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Executive Assistant and Personal Assistant Conference
27 - 30 October, 2008 · Star City, Sydney, NSW



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  • Workshop A: How to Boost Your Productivity, Career and Life Satisfaction with an Holistic Approach
  • Workshop B: How to Become a Corporate Superstar: EA/ PA Success 101
  • Workshop C: Reclaim Your Inbox: Making Email Work for You
  • Workshop D: The A to Z of Successful Event Management

Pre Conference Workshops: Monday 27 October 2008

9.30 - 12:30 Workshop A: How to Boost Your Productivity, Career and Life Satisfaction with an Holistic Approach

Many people are realising that changing your attitudes and thinking can have dramatic positive effects on your efficiency at work, stressing less and achieving greater success in your career. One of the best ways to improve your thinking is by looking at life from a different perspective and introducing a spiritual element into the way you do things. This fun and thought provoking session will show you how to change your thinking for real work and career success. You will explore:

  • Overcoming the negative barriers to personal effectiveness
  • Managing negative emotions in difficult situations
  • Finding your passion and setting goals
  • The busy persons quick guide to meditation
  • Nurturing personal interests and values with workplace demands
  • Generating more energy and enthusiasm
  • Career transitioning/refocusing

About your Expert Tutor:

Sherryl Rozario
Human Resources Manager

Sherryl has over 29 years experience as an office professional across a number of business types, industries and countries. She was Secretary of the Year 1998 through IASAP (India Association of Administrative Professionals. She also won the AIOP (Australian Institute of Office Professionals) 2006 Professional of the Year Award for NSW. In February 2008, Sherryl was a judge at the High Flyer EA PA Awards. Sherryl is very interested in alternative healing and is a qualified Reiki Master. She also has qualifications in aroma therapy, therapeutic massage and is studying counselling.

13.30 - 16:30 Workshop B: How to Become a Corporate Superstar: EA/ PA Success 101

Reaching the upper levels of the EA or PA profession requires an increasingly wider range of skills and experiences. This practical interactive workshop will help you boost your skill set whether you are at the top levels or aspiring to advance your career. This session will go through the crucial skills that every professional needs and give you practical take away tips that will make a real difference to everyone. Learn about:

  • Working effectively with your manager and other colleagues
  • Great communication: How to really stand out
  • Information, time and stress management
  • Developing leadership qualities in yourself and others
  • Dealing with difficult people and situations
  • Maintaining professionalism at all times
  • Becoming a professional that can go anywhere

About your Expert Tutor:

Robyn Bennett, Director, TEAMLINK TRAINING provides training in office administration and professional development to individuals and organisations throughout New Zealand and Australia. Robyn is a successful business woman as well as being in a number of EA/PA roles to senior management. She is a regular contributor to many publications as well as a popular presenter. She is also a past National President of the Association of Administrative Professionals New Zealand.

Post Conference Workshops: Thursday 30 October 2008

9.30 - 12:30 Workshop C: Reclaim Your Inbox: Making Email Work for You

Instead of increasing efficiency, many people are swamped with overloaded inboxes and have become slaves to email. This practical course will help you fight back, take control of your inbox and make email into an efficient tool that works for you. With reference to Outlook and Lotus Notes you will learn:

  • The hidden cost of email and how to develop an effective email strategy and protocol
  • Critical steps to managing your inbox
  • Controlling the volume of email you receive
  • Utilising rules to filter and manage your messages
  • Email etiquette
  • Utilising contacts, tasks and other tools
  • Making the most of your day with your calendar

About your Expert Tutor:

Donna Hanson, Computer Productivity Presenter, PRIME SOLUTIONS. Donna is one of Australia’s most sought after experts in technology training. She has a unique ability to cut through the mysterious and confusing “computer speak” that usually accompanies anything to do with IT, and presents it in a way that has a lasting impact and anyone can understand. Working with companies such as BMW, Rip Curl, Village Roadshow and AGL, her presentations improve the bottom-line performance of any business, providing audiences with essential strategies to help them get the most from technology.

13.30 - 16:30 Workshop D: The A to Z of Successful Event Management

Executive Assistants and Personal Assistants are often responsible for organising corporate events that range anywhere from client cocktail parties to global AGMs. Each event presents unique challenges and they present a public face to your organisation so getting it right is very important. The question many EAs and PAs are asking is what are the secrets to a great event? How do I get it right? Our tutor has organised some of the biggest events in recent history. She will teach you all the crucial skills to make your event, no matter how big or small, an outstanding success. You will work through:

  • Why events are an important communications tool for your organisation
  • Event planning and setting goals and objectives
  • Establishing an organisation structure for your event
  • Project management; prioritising and managing resources
  • Working with venues and other suppliers
  • Establishing communication channels
  • Post event evaluation

About your Expert Tutor:

Kate Garvey, Board Director, FREUD COMMUNICATIONS Starting as a young PA in the UK Labour Party for Labour leader Neil Kinnock MP, she went on to become Events Manager and Communications Strategist for ex British PM Tony Blair; organising the 2005 election campaign and visits from some of world’s greatest leaders including Nelson Mandela. After leaving Downing Street she worked as an Events and Communications Manager for Bob Geldof on the Make Poverty History Campaigns and the Live 8 Concert. She now assists commercial and public sector clients including Bono and the London 2012 Olympics, in campaign and event management.

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