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I Love The Way She Said
Saints of Valory - Kids
Tommy and the High Pilots - Devil To Play
Panic at the Disco - Miss Jackson
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Oz of Love - Dedication - EP
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Meet Tasha’s newest friend - the HP Slate 7
July 15, 2013

She loves that she can take the Slate 7 to meetings with her manager and use it to access her MacMall blog and YouTube videos on the go. The Slate 7 fits perfectly in Tasha’s bag for out-of-office trips, and she enjoys its great display and built-in Beats Audio technology. Get hipped to the HP Slate 7 and find out how the handy tablet makes Tasha’s work as a creative professional easier.

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HP Slate 7 Tablet

The right size for right by your side.

Carry your world in the palm of your hand. Think smaller with the HP Slate 7 that keeps your photos, documents, music, games, and apps with you every step of the day. Access and manage it all with a fully featured, 7-inch diagonal tablet that brings everything down to size - including price.

Starting at $139.99
Plain White T's Performed '1,2,3,4' Live on JBTV HD Soundstage
July 16, 2013

The trouble with most of today's indie groups is they've become so experimental that their songs are less music and more sound theory. Running a hurdy-gurdy through an arpeggiator with some overdubbed Mongolian throat singing might make for an interesting art project, but good luck keeping the kids are your next house party with that playing (unless you're in a Brooklyn loft surrounded by waxed moustaches and navel-length v-necks). That's why it's so refreshing to rock an indie band like the Plain White T's—they've mastered the fine art of writing damn catchy tunes without all the audio calculus.


Before you read any further, we should make one warning: if you're a devotee of The Nuge, you might want to take this opportunity to practice your crossbow skills instead. The Plain White T's are not a band that blasts your brain with fully automatic guitar fire and screeching eagle vocals. These Chi-Town troubadours whisper sweet nothings in your ear, baby…Tim, Tom, Dave, Mike, and De'Mar are here to rub a soothing balm on your sore heartstrings.


Exhibit A of their indie pop prowess: the live performance of their classic song 1, 2, 3, 4 on the JVTV HD sound stage. Not only are the lyrics a stroke of genius, but the...

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