'At 117lbs I was too fat': Rejected model on gaining weight and finally making it onto the catwalk as a ‘super plus-size’ 26

Making a stand: Velvet D'Amour is paving the way in the world of plus-size modeling at size 26

The drunken one-night stand that led to a false allegation of rape: Accused man received death threats and became recluse

Fran Syvret and his accuser Ashleigh Loder

Fran Syvret from Bideford in Devon Syvret was shunned by the local community, lost two stone through stress and could barely leave the house.

Could a teddy bear ease your fear of death? Cuddling soft toys can relieve existential angst, says new study

Smiling Man Sleeping with Teddy Bear

Research suggests that touch - even with something inanimate like a teddy - may help people confront mortality.

Workers too worried about jobs to take full annual leave (and fret about work if they DO get away on holiday)


Many employees say they're too busy and too worried about being judged by colleagues to take the days off they're entitled to.




Grace Kelly's engagement ring and Duchess of Windsor's brooch among dazzling display of diamonds in Cartier biggest ever exhibition

Duchess of Windsor/Grace Kelly

The 600 pieces on display in Paris will include Wallis Simpson's flamingo brooch, left, and Grace Kelly's diamond ring, right. A display of diamonds wouldn't be complete with those worn by the late Elizabeth Taylor, and some of her stunning gems will be shown.

We SHOULD snoop on our children, say parents as 60% confess they read their kids' emails, texts and Facebook messages

Moral dilemma: Do children have a right to expect privacy, or should we be able to check up on their activity online and on their phones?

The majority of mothers and fathers believe snooping is 'necessary' to keep tabs on who their children engage with online.

Put down the hot wax... pubic hair is back! Women shun intimate grooming, and men prefer a more natural look on partners

Put down the hot wax... pubic hair is back! Women shun intimate grooming, and men prefer a more natural look on partners

Gwyneth Paltrow recently said she 'rocks a 70s vibe down there', while Lady Gaga asked for a mannequin with pubic hair on her tour rider.

'Food no longer consumes me - I consume it and enjoy every minute': Obese woman loses 250LBS after cutting out binge eating and joining a gym

Kathi Williams

Kathi Williams, 63, used to binge on family-sized bags of pretzels and whole sticks of butter when she was 387lbs, a weight that is considered morbidly obese.

It was l-l-l-ove at first s-s-sight: How I’ve learned to accept my stutter with help from my stammering fiance

Tackling issues: Katherine Preston, 29, travelled all over America to see front line treatment for stutterers

Katherine Preston, 29, from London, travelled to America to see groundbreaking stutter research and treatments – and fell in love with a fellow stutterer on the way.

Banish those bingo wings! Fitness guru James Duigan helps you get arms worthy of Michelle Obama in FEMAIL video exclusive

Banish those bingo wings! Fitness guru James Duigan helps you get arms worthy of Michelle Obama in FEMAIL video exclusive

His Clean & Lean diet programme has won him fans all over the world, including British supermodel Rosie Huntingdon-Whiteley and fellow models Elle Macpherson and David Gandy.

Like grandmother like granddaughters! Estee’s heiresses Aerin and Jane Lauder are officially declared billionaires

Aerin Lauder

The sisters, who both hold executive positions at the giant cosmetic company, are each worth an estimated $2.6 billion

Fancy a nibble on a life-sized Johnny Depp? He's just one of the incredible baked creations on show at Cake International


Mary Berry and Mich Turner attended the event in Birmingham along with 25,000 visitors, while 1,000 entered the competition.

Not tonight darling, I'm watching Corrie: Women would rather watch TV than have sex, study reveals

Rachel from Friends and Lady Mary Crawley topped the charts when women were asked who they'd like to be

A new survey found that women would rather watch TV then have sex, and would most like to be Rachel from Friends or Lady Mary Crawley

'I make my mother call me Shania': Twain fanatic admits obsession with country and western singer has driven away boyfriend

Shania superfan

Saskia Vese, 32, from Derbyshire, has spent around £5,000 on the Canadian star’s music and merchandise since she became a fan in 1998.

From Air Force One to Burning Man: Meet Michelle Obama's personal hairstylist - who shares his wildest adventures on Instagram

Johnny Wright first hit it off with Michelle Obama in 2007, and the Chicago-native has been her exclusive stylist ever since

Traveling with the First Lady to state dinners and on trips abroad, Johnny Wright, 34, has unprecedented behind-the-scenes access to the First Lady.

'A couple is breaking up on my rooftop - I was just trying to enjoy the view!': Comedian live-tweets his neighbors' split as it happens right in front of him

Kyle Ayers

Brooklyn-based comedian Kyle Ayers was on his building's rooftop when a girl and her boyfriend began fighting about moving in together.

'It's a s*** show': H&M; disappoints more online shoppers by cancelling Isabel Marant orders after overselling collection's more popular items

h&m isabel marant

Online shoppers received an email alerting them that purchases had been cancelled on account of being oversold.



Mollie King has become a front row regular and has even been dubbed fashion's new favourite face - she has even created an edit for Oasis. Here, we show you how to get Mollie's sexy but sleek look at a fraction of the price...

Sexy and stylish: Mollie King Sexy and stylish: Mollie King

'We're overwhelmed': Savannah Guthrie admits she and her fiancé haven't even set a wedding date – despite pressure from family and friends

Savannah Guthrie

The Today Show host says that the couple are slowly moving towards setting a date for their big event, but they feel mutually stressed by the task.

