PLAYBACK was an interactive DVD produced by BAVC in 2003 that provided viewers with a thorough
understanding of both the technical and the ethical issues in video preservation. Funded by the NEA, The Getty Grant Program and
the New Art Trust, the DVD invited users to view the technical
practices of video preservation and to experience the complex decision-making
process artists, conservators and video engineers engage in when
the reconstruction of video artwork occurs.

The PLAYBACK DVD contained:

  • Analog Video Basics: animations that depict the composition
    of analog videotape, demonstrate the chemical process of tape deterioration
    and how the video signal works.
  • The Preservation Case Study: example of the real-life preservation
    process of the artwork.
  • The Eternal Frame: a video art piece jointly produced by art
    collectives Ant Farm and T.R. Uthco in 1976.