installation Locked out' and a fake telephone number of 0203 582 8175.

Ofsted inspector tells Cumbrian teacher working in Berkshire school to sound 'more southern' and makes changing her accent an official target


The woman, who works at a secondary school in West Berkshire, was told to focus on 'sounding less Cumbrian' as one of her official performance targets by her bosses.

Sixth cyclist in just two weeks killed on London's roads after collision with lorry

The mangled remains of the victim's bike trapped in the wheels of the lorry

Police were called to Camberwell Road in South London by London Ambulance Service at 12.07hrs today, following reports of a road traffic collision involving a lorry and a cyclist.

Nurse was so drunk she had to be treated in her own A&E department after taking box of wine to work

On duty: Nurse Sheila Fletcher has been struck off after bringing a box of wine with her to work and was drunk while treating patients at Hull Royal Infirmary (pictured)

Sheila Fletcher has been struck off after she took a box and bottle of wine on to her ward at Hull Royal Infirmary, a disciplinary hearing was told.

Mystery syndrome which causes pain worse than childbirth AND amputation that's baffling docs


A mystery condition that causes extreme pain among sufferers has baffled doctors and researchers, who can find neither its cause nor its cure.




Women who take the Pill for more than three years have double the risk of eye condition that leads to blindness

Women who take the pill are more likely to develop glaucoma

Researchers at the University of California say the findings show doctors should warn women of a link between glaucoma and the pill.

Former Labour MP admits falsely claiming £13,000 in expenses for trips across Europe

Guilty: Former Labour MP Denis MacShane has today admitted making bogus expenses claims of nearly £13,000

The former MP for Rotherham pleaded guilty to false accounting when he appeared at the Old Bailey in London today.

Law society students 'black up' for university drinking event while pretending to be Somali pirates

Racism row: Students from the Edinburgh University Law Society pose as Somali pirates with their faces painted black for a fancy dress drinking event

The students were pictured in fancy dress for a 'Beerienteering' event organised by The Edinburgh University Law Society. The group - made up of three males and one female - happily posed for pictures but were later challenged by angry members of other societies. One student said: ''Racism should be opposed on every level and Edinburgh University and we as a student body should do all within our power to make sure these attitudes are called out.'

Forget cooking a festive feast, just serve a Christmas dinner cheese! Company create all-in-one meal in block of cheddar


Pilgrims Choice have invented a block of cheddar that contains all the best elements of a Christmas dinner - sprouts and all - and a pudding, inset.

Race to identify body found dumped in well: Man was seriously assaulted and could have been killed up to two weeks ago

Rory Mulholland, 21, and his 17 year old colleague Jack Mack found the body as they worked at a house in Warlingham, Surrey, on Frida

Rory Mulholland, 21, and his 17 year old colleague Jack Mack found the body as they worked at a house in Warlingham, Surrey, on Friday.

Google block on child porn: At last! Internet giant axes links to vile sex-abuse websites in stunning victory for Mail campaign

At last! Google has agreed to introduce changes which will prevent depraved images and videos from appearing for more than 100,000 different searches

EXCLUSIVE: The world's biggest media firm has agreed to introduce changes which will prevent depraved images and videos from appearing for more than 100,000 different searches.

'We've listened - and here's how we'll halt this depravity': Google chief ERIC SCHMIDT explains block on child porn

Google executive chairman Eric Schmidt said Google has developed breakthrough technology that will allow illegal videos to be 'tagged'

While society will never wholly eliminate such depravity, we should do everything in our power to protect children from harm, writes Google's executive chairman Eric Schmidt (pictured).

Great grandmother, 81, died after catching four superbugs during four visits to new £400m hospital

Lillian Baddeley died after being ravaged by four infections she caught at a brand new 'super-hospital' just months after being admitted

Lillian Baddeley, 81, declined from being 'bright as a buttoN' and was dead within eight months of contracting four separate superbugs at University Hospital of North Staffordshire.

