Father jailed for knifing son to death in drunken row after 12-hour drinking session to celebrate Wales winning the Six Nations

  • Neil Davies, 53, and Joshua, 24, spent all day in a Cardiff pub on March 16
  • They were arguing for hours and went home three times over the drink limit
  • Neil Davies stabbed his son with a kitchen knife in their flat and called 999
  • After the attack, a neighbour heard him say: 'He's dying, what have I done?'

By Mia De Graaf


A father has been jailed for knifing his own his son to death in a drunken row after celebrating Wales winning the Six Nations.

Neil Davies, 53, stabbed Joshua, 24, in the neck with a kitchen knife at the end of a 12-hour drinking marathon together with hundreds of rugby fans in a pub as Wales beat England.

A court yesterday heard the two had been arguing for hours, and when they got home to their flat in Rumney, Cardiff, Neil attacked his son.

Killed: Joshua, 24, died after his jugular vein was cut after a drinking marathon with his dad in Cardiff

Fight: Convicted father Neil Davies, 53, (pictured left) told Cardiff Crown Court he stabbed his son son Joshua, 24, (pictured right) while he was making sandwiches late at night. The pair were three times over the drink limit

Joshua's jugular vein burst in the attack - and his distraught father rang 999 to say: 'I just stabbed my son, please help'.

A neighbour overheard Davies crying: 'He’s dying, what have I done, what have you done?'

He later told police: 'He is my boy - he’s a boxer and gave me a black eye.'

The pair had been drinking for almost 12 hours at a pub and a British Legion club in Cardiff.

They had been watching the final day of last season’s Six Nations competition in March when Wales beat England by a record score of 30-3.


CCTV footage at the club showed the couple pushing each other and arguing shortly before they left just after midnight before heading home, Cardiff Crown Court heard.

Tests showed they were almost three times over the legal driving limit.

Prosecutor Peter Davies said: 'There had been friction between the two in the hours before this happened.

'There had been a stand-up argument at the British Legion Club and it continued afterwards but only Neil Davies knows what happened in the flat.'

Six Nations: Gethin Jenkins leads the celebrations with the trophy after their 30-3 victory over England

Six Nations: Gethin Jenkins leads the celebrations after their 30-3 victory over England at the Millennium Stadium, on March 16. Neil Davies and his son celebrated with hundreds of rugby fans before heading home

According to Neil Davies, he was making sandwiches in the flat when his son came into the kitchen.

Defending lawyer David Aubrey QC said: 'He struck the defendant on the left cheek and his father was trying to calm him down.

'He was making sandwiches and Joshua followed him into the kitchen before the stabbing.

'His remorse was deep and immediate. It is something he will have to live with for the rest of his life.'

Judge Eleri Rees QC jailed Davies, of Llanrumney, Cardiff, for five years after his plea of not guilty to murder was accepted.

She said: 'The father and son had a very close but volatile relationship.'