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Friday, July 19th, 2013

We know many of you are into collectibles and park history. So I says to myself, "what could we produce that would not only be unique to Cedar Point, but limited in number AND extremely collectible?"

And people looked at me funny in the office because I was talking to myself.

Anyway, it would also have to change annually so that you could collect an entire series. 

Oh, and it would also have to be "not available in stores," to crank up the uniqueness factor. 

After 2 months of planning and production, I'd like to introduce the new Cedar Point collectible coins!

And here she is:

It's 2" in diameter and features this year's new attraction on the opposite side:

For size comparison sake, here's one next to a penny. Because that's how they pay me here. :) 

"But why is that unique?" you say? Well, because only 500 will be made each year. And to prove that they're unique and in limited quantity, you'll see this on the edge:

500 a year. Obviously, since we started late, we're in crunch time. Which works out better for you, because I can give more away.

Which brings me to the last point. "How do I get my mitts on one, Tony?"

Good question. 

You have to dance in the water fountain on the main midway, even if it's 40 degrees out.

Totally kidding.

The only way to get one is to follow me on Twitter and get one during one of my Tweetups, where I not only give away front-of-the-line passes, but free Challenge Park attraction coupons and now, the Cedar Point collectible coin.

One per person, per season. And SRSLY, they're not for resale. We watch ebay like hawks over here. 

It's never too late to start a new tradition. And this new tradition begins tomorrow, Saturday, July 20. 

BTW, I tried to convince my coworkers to let me put my face on it. I could barely get the next word out before they said, "absolutely not."

Not sure who's loss it is. Probably mine. :)

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