Be Still, Ufo Phil.


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After being abducted by aliens at the age of one, Ufo Phil realizes he was put on this world for reasons much larger than life. “Ufo who?” asks Obama. In January of 2013 we will all find out exactly what those reasons are, as he becomes our new world leader. With the help of Zaxon, leader of the good aliens, Ufo Phil will enforce a whole new order. [quote]I was about a year old. June 1971 is the date stamped on the microchip in my brain that the aliens put there. It was installed in my brain during my first abduction, a year after being manufactured.  The chip gave me an uncanny ability to play many different instruments. [/quote] It’s through his music that he has spent the past few years spreading his message.

I am one of the few lucky people to have the chance to talk with Phil about his plans as our new leader. Most of the info I received, I was told to keep a secret, so I will share with you all that I can. One thing that I do know, is he plans to expose all of the secret government UFO files. [quote]The system is really stacked against us. The government has way too much power, more than we realize. If they know how to control the weather, they won’t be using it for good. It makes me wish Zaxon would get here quicker to stop it. There’s a Bad Alien lab where they basically feed all kind of animals into a giant cauldron. They put them in two by two, and out comes this animal virus in a glass vial. So you end up with pig flu, cat flu, dog flu… These viruses are particularly frightening for vegetarians. You never hear about carrot flu, beet flu or vegetable stew flu.[/quote]

His plans to establish an organization referred to as the Senate for Terrestrial Alien Relations, or S.T.A.R., will bring our people together to welcome our alien brothers. We’ll have space ports installed over the entire globe providing defense against enemy fire, along with free energy sources.

At this point, it’s dawned on me that I’ve met this type before, the misunderstood. The man babbling about demons in the North Georgia woods, the scientist that dug himself a little too far into the Walmart drug industry living on the streets of South Houston or the Angel at the greyhound station trying to buy his way into heaven from Los Angeles – which evidently is much cheaper than you would think. We have no idea where these people have been, or what they know. Instead, you judge them, because that’s what your text books told you to do.

After some more digging, Phil sends me the contact info for a man named Rick Still, a former intern at his old Spokane underground bunker. I contacted Rick Still out of curiosity and learned quite a bit about this Ufo Phil character, that he is exactly that – a character. [quote]I am UFO Phil. That is to say, I play the role of UFO Phil. I’m an actor and a writer and I created the whole UFO Phil thing. It’s gotten to be so big lately that I sometimes feel like it has a life of its own, but I am indeed the creator.[/quote] Rick Still is an actor living in Los Angeles, and has been through the doors of a few very well known schools for drama and theatre. [quote]My background is as an actor, primarily in live theatre. I began studying and performing on stage when I was 16. I’ve studied a lot of the relevant acting techniques: Meisner, Stanislavsky, Method, Technique, pantomime, ventriloquism. I’ve been to important schools of drama like Stella Adler, Lee Strasberg, Actor’s Studio, several of Jeff Goldblum’s summer pool parties. I’ve been to all these places and I learned a great deal. Mostly, I learned that to actually sit in a classroom, I would have to pay them a lot of money. So, instead, I sat outside on the street and read a few books about acting. And, I learned everything.[/quote]

Rick Still released UFO Phil: The Movie in 2008 and acts as the entire cast, even most of the extras. He is also a one man film crew, and writes all of his own music on the soundtrack. After a few guest appearances on talk shows, and performing stand up comedy shows, he is back with a much larger budget and has recently finished writing the pilot script for the Ufo Phil cartoon and is now working on his new Ufo Phil movie, set in Hollywood, CA.

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