Would you pay $100 for a Cronut box? Heidi Klum, Joan Rivers and Sandra Lee create custom pastry carriers for charity


Each box, containing two custom Cronuts filled with pumpkin cream ad topped with 24K gold leaf, start at $100 with proceeds going to God's Love We Deliver.

Get Victoria Beckham's lithe, toned body as LA trapeze Pilates classes come to Britain

Get Victoria Beckham's lithe, toned body as LA trapeze Pilates classes come to Britain

Britons can now emulate Victoria Beckham's fitness regime as the wacky Stott Pilates classes she favours launch in the UK.

They REALLY had the time of their life! Newlyweds perfectly reenact famous routine from Dirty Dancing at their wedding


Terra, 28, and Drake Otto, 27, from Hastings, Minnesota, recreated the iconic scene at the ceremony in late August, giving their guests a memorable surprise. While it's no longer considered very original to do a choreographed dance routine at a wedding, this couple's charisma and flawless execution were what amazed guests and viewers, drawing in more than 1.7million views on YouTube.

The mother who gave away THREE babies by knocking on the doors of total strangers and the astonishing heartwarming story of how the siblings were reunited after 60 years

John Askey, Rita Holford and Michael Moss  (pictured centre, top, as children) were each abandoned by their mother

No one will ever know what went through the young mother's mind as she knocked on doors, begging strangers to take her three-month- old daughter.

Sven was so jealous. He hated my flirting, my lipstick and even my scarlet catsuit! More excruciating revelations from you-know-who

Nancy Dell'Olio

On Saturday, in the first part of an uproarious interview blasting back at her former lover’s claims in his new autobiography, Nancy Dell’Olio (pictured) let rip at Sven-Goran Eriksson’s many other women. Today, she lays bare his jealous fits... and financial incompetence.

The Shirley Valentines back in Britain...and broke: First their sunshine marriages fell apart. Then the Greek financial crisis forced them home - where they were in for an even nastier surprise

Shirley Valentine

Lizzie Clifton (left) and Kim Spence (right) each found love in Greece. But unlike the heroine of the hit movie Shirley Valentine (inset), their tales don't have happy endings.

A gimmick too far: Is the world ready for BACON, PICKLE or CUPCAKE toothpaste?

A gimmick too far: Is the world ready for BACON or CUPCAKE toothpaste?

Quirky online shop Firebox now selling eccentrically flavoured toothpastes made by Accoutrements. And bacon soap.

The egg timer that sings Killing Me Softly when your breakfast is perfectly boiled

The egg timer that sings Killing Me Softly when your breakfast is perfectly boiled

Firebox's BeepEgg comes in three varieties - Original, Disco Diva and Rock God - each of which has three different melodies.

Would YOU wear a posh onesie? As M&S; start selling a £199 cashmere version, JILLY JOHNSON tries to spot the expensive all-in-ones from the cheapies


Think a onesie was last year's fad? Think again. This winter it's back and more popular than ever. So much so, M&S; has just launched a £199 version (far right).

MANDY APPLEYARD'S menopause diary: Everyone wants to cash in on my misery


My hot flush may have had something to do with the fact that I had just put on a woolly hat - or it may have been yet another menopausal moment.

Janet Street-Porter: Bog off penny pinchers - I'm keeping my bus pass!

Justin Welby

The pious do-gooders I am now ignoring: the Archbishop of Canterbury, for his suggestion about how much we should give to charity, and Gransnet, for claiming that pensioners want restrictions on free travel.

LIZ JONES FASHION THERAPY: Why it's never worth spending more than £99 on cashmere

'It' sweater

This is the winter of the It Sweater - but the renaissance of the knit can be traced to 2011, when Sarah Lund (left) appeared on screen wearing a jumper.

The glam girls' gift guide: We're dreaming of a beautiful Christmas!

Eva Mendes

From radiance-bosting tricks to ready-to-party treats, here's our pick of booty for every beauty in your life - whether she's a teen or an age-defying doyenne.

Beauty Bible beauty clinic: I want a glamorous Hollywood look for the party season

Beauty Bible Beauty Clinic

Help please! It's coming up to party season and I want to redo my make-up. I would like a more glamorous look – a bit Gatsby, perhaps – but not totally OTT. Where should I start?

FOREVER BEAUTIFUL: How to give thinning hair the brush-off

Treatment: By slowing the shedding process, you can go some way towards halting thinning

There are some ways you can help make fine hair appear thicker and even slow the shedding process in a bid to halt thinning.

Mimi Spencer: After years of stubble trouble, the day of hairmageddon has finally arrived

Mimi Spencer

Mimi Spencer: Unwanted hair is a constant preoccupation. My shins get more attention than my dog

Don't flap! You CAN get rid of a turkey neck: From the best creams and exercises to going under the knife, how to roll back the years

neck anti-ageing secrets

There is nothing that betrays a woman's age more quickly than a sagging neck. Yet it is often left out of beauty regimes.

Sarah Vine, Beauty Sleuth: Why use a razor when you can shave with a laser!

Investment treatment: IPL destroys follicles and will greatly reduce hair growth over time

'I remember my mother buying one of the very first at-home epilators in the mid-Eighties. It looked and sounded like a piece of industrial farming equipment.'

Blondes will spend a hair-raising £32k on their crowning glory over a lifetime while the brunettes' bill comes to £28k

Young woman getting haircut

Researchers found that trips to the hairdressers, grooming products and styling accessories will set a woman back around £37 a month.