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    I know I'm hesitant when I see too many 5 star reviews because I can't imagine how a company or person could always be on top of their business and constantly provide quality goods - but Michele is magical. I don't know how she does it!

    When I first contacted her I was having an issue with vendors wanting to have in person meetings or long phone calls just to get pricing. Planning my wedding could not be a full time job while I was working 74 hour weeks. Michele would take the time to respond via email. For our first meeting, she even met with us during breakfast because we both happened to be out of town in the same town.

    From the instant you meet Michele you'll love her. She has such a warm, sweet smile and personality. She's extremely professional and thoughtful. Her pricing is straightforward and her work is amazing. I'm so happy that we picked her to shoot our wedding. The album is gorgeous!

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    Michele was the photographer for our wedding and she was amazing!

    We chose Michele after looking over her blog - every shot was gorgeous, she obviously had an incredible ability to make her clients look amazing. After reviewing several other photographers and their websites, Michele really differentiated herself through her photos; her's were the best and we were sold!

    We chose a wedding package that Included an engagement session, which was so much fun! Michele had some great ideas for amazingly picturesque locations and she really set the tone for us. She made us feel so comfortable in front of the camera that we hardly noticed her taking our pictures.  I always feel uncomfortable being the focus for the camera, but she really made us feel at ease and I have never looked so good in my life as I did in these photos! She made us feel glamourous and gorgeous. She has such an amazing eye for the perfect shot and has an incredible artistic sensibility. Her editing on our engagement shots were incredible.

    Michele was amazing at our wedding, easy to work,  professional but personable, flexible, and she took charge of the family for our group photos (and that definitely isn't easy!). She captured so many personal special moments,

    Our friends and family still rave about our photos from the wedding and the engagement session.

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    Michele was the photographer for my sister in-laws engagement and wedding.

    I am completely impressed with her, not only was she kind and efficient...her creativity was insane and by insane I mean awesome. The formal shots that the end of the ceremony were painless and she was always in the right spot at the reception to capture the image.  Michele's assistants were as efficient and kind as she was.

    If you are looking for a photographer that is not afraid to step outside of the box she is the one.............and if you enjoy being in the box she still the one!

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    Michele photographed both our engagement session and wedding day, and we could not have asked for a better experience.

    Michele has got to be the best value in the Bay Area (our wedding was up in Napa). Her prices were incredibly fair and reasonable, especially considering the incredible caliber of photography we got in return. She has a wonderful sense of artistry and a clear passion for her craft, and it radiates throughout her work. Definitely check out her website - the proof is in her portfolio. Then ask to meet up with her or talk over the phone, and you'll see how easy she is to get along with. That comfort level is so important, and I think you'll be thankfully relieved within a couple of minutes chatting with Michele.

    I went to 7 weddings last year (ours included), and seeing the wide range of photographers present at those weddings, it's clear that Michele is in a league of her own. She has the perfect amount of control (it particularly shone through dealing with family members and the wedding party for group shots) - not too timid and not too bossy. She had the experience to capture the smallest details (a tear running down my Mom's cheek during our dance together), and she effortlessly led the biggest productions like a pro (an overhead shot featuring all 100 guests in the courtyard). Heck, she even orchestrated a photo booth in one of the wine cellars! At the end of it all, we got over a thousand beautiful photos that really commemorated the day perfectly. Not a moment was missed, and everything was colorful and clear.

    Michele was perfect for us, and we now consider her a good friend - we even went out for sushi together a while back! Highly recommended.

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    I can't possibly say enough good things about Michele Beckwith and her amazing talent...

    Michele has done amazing photography for some of my