Start And Implementation
ACC Building “The centre consists of two parts”

Sudan Civial Aviation held a seminar on the future of air navigation in Sudan in 1996 which recommended the establishment of a modern air navigation centre that provides services to all countries of the region. Its location is chosen east of Khartoum International Airport on an area of 25,600m2. A contract was signed on 3/5/2005 with the Chinese company, "Fo-Hong" to construct the center.

The main building which contains an area control centre, equipment room and a central maintenance centre. An another building contains the administration premises besides the air traffic control simulator in which the required air traffic control system amendments are made before the actual implementation in the main centre. The simulator also works as an alternative centre in emergency situations.

Technical Specifications
The location of Sudan

International Federation of Air Traffic Safety electronic associations.

Sudan reference contact:

The Executive Secretary:
Fax: 00249183770001

The centre was tablished with such specifications to provide the best air navigation services and equipped with modern equipment to cope with the international development and to meet ICAO Standards.

Sudan has benefited from its distinguished location with an airspace crossed by several international airways connecting Africa with Asia, Europe, and North America.