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December 1 Oleh Tyahnybok: The time has come for a total social and national revolution!

"The 2004 Maidan taught Yanukovych nothing. For three years, he constantly disregarded Ukrainians' social and national rights. The public, however, shall not tolerate this. That is why today we see here hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians who are willing to put an end to the dominance of the regime!" - announced Oleh Tyahnybok during a rally that brought together over 500 000 people

"On December 1, exactly 22 years ago, we had a referendum and proclaimed to have an Independent Ukrainian State. Our country started to have a form. Now we must fill it with Ukrainian, European national content. The revolution of 1991 was not completed because the descendants of the soviet regime has gained authority, and, for decades, have been destroying the Ukrainian nation. The revolution in 2004 was betrayed. This time, however, we must complete what has been started and have a total social and national revolution! We begin a national strike. A revolution has started in Ukraine!

We created Headquarters of the national resistance, which include political parties and public organizations. The main objective of the HQ is to coordinate people on the Independence Square, which is the center of our resistance. In order to be effective, we must follow strict discipline and coordination rules. In the next 24 hours, similar headquarters should be created all over Ukraine. If you are acting alone - it is likely to end in failure. Any actions should be organized. As Maidan continues, a legitimate Kyiv's authority has begun to form. Similarly, the House of Trade Unions has been under our control. We have to behave responsibly and stop playing games. Yanukovych's regime is a serious enemy. We must block and sabotage the work of the local councils where most of the deputies are not patriots. We are starting to rock the boat of the regime. In order to oust this regime, we must lock the entire operation of the state.

Our goal is a big, powerful and socially fair Ukraine! "

Press Service of Svoboda