Step By Step Process

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Step 1 – Tag

Every hotel linen is tagged with a unique laundry RFID tag. All information regarding the linen like linen type, hotel owner, purchase date and vendor details is stored in the RFID tag. Seamstresses at the laundry/hotel are trained to insert the tags on to any new/existing linen.


Step 2 – Receive

When a bin with tagged linen arrives at the laundry for wash, the Radius Receive Tunnel scans the entire bin and accurately reads all the linen entering the facility.


Step 3 – Ship

When bins of folded linen are ready to hit the loading dock, they enter the Radius SpeedScan Tunnel to get accurate counts of linens being delivered and also prevent mixed bins from leaving the laundry.

Speed Scan

Step 4 – Monitor anywhere, anytime

Data generated in this process is sent to cloud-based servers and presented in real time to hotels and laundry services. Clear and easy reports make it easy to pull out essential measures of efficiency, loss, and linen life so that hotels and laundries can better monitor, control, and understand their linen investment. (Pic below)

Process Flow Map