WEEKEND ENTERTAINMENT: Low-brow scores high this season in the Bigg Boss house

  • When out-of-work actress Tanisha, one of the most active Bigg Boss contestants this season, furiously pushed TV actor Kushal Tandon during a task, most viewers decided to finish dinner before the show subsequent episodes onwards, eager not to miss what would be in store

  • Kushal tried scaling the wall of the Bigg Boss house and some among the audience chose to sit through even the ad-break that followed, so as not to miss the fun

  • VJ Andy tried some low-brow tricks to irritate the lovely Gauhar Khan, and a good number of viewers were more than happy to watch the ensuing, juicy bickering

  • Flop actor Armaan Kohli at times gets into the abusive mode and hurls expletives at women. He has left the audience disgusted but they love to continue watching him

By Priyanka Srivastava


As Bigg Boss season 7 enters its 60th day, loyal fans have identified their favourites on the basis of temper and filthy drama. The show has always been about muck, outbursts and ugly behaviour, and the latest season has certainly offered the best in smutty drama.

Housemates comprising a mixed bag of C-list celebrities from films, sports and the TV world have by now acquired a comfort level and adjusted to the fact that low-brow drama sells huge, grabbing maximum footage.

With only 30 days to go before the final winner walks away with the grand prize of Rs 50 lakh, it is best to follow the formula that has worked on the popular show.

The housemates have accepted that Bigg Boss sells huge, grabbing maximum footage

The housemates have accepted that Bigg Boss sells huge, grabbing maximum footage

Host Salman Khan, despite being attacked on social networking sites for being partial to Tanisha and Armaan, has joked about how strong reactions and fights are the biggest draw of the show. "Aap ladoge nahi toh audience ko mazaa aayega nahi (if you guys don't fight, the audience won't have fun),"he joked in one episode.

Salman has anchored the show over the past three years and he too realises the pulse of the audience. His active participation in the resolving the petty quarrels, he knows, is much appreciated, too.


The show opened at 7,711 TVTs on its premiere night and has been drawing a decent rating ranging between 5,080 and 6,000 TVTs during weekdays since then. This only goes on to prove the audience is pretty much hooked to inane fights over trivial issues.

The average viewership ranges from 4.3 million to 4.6 million and the show is one of the top three on Colors channel after Balika Vadhu and Comedy Nights With Kapil.

"Prying into a neighbour's house is a common habit and the juicier the gossip, the better it is. It is a tradition all over the world to derive pleasure out of bad things happening to others. People fighting or getting involved in vicarious controversies give pleasure to the audience and this tendency works in the favour of Bigg Boss," says ad-filmmaker and image consultant Prahlad Kakkar.

Every season, a few housemates rise to prominence for their low-brow antics. In the past, we have had contestants such as Kamal R. Khan, Dolly Bindra, Pooja Missra, Veena Malik, and Rajev Paul who shot to fame thanks to their brazen behaviour. Their outbursts however pale in front of the current housemates who have been liberally showcasing temper and bad manners to gain mileage.



WHO'S THAT GIRL: Elli is a Swedish model and actor who made her Bollywood debut recently in the comedy film Mickey Virus.

DEFINING TRAIT: Elli's happy-go-lucky bimbette avatar is her biggest USP. Her inability to fluently converse in Hindi has worked in her favour, giving her a cute edge. To be in the show for long, she has been expressing her views strongly without getting into ugly fights with anyone. She has been smartly underplaying her presence, which has made her a neutral and non-controversial contestant.


WHO'S THAT GUY: A wrestler by profession, Sangram won several prestigious championships and also won a gold medal at the Commonwealth Wrestling Championship. He shot to prominence when he posed nude with girlfriend Payal Rohatgi.

DEFINING TRAIT: Sangram's rustic mannerism has been a big draw on the show. Although he handles most situations patiently, his seething anger comes to fore when the situation goes out of control. Sticking by the house rules, Sangram's outburst was seen when Armaan and other housemates dragged him into controversies and attacked him for the heck of it.



WHO'S THAT GUY: Andy is a UKborn veejay-anchor, who was known for his sarcastic comments on celebrities on his TV shows. He shot to prominence as an anchor of What's With Indian Women.

DEFINING TRAIT: Salman was quick to spot Andy's attention-seeking streak and compared him to ex-Bigg Boss contestant Imam Siddiqui. Andy can go to any extent to prove his point and has had a fight with every contestant in the house. His ability to cry led to Kushal's exit. His knack at gossiping has made him a popular contestant.


WHO'S THAT GUY: Armaan is the son of veteran film producer Rajkumar Kohli and former actress Nishi. He worked in a few duds in late '90s and early 2000s his dad produced.

DEFINING TRAIT: Armaan is the most abusive housemate. Well-known for his short temper, he was involved in a hit-and-run case and once allegedly beat up his girlfriend. On the show, he passed personal remarks at Kamya Punjabi but later apologised. He has found a buddy in Tanisha.



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