GCHQ ordered to break up 'dark web' used by paedophiles to share sick abuse images undetected online

Spy post: Intelligence officers at Cheltenham-based GCHQ will work with their US counterparts to break up the dark web

Prime Minister David Cameron said he wanted GCHQ to do more to find those trying to ‘hide from justice’ by using encrypted internet networks.

Sex-change politician says she became lesbian after being raped four years after she became a woman


West Midlands MEP Nikki Sinclaire, 45, tells of 'horrendous' attack by a man in central London that contributed to her realising she was gay.

Time to rethink buying a second-hand copy of Fifty Shades of Grey? Library copy of erotic novel tests positive for HERPES and COCAINE

Fifty Shades of Grey

Professor Jan Tytgat from the Catholic University of Leuven tested the most borrowed books from Antwerp lending library using bacteriology and toxicology tests.

Co-op launches inquiry after ex-bank boss was caught buying crystal meth and cocaine as Miliband defends hiring him as Labour adviser

Caught on camera: The Rev Paul Flowers was filmed counting money for a drugs deal

Paul Flowers, a Methodist minister who was chairman of the Co-operative Bank when it ran into trouble, now faces an investigation by the police.

A not-so-jumbo jet: Remote-control model Airbus A380 looks so realistic it could be mistaken for the real thing

The model airbus takes off above an field in Germany

The model aircraft was flown during an show in Germany. It has an 18ft wingspan, weighs 150lbs and is powered by £1,800 jet engines.

Woman, 31, admits to being a SERIAL KILLER as she stuns court by pleading guilty to murdering THREE men and dumping their bodies in ditches

Joanna Dennehy

Joanna Dennehy (left) admitted killing (from centre left to right) Lukasz Slaboszewski, 31, John Chapman, 56, and Kevin Lee, 48, who were found with multiple stab wounds between March and April this year in Cambridgeshire. Dennehy, 31, from Peterborough, also pleaded guilty at the Old Bailey in Central London to the attempted murders of another two men, Robin Bereza and John Rogers.

Family laid flowers at stranger's grave for 13 YEARS because headstone was put on the wrong plot

Eileen Vermiglio, of Liverpool, was horrified to discover she was putting flowers for her father on the grave of a complete stranger

Eileen Vermiglio, of Liverpool, was horrified to discover she was putting flowers for her father on the grave of a complete stranger.

Get ready for the Great British Rake Off: BBC hopes to replicate the success of cooking show with home-grown veg and a taste of The Good Life

Posed by models image of a couple forking the ground in an allotment or vegetable plot, and planting potatoes.

Grow, Make, Eat: The Great Allotment Challenge, presented by Fern Britton, is tipped to do for cabbages and cucumbers what Bake Off did for pies and pastries.

Hitler didn't stop me. But elf 'n' safety has, says Navy hero told he can no longer lead parades because he is 'too old' to be insured

Albert 'Dusty' Miller, 89, served with distinction in WWII but was told he could no longer act as parade marshal because he was too old

Albert 'Dusty' Miller, 89, from Merseyside, has been barred from serving as a marshal and standard-bearer at Royal British Legion events because he is too old to be insured.

Drink driver told he can live in his car despite being banned from the road for 14 months

Egidijus Sakalauska told a court he had been 'dumped' by his girlfriend and he was trying to see her

Egidijus Sakalauska, 24, was banned for driving for 14 months after he was caught driving in Cambridge while over the limit. But magistrates have allowed him to live in his car so long as he does not drive it.

Generous benefits do NOT make jobless happy: Study claims countries with best welfare have most dissatisfied unemployed

Employment levels across Europe vary widely, in part as countries struggle with the impact of the eurozone crisis

Researchers at the University of Edinburgh compared how unemployment affected people's life satisfaction in the EU and found the level of benefit did not play a part.

Care worker forced can of deodorant into 89-year-old dementia patient's mouth and sprayed her in the face


Valerie Bell, 51, pictured, was jailed for the ill-treatment of two elderly residents at Sutherland Court care home in Fenham, Newcastle.

