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16 July 2013

Dear Erasmus or Degree Seeking Students,

If you wish to spend some of your time at KTU and study here, you could go through this web page to get the information you are looking for. This page will take you to all possible sites for the information you are interested in. However, you are directed to visit the Erasmus section via the main menu by clicking the ERASMUS PROGRAMME link i...

Written by : Şener Karaosmanoğlu
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New Incoming Exchange / Degree Students
13 January 2010

Dear Incoming Exchange  Students

As in all areas of life, in students exchange activities too, things may go wrong despite everything you have done correctly. The worst thing that can happen to you during your exchange period is the loss of property such as your wallet and passport and arriving at the host airport but not seeing...

Written by : Miraç AKÇAY
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11 January 2010

Dear Exchange / Degree students

It has been a while since you came to Karadeniz Technical University. Now it is about the turn of the current year. I would like to wish you all a happy new year and all the best wishes for 2010. I hope the new year brings happiness, prosperity and peace to you all, your families and to the entire world we are living in. Any problem taking place wher...

Written by : Miraç AKÇAY
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