[Weekly Song Addiction] The Pixies- "Here Comes Your Man"

[Weekly Song Addiction] The Pixies- "Here Comes Your Man"

With The Pixies, people either adore them, can’t listen to them, or are unaware of their existence entirely. “Here Comes Your Man” are one of the few tracks by The Pixies to break any ground in the U.S. Pop-scape. This to me is hilarious, because it seems pretty readily apparent to me, especially with the video that accompanies it, that the song is one gigantic parody of the pop sound of the time. Sort of in the same retro revival trend of the mid-80s like their contemporary band, the B-52s, this song has very purposeful, drudging lyrics and on the surface mediocre instrumentation. If you listen closely, however, there is a nearly surreal, intentional lack of enthusiasm throughout the song. Furthermore, its lyrics are about hobos riding a train and getting crushed in an earthquake. This topic is rather anti-pop in and of itself, even though the chorus standing alone can be (and often is) misinterpreted as having something to do with a romantic interest. This incredible level of irony is what gives the song it’s humor. Unsurprisingly, when the song did break ground, The Pixies refused to play it at most shows, and even refused being invited to talk shows (Like Arsenio Hall) to play it. If you aren’t yet convinced, just watch the video:

Here Comes Your Man- Pixies

The whole video is just the group playing up the falseness to the mime of playing in a music video. They all inhabit that same level of detachment and lack enthusiasm that I was talking about earlier in the song itself. Even when lyrics come up, all that the members do is open their mouths during the span in which lyrics are being sung instead of attempting to lip-sing. The video is viewed through a fish eye lens at intervals, too, enhancing and indicating the surrealism of the track. I think its implied here that the Pop world they are parodying is, too, inherently surreal and senseless.


Jack Rudder

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