Radius Advantage for Laundries

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Laundry Room

✔ END UNACCOUNTED FOR LOSS: Complete transparency on how much linen is received, rewashed and shipped by the Laundry Service
✔ DIFFERENTIATE: Lock in your clients by providing the next generation linen management system
✔ CUSTOMER SERVICE: Prevent mix-ups of linens between hotels
✔ REWASH ABUSE: Save time and money by preventing repeated rewash of linen
✔ OPERATIONAL CONTROL: Save time in weighing/counting of linens and start charging by item, not by pound
✔ REAL-TIME TRACKING: Automatically update hotels with laundry shipments, rewash data, and discard counts

With Radius Tracking Systems, commercial laundries can provide their hotel and hospital clients with superior transparency into their linen systems. Every item that enters and leaves the facilities is counted and tracked.

Linen Losses
Unaccounted for loss is one of the biggest issues that laundry operators face. Not only does it strain client relationships, but it often results in unpredictable out-of-pocket spending to reimburse hotels for missing linen. Radius Tracking Systems solves this issue and dramatically improves customer service. The wash process becomes completely transparent, and linen is tracked as it moves through the plant from the entrance, through the folding machines, and finally to the loading dock. Not only do hotels know for certain that the laundry is not losing their items, but they know when the shipment leaves the laundry and what items they will be receiving before the truck even arrives at the hotel.

Bins With Linen from Multiple Hotels
Linen loss is a major point of debate between hotels and laundries, so it’s embarrassing to the laundry when a bin is sent out that contains linen from more than one hotel. When a hotel receives linen from another hotel, they lose trust in their laundry service. With Radius Tracking, the contents of each bin are scanned and portrayed on an iPad before leaving the plant, and an alert is sounded if items from more than one hotel are combined in the same bin. Operators quickly remove misplaced linen, preventing issues before they can occur.

Rewash Abuse
Rewash is expensive. The number of items that are rewashed every day could fill an entire hotel. But what laundries don’t realize is that many of the rewash items repeatedly cycle through rewash for weeks or even months at a time, thereby costing the laundry thousands of dollars in labor and equipment. Radius Tracking Systems can tell when a sheet has been through rewash more than three consecutive times and alert the operator, putting an end to the hidden problem of rewash abuse.