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The Glorantha Page

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Glorantha is my fantasy world. I began writing about it in 1966, in my first year of college. It became the focus of much of my game design and publication. It is my evolving artistic project in the art of documenting a fantasy world. It's been ongoing for 42 years, as I write this (Oct 4, 2008). A lot of material has been published elsewhere, but I'll have new, unpublished material here.

Most information about Glorantha is here, at the Official Glorantha Website.

This site contains material about Glorantha that isn't right for that site. This includes material for my "History of Chaosium" articles, or reflections on making it, or whatever else you eventually find here.

The Discovery of Glorantha

How I Discovered Glorantha
First Gloranthan Document
How I made White Bear & Red Moon


List of Gloranthan Games

Glorantha's public exposure has largely been through games. Here is a list of those games that I have worked on, with links to more information about each of them on this site.

White Bear & Red Moon
Nomad Gods
Masters of Luck and Death
King of Dragon Pass

Important Links

A more complete list of links to sites about Glorantha can be found here.

The official Glorantha Web Site
Wikipedia Glorantha link

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