Madobe Nanami’s Successors? Microsoft Bing-Tan(s)!

Right. Apparently, Madobe Nanami’s appearance was so successful that it has spurred Microsoft to do a couple more with relations to the mascots it has on hands.

Introducing the new line up of mascots: Nanae, Nana, Nanako, another Nanami and Nanao!

Featuring the same thing Nanami (the other one, not this one) had in the previous pack, these characters serves as Microsoft Bing’s (you know, that decision engine) mascots. I don’t know about you, but to think that 5 different characters are used for a single decision engine? Microsoft is pretty serious in overtaking Google!

While I’ve got my doubts about how effective Microsoft Bing is going to be in your daily life, I’ve got no doubts that these 10 sound themes (2 for each character) will be useful in one way or another for you guys out there. All 10 of them come with some wallpaper or another, although you shouldn’t really be expecting much in the wallpaper department…

Click on the image to jump to the download page.

Unfortunately, for those who are still running on Windows XP and Vista, the installation processes is not as easy as you would have hoped for. For the rest of the Windows 7 users (biased towards Nanami, eh?), installation will be a breeze, as you’re only required to double click on the .themepack file, and the rest will be done for you!

For those who needs a little character introduction:

  • Nanae — Blue-suit female, sounds mature.
  • Nana — Your daily loli-fix, if you will.  Sounds energetic .
  • Nanako — Childhood friend. Sounds like your typical high-school girl.
  • Nanami — An twin-tailed android for Microsoft Bing? Sounds extremely energetic too.
  • Nanao — Green-haired female that seems to be tomboy-ish.

Looks like there’s something for everyone, so you might as well grab them while you can, right? Interested in who is the character voices of who? You can also drop by this link here!

Via: Kyoran Kyodai.

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