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DNA Tower Climb


dnatower_p_okely_2006.jpgThe DNA Tower is so named because it resembles the deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) double-helix molecule, which is found in all cells and control the development of life.

With stops along the way to enjoy the views, the climb is well worth the effort to get to the highest point in Kings Park. On a clear day you may even be able to see the beach.


Dr John Beard (Director of Kings Park and Botanic Garden 1961-1970) commissioned the construction in 1966 by D&H Fraser Consulting Engineers. The 15m high staircase has 101 steps and was inspired by the famous double staircase in a Chateau in Blois, France.

dna_tower_day.jpg The paving and wall surrounding the DNA Tower has, incorporated into it, stones sent from 11 towns and 80 shires within Western Australia.

The paving at the base of the Tower originally enclosed a shallow reflecting pond, but this was removed in 2001 for safety reasons, with Karratha stone paving replacing the pond.

The DNA Tower is positioned at the Forrest Drive end of the Broadwalk Vista. It is an easy 1.5 km walk down the Vista to the Synergy Parkland.