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Industrial Park Alon Tavor: Industrial Capital of the North.

Manager: Abraham Barkan 04-6520013

"Jezreel – Afula" Industrial Area administration, not long ago received the title "the Industrial Capital of the North". The administration earned this flattering nickname after it turned to an attraction for the industry and manpower plants across the country. The administration, which was established in April 2000, with the aid of the Development Areas Administration of the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, is in fact a partnership between Afula municipality and the regional council of Jezreel Valley. The success of this cooperation encouraged the local authorities to create further economic cooperation and pumped some new blood to the veins of the Afula area and the valleys. The administration has in its territory three Industrial areas: "Afula North" industrial area, "Afula South" industrial area, and Alon Tavor Industrial Park. The industrial areas are being run by an operational administration with an external board of directors that includes a CEO and two chairmen who represent the establishing bodies: the Mayor of Afula Avi Elkabetz, head of the regional council Jezreel Valley Eyal betzer, and Abraham Barkan as CEO of the administration.

The administration can provide the plants in its territory the conditions of an incubator, as well as assistance in all stages of establishment: preparing business plans, allocating the land, construction permit, relevant authorizations, facing the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Labor, Israel Land Administration etc. Also, the management makes available for the plants a consultation and support "package" for expanding and improving the existing businesses as well as establishing new businesses, in addition to workers' placement.

The shared project of the Regional Council of Jezreel Valley and Afula Municipality was meant to provide the residents of the area a lot of occupational solutions. Concentrating the population centers in the area provides a wide and varied potential for employees. The Jezreel Valley academic Collage that is located nearby, allows upholding seminars and training employees.

Noticeably unique is Alon Tavor Industrial Park. The Park is located at the fringes of Afula, on route 65, and thanks to the many agricultural areas that surround it, it enjoys a rural ambiance. The excellent location allows convenient access to the main roads, the nearby settlements, the big employment centers and the supply and service centers. The founders of the Park have a vision of accelerated development  in the future, due to the railroad that is meant to pass nearby, which will contribute to the accessibility the area has to the Jordan River and the port of Haifa. Also, the close proximity Alon Tavor has to the Megiddo airport (only ten minutes) also contributes to its attractiveness. The principle which guides the administration concerning the Park is trying to make it unique, as a modern Park, characterized by large infrastructures, while preserving the environment and preventing environmental hazards. There is a combination between the lovely construction and the green of the area.

Since the day it was established, 120 million NIS were put into Alon Tavor Industrial Park.
Nowadays, 50 plants from various fields operate in Alon Tavor Industrial area, with 4000 employees – while most reside in Afula, Jezreel Valley settlements and the surrounding settlements. A few of the most prominent plants are: Tenuva, Baemek Advanced Technologies Ltd., Soy Magic Ltd., Starplast, Keter Plastic Ltd., Orbond, Pazkar, Holis Industries Ltd., Sanlakol-Yachin, Rushdie Food Industries Ltd., Tosaf Compounds Ltd., Tadir Gan, D.C. Paper & plastic industries ltd., Adin Dental Implant Systems Ltd.

The Park stretches across 2,400 dunam (593 acres), it is defined as National Priority Area A, so it enjoys the benefits the law provides in order to encourage investments of capital - a grant of 24% from the investments in fixed asset, recognition in accelerated depreciation and partial exemptions from tax, or alternatively  exemption from tax for ten years. The area also enjoys the benefits embodied in the employment option.
Afula's industrial areas south and north that are also defined as National Priority Area A, stretch on an area of 820 dunam (203 acres). A few of the prominent plants in these industrial areas are: Tadiran, Galilee Herbs, Hogla-Kimberly Ltd., Romold, M.D.T, Crow Electronic Warning Systems Ltd., Sysmetric Ltd.

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