Want the best quality of life in the UK? Move to Reading, Aberdeen or Southampton - but avoid central London

Bottom rung: Despite the vast wealth on display in the City, London scored poorly in a number of criteria that determined its ranking for quality of life

Edinburgh also came in the top four most attractive places to live in the UK according to PriceWaterhouseCoopers and the think-tank Demos.

Tesco use delivery lorries to pick up and dump rubbish fuelling fears their fresh food could be contaminated

Concerns: The lorries drop the rubbish bags at a waste site before returning to Tesco¿s distribution centres to be loaded up with more fresh food (file picture)

The delivery vans carry general waste and food that is out of date before returning to distribution centres to pick up produce to be sold in their stores.

How your supermarket 'fresh' fish can be THREE weeks old: Seafood bought from the big four was only two days away from rotting

Going off: Fish technicians bought fish, including Salmon, from Sainsburys' Morrisons. Tesco and Asda, and discovered some of the samples were two days away from rotting

A fish technician used industry standard testing to assess pieces of cod, plaice and salmon bought fron the big four supermarkets and found a third were just a couple of days away from

What does your food say about you? Peek inside the fridges of people from all walks of life, from the bartender with only take-out containers to the overgrown shelves of a lonely botanist

Mark Menjivar

French gastronome Anthelme Brillat-Savarin wrote, 'Tell me what you eat and I will tell you what you are,' a philosophy photographer Mark Menjivar has explored to fascinating effect in his photo series 'You Are What You Eat.' Menjivar photographed fridges belonging to 60 different people in 20 communities across the States in an effort to draw conclusions about who people are by the foods that they eat.

Giggling and happy... then gone: British baby boy dies of suspected meningitis just hours after family arrived in Tunisia for his first foreign holiday


George Moore, aged just 10 months, from Penwortham, near Preston, died of suspected meningitis on his first foreign holiday with his mother and grandparents.

Today's lesson: You're supposed to park next to the house not in it! Learner driver crashes through garden wall and into the front of a home

The black Hyundai Getz smashed into the terraced house on Saturday afternoon when it was empty

A learner driver in her thirties was at the wheel when she lost control of her Hyundai on a tight bend in Netley, Hampshire, and ploughed into a house.

Prince Harry makes quick pit stop in South Africa on his way to Russian base to start gruelling trek to the South Pole

After arriving in Cape Town on a flight from London today, the Prince Harry joined his team mates on a bus ride to a local hotel where they could relax ahead of their Arctic trek

After arriving in Cape Town on a flight from London today, the Prince Harry joined his team mates on a bus ride to a local hotel where they could relax ahead of their Arctic trek.

£170,000 McLaren supercar seized by police after collision with cyclist

Seized: This McLaren M4, which has a top speed of 204mph and costs £170,000, was taken off the road after it was involved in a collision with a cyclist and the driver lacked the necessary insurance

The McLaren M4, which can go from 0-60mph in just three seconds and has a top speed of 204mph, was taken off the road on Old Street in central London last week.

'I'll never forgive Labour, they destroyed my mates' jobs': The Who's frontman Roger Daltrey blames immigration policy which left working class unemployed

Daltrey said he was angry at politicians who had mismanaged mass immigration

Roger Daltrey, 69, said the reason he no longer supports the Labour Party is because of ‘stupid thinking on Europe’ that allowed large numbers of EU nationals to work in England.

Prince Harry makes quick pit stop in South Africa on his way to Russian base to start gruelling trek to the South Pole

After arriving in Cape Town on a flight from London today, the Prince Harry joined his team mates on a bus ride to a local hotel where they could relax ahead of their Arctic trek

After arriving in Cape Town on a flight from London today, the Prince Harry joined his team mates on a bus ride to a local hotel where they could relax ahead of their Arctic trek.

'Too stupid to marry' mum fears sons will be taken away: Woman who fled to Ireland faces investigation after she returns home

New battle: Kerry McDougall with husband Mark, left, and two sons Ben, right, and Lochlan, left

Kerry McDougall, 21, ran away to Ireland with her fiancé Mark when she was eight months pregnant because she feared her son would be taken into care.

