About Our RFID Hardware

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Laundry RFID Tags: Our sophisticated Laundry RFID tags are highly durable and washable and can withstand over 200 commercial washes. In addition, they are soft and flexible and can be easily attached to any linen or garment in an unobstructive fashion.
Radius SpeedScan Tunnel

Radius SpeedScan: Custom built by the Radius Tracking team, the Radius SpeedScan can scan an entire bin of laundry with 100% accuracy in under 3 seconds. Information about the bin contents (total items listed by hotel name and linen type) is displayed on the attached iPad.
Handheld RFID Scanner

Handheld reader: Instantly read the contents of a linen closet or room with this handheld reader. At the hotel it locates missing linen and items that don’t meet quality control settings. At the laundry service it resolves mixed bins and identifies rewash items that are permanently stained so that they can be removed from the rewash process.