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What's Possible?

Thanks to past investments by both the public and private sector, Alberta has the opportunity to build a high-performing, future-ready Internet infrastructure with no material increases in cost to end users or spending by the government. What is needed are simple policy changes that will unlock the power of the private sector to bring next generation Internet infrastructure to Alberta communities. Is it possible to have better performance, at no new cost? In Alberta the answer is yes. 

Our Objectives

This is Fibre Forward’s vision: a robust, higher capacity, and more reliable network that can accommodate Alberta’s data demands at home and on the move, for today and the foreseeable future. To Fibre Forward, there is a clear path forward. We believe that any Alberta community could have FTTP connectivity within a year. Every new broadband tower could be connected with fibre rather than unreliable copper. With no new financial commitments from the provincial government.


The Fibre Forward whitepaper is available as a downloadable pdf or multi-touch ebook.

Download ebookDownload the multi-touch ebook (zipped file). An iPad with the iBooks app is required.

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About Us

Fibre Forward is a group of Albertans committed to ensuring that our province seizes the opportunities ahead of us. We want to marshal support for our vision by growing our coalition and educating Albertans on the value and importance of a high-performing, open access Internet infrastructure.

Members of our coalition are only expected to share our vision, and are asked to give voice to our call for a policy framework that will unlock business investment in taking fibre forward all over Alberta.

The coalition is a collaborative effort, intended to amplify and provide focus to the broad group of sectors, companies, institutions and individuals who stand to benefit from a high-performing, future-ready Internet infrastructure. We believe that this includes literally everyone in Alberta, including wireless and mobility service providers, and incumbent telecommunications providers.

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