Tory support in North as low as in Scotland: Support drops two points as poll finds party is also failing to attract women voters

Unconvinced: Voters in the North do not believe David Cameron's party will do well

The party’s support in the region has dropped from 31 per cent to 29 per cent, with voters less likely to believe David Cameron's party will do well at the next election.

So much for the interrogation: Spy chiefs knew what questions were going to be asked BEFORE parliamentary committee

(L - R) Andrew Parker, the head of M15; John Sawers, the head of M16 and Iain Lobban

An televised appearance by the heads of MI5, MI6 and GCHQ (pictured) was hailed as transparent - but they agreed questions with MPs in advance, the Sunday Times has revealed.

Income tax would have to rise by 9p in Scotland if voters choose to leave the UK, new study on independence warns

Pressure: Alex Salmond, First Minister of Scotland, faces fresh warnings of the economic impact of independence

Falling revenues from North Sea oil and increased costs of a faster-ageing population would create a huge financial blackhole for Alex Salmond (pictured), the Institute for Fiscal Studies says.

Cost of a nursery place soars by 30% in three years, five times faster than wages

Costs: Labour leader Ed Miliband accused the government of cutting childcare prices as prices rose in a speech at Learning Ladders Nursery in south London where he met three year old Lisa Marques-Mouta

Labour leader Ed Miliband warned many parents are now ‘struggling to cope’ and rising costs mean they spend much of the week working just to cover childcare bills.

Ex-Tory donor gives millions to UKIP and vows to do 'whatever it takes' to ensure party wins Euro elections

Donation: Wealthy businessman Paul Sykes is promising to donate millions to Ukip

Eurosceptic businessman Paul Sykes, pictured, a former Conservative Party backer, is promising to bankroll Ukip’s campaign in the European Parliamentary elections.

World War II mechanic was left dying after care home workers 'refused to let paramedics into his room for half an hour because it wasn't company policy'


Paramedics were forced to wait 26 minutes to treat Leslie Coombs, 89, after he collapsed at the Jubilee Court sheltered housing complex in Strelley, near Nottingham. Managers made the ambulance workers wait until a warden could arrive with a spare key, and refused to let them access a master key as it was 'against company policy'.

I work really well with 'nightmare' Ed Balls, insists Ed Miliband who plays down rift exposed by 'silly' emails

Ed Miliband and Ed Balls

Mr Miliband's adviser Torsten Bell described Mr Balls's response to recent optimistic growth, jobs and inflation forecasts from the Bank of England as a ‘nightmare’.

Thefts of iPads and Kindles on trains soar 10% in a year... but there has been a drop in stolen laptops

Thefts of iPads, tablets and Kindles have soared by 10 per cent this year on Britain's railways (file picture posed by model)

Of the 949 reported iPad, Tablet and Kindle thefts across the UK's rail network this year, only 2 per cent were recovered by their owners, new figures show.

Doris Lessing, the titan with a pen dipped in acid, is dead: Author was as famous for her put-downs as her feminist novel The Golden Notebook

Doris Lessing

In The Golden Notebook, Lessing, who has died aged 94, attacked Englishmen and their uselessness. However, the writer also took on numerous others throughout her long career.

Blacklisted construction workers to receive up to £100,000 each in compensation from firms who refused to hire them

Thousands of construction workers were blacklisted by companies after raising concerns about safety (file picture)

More than 3,200 names, mainly of building workers, were kept on the list, drawn up by a shadowy organisation called The Consulting Association.

Twitter launches UK news alert service to tweet information during times of crisis

Twitter has launched a new alerts service that lets emergency services tweet information in times of attack or crisis.

Police forces across the UK, the Foreign Office and the Environment Agency have signed up to the scheme and official tweets will be identified by an orange alert bell.

More than half of child sex offenders avoid prosecution despite rise in number of reported cases

Yvette Cooper

Shadow Home Secretary Yvette Cooper, pictured, described a drop in the number of abuse cases passed to prosecutors as 'appalling'.

Husbands will have to ask their wives if they want to watch porn at home, Cameron warns

Summit: David Cameron today held talks in Downing Street with members of leading search engines, internet service providers, the National Crime Agency and the NSPCC

The Prime Minister warned that new opt-in filters will mean that couples will have to decide between them if their internet access can be used to view pornography.

The rich guys of Instagram show off their 'ultimate status symbols' ... big cats: How mega-wealthy Arab men are accessorising their supercars and powerboats with lions and cheetahs

For mega-wealthy young men of the Gulf Arab states nothing says 'I am rich' more aptly than to Instagram yourself and your lion or cheetah posing alongside your Mercedes or Lamborghini.

WARNING GRAPHIC CONTENT: For mega-wealthy young men of the Gulf Arab states nothing says 'I am rich' more aptly than to Instagram yourself and your lion or cheetah posing alongside your Mercedes or Lamborghini. Showing off the Persian Gulf's 'ultimate status symbol', the penchant for big cat photos on Instagram betrays the young men's sheer bravery or stupidity, depending on your point of view.

What does he have to do to be jailed? Dangerous dog owner whose American bulldog mauled his toddler niece to death flouts ban on keeping pets for the SECOND time

An American bulldog, the breed which killed toddler Zumer Ahmed in April 2010

Urfan Ahmed, 35, of Crawley, West Sussex, was found guilty this week of walking his girlfriend's dog when it attacked another animal in a park.

Carer tied woman, 88, up with her dressing gown cord so she could have cigarette break

Sussanah Carr tied up the lady, who suffers from dementia, because she did not want her wandering around the care home

Sussanah Carr (pictured) tied up the lady, who suffers from dementia, because she did not want her wandering around the care home while she was working.

I spy... a new way to keep children in the car: Motorists turning to iPads and other gadgets to keep youngsters entertained during long journeys

Gadgets such as the iPad have overtaken I Spy was a way to keep children entertained in car journeys

If you ever endured a long car journey with your parents as a child, chances are you played I Spy to pass the time.

Illegal immigrant paedophile has already cost taxpayer £350,000. Now he will get compensation... because Britain breached HIS human rights by locking him up

Jumaa Kater Saleh, 24, who arrived in the UK in November 2004 hidden in a lorry, cannot be deported because he is part of a 'persecuted tribe' in Sudan

A Sudanese man who was part of a gang who had sex with a 13-year-old girl cannot be deported because he is member of a 'persecuted' tribe, the High Court (pictured) heard.

Former Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison charged with assault and affray over nightclub fracas which left teenager with facial injuries

Geordie Shore star Vicky Pattison, pictured on a night out with friends from ITV show The Only Way is Essex on Friday, has been charged with affray and assault over a nightclub fracas in her home city of Newcastle

It is claimed the 25-year-old, pictured, was involved in a brawl at Florita's Bar in Newcastle. She was dropped from the MTV show, set in the city, after her arrest.

Thieves ransack Strictly Come Dancing stars' Blackpool Tower changing rooms 'and escape via network of tunnels'

Chaos: Dancers prepare for their performance in one of the dressing rooms at Blackpool Tower

It is believed the gang used the tunnels under Blackpool Tower to avoid CCTV after stealing iPads, cash and jewellery from the changing rooms used by the female celebrities.

Where military vehicles go to die... Inside the abandoned RAF station where trucks and boats from D-Day to the Cold War have been left to rot

On empty: These fuel gauges from a military vehicle are well preserved despite being left untouched for at least 50 years in rural Lincolnshire

The closed military site at RAF Folkingham in Lincolnshire is home to an ageing collection of decommissioned military vehicles, farming machinery and lorries dating from the 1940s, which aided the war effort here and in occupied Europe. The hulking machines are parked in line, falling apart and forgotten, at the edge of the 6,000ft-long runway, some swallowed up by bushes and trees. The site is home to several decommissioned World War II vehicles including a DUKW amphibious truck (below centre) - the model which was used during the D-Day landings - as well as mobile pump engines (bottom right) and various military trucks and machines (bottom left).

Mauve-ing home? Ordinary looking semi-detached house is decorated entirely in PURPLE inside... and could be yours for £400,000

Every room inside the four bedroom house in Hillingdon, Middlesex, has been decorated in a shade of purple - including the bathroom and the kitchen

Every room inside the four bedroom house in Hillingdon, Middlesex, has been decorated in a shade of purple - including the bathroom and the kitchen.

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What a waste of money! Black and pink themed art gallery that cost £72million to build is forced to close just five years after it opened

The Public went way over budget and costs spiralled to £72million as it was built

Plans for The Public, a gallery in West Bromwich in the West Midlands, had been hailed as one of Britain's largest and most ambitious cultural building projects. But it failed to attract enough visitors.

Roman roads, Georgian crescents and London’s leafy squares, the 50 streets which reveal Britain's domestic history

House historian Melanie Backe-Hansen compiled the list - including The Street in Castle Combe - from thousands of candidates across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

House historian Melanie Backe-Hansen compiled the list from thousands of candidates across England, Wales, Scotland and Ireland.

That's one tired mum! Daisy the sow gives birth to 27 piglets in just nine months including one litter of 16

Daisy the hardy sow is taking a well earned rest after giving birth to an incredible 27 piglets the space of nine months

The Kunekune pig has just produced a litter of 16 babies at a children's activity farm near Wareham, Dorset, nine months after giving birth to 11.

Creator of the eccentric hipster hotel chain Ace is found dead in his London hotel room just six weeks after its opening


Alex Calderwood, the Seattle co-founder of the hip Ace Hotel chain, has died at age 47. His body was discovered in an Ace Hotel London hotel room.

Harrow-educated conman, 43, promised to pay male escort's £11,000 university fees in return for sex but cheque he wrote bounced

Jailed: Michael Goldsmith, 43, of Anglesey, arranged to meet men at hotels in Bangor and Menai Bridge

Michael Goldsmith, 43, of Anglesey, North Wales, had previously been sent to prison for a similar offence, Mold Crown Court heard.

Creator of trendy hotel chain Ace is found dead in his London hotel room just six weeks after its opening


The cause of Alex Calderwood's death is unclear- his body was discovered on Thursday afternoon in his Shoreditch hotel, east London (bottom left). Mr Calderwood, 47, (top) had previously spent time in rehab and said in a 2011 interview he had been sober for five months. His brand, which has hotels in major cities across the U.S. and one in Britain, is renowned for its quirky style.

Human hair, rotting food and broken appliances: Inside the houses of hoarders who were too ashamed to let people into their homes because of all their clutter

Haul: A mountain of video cassettes, books, and even an old fan fill this room, almost from floor to ceiling

Photographer Paula Salischiker was invited into the homes of hoarders in London and Essex, to help them cure their condition.

Will the losers get the hump? Indians bedeck camels in beads and jewellery in contest to find world's prettiest


The competition was held in Pushkar Fair - believed to be the biggest camel fair in the world, in the Thar desert, India, this week.

Europe's largest and most volatile volcano Mount Etna spews molten lava from the earth's core thousands of feet above the Sicilian countryside


The eruption, which was captured on camera from Acireale, near Cantania, sent thick plumes of smoke and ash over the Italian island last night.

Queen's composer says every young person should study classical music after branding it 'disgraceful' that many do not know who Mozart is

The 79-year-old musician, rated as the world's greatest living composer, says it's shocking that youngsters do not know Mozart

Sir Peter Maxwell Davies, Master of the Queen's Music, said it was both 'a disgrace' and 'a shock' that so many youngsters had now never even heard of Mozart or Beethoven.

War hero's medal sold to feed his family returned to relatives thanks to great-granddaughter's school project

Elizabeth Turner with her great-grandfather's Military Medal

After Elizabeth Turner, from Wareham, began a school history project on World War II, her family discovered that great-grandfather Sapper James Angel had been awarded the Military Medal for bravery.

Queue jumping, spitting and people who say 'well jel': Survey reveals the things that REALLY make us see red

Typically British: Given our fondness as a nation for the art of queuing it cannot be surprise that people who push in come top of the list of annoyances

Researchers polled 2,000 Brits to reveal the most likely rage-inducing things, with people pushing in front of us in queues unsurprisingly topping the list.

Family returning from Egyptian wedding obliterated after cargo train ploughs into their minibus as death toll rises to 26

At least 26 people have died following a train crash in Egypt in which a bus believed to have been carrying family members back from a wedding was hit on a crossing near Cairo

At least 26 people have died and another 28 are in hospital after a cargo train hit three vehicles on a crossing earlier today in the Giza district near Cairo.

Nelson Mandela 'responds to treatment but remains in critical condition' says South African government in first update about his health in months

Official update: The South African government have today said that former president Mandela remains in a 'stable but critical' condition

A statement issued after President Jacob Zuma visited Mandela at his home on Monday said, 'The health of the former president remains much the same.'

A whole lot of lava! Mount Etna explodes into life as eruption lights up the night sky

The white ash cascading across Catania's mountain slopes was lit up by molten lava and a full moon

The eruption, the third in three weeks, blew lava and ash over Sicily last weekend, and was captured on camera by German geologist Tom Pfeiffer two miles away.

Polish musician creates replica of Da Vinci's 'viola organista', a piano that makes the sound of cello

Polish concert pianist

This remarkable instrument is the viola organista - which was originally designed by Italian artist Leonardo da Vinci, bottom right, in the late 15th century, but never built.

Children were 'forced to eat their own vomit and have sex with older residents at Australian orphanage run by Anglican church'

Children were systematically abused at the Anglican-run North Coast Children's Home in Lismore, New South Wales, a royal commission has heard

The Royal Commission Into Institutional Responses to Child Sexual Abuse in Sydney opened to investigate the Anglican Church's response to the abuse claims.

Hunt for the crazed gunman of Paris: Champs Élysées on lockdown after skinhead with pump-action blasts photographer in newspaper lobby

Wanted: The gunman aims his weapon at a 27-year-old photography assistant in the lobby of French newspaper Liberation before shooting and critically injuring him today

This is the moment a terrorist brandishing a pump-action shotgun aimed and fired his weapon critically wounding a photographer in the lobby of a newspaper in central Paris.


Train, Egypt        

It's not killer robots I'm scared of - it's the ones making us all lazy and stupid

The Japanese, with an increasingly aged population but a resolute refusal to license mass immigration, have turned to robots as the only means of maintaining labour output (Honda creation Asimo pictured)

It is no bad thing to be spared the physical effort of menial tasks, I’m not sure the same conclusion can be reached when it is mental effort that has been made redundant, writes DOMINIC LAWSON.

Girls today need more protection, not less, writes BEL MOONEY

Professor John Ashton, president of the Faculty of Public Health, suggests lowering the age so that 15-year-olds will feel able to seek proper advice about contraception and sexual health from the NHS

To change the age of consent for sex to 15 would be to disperse the message that since teenagers are ‘at it’ anyway, we might as well enshrine that uncomfortable reality within the law.

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Victory on web porn, but the fight goes on

The PM has persuaded Google and Microsoft to block access to thousands of images and videos of child abuse

The Mail warmly welcomes the Prime Minister’s success in persuading Google and Microsoft to block access to tens of thousands of images and videos of child abuse.

PETER MCKAY: Why the two Eds add up to a dreadful double act

Miliband fears Balls has given a hostage to fortune by predicting the economy would continue to flatline, leading to a double dip recession. Another fear may be that Balls isn't pulling his weight for a Miliband victory in 2015

Ed Miliband's team describe shadow chancellor Ed Balls as a ‘nightmare’, according to emails leaked yesterday. Thus confirming what everyone at Westminster already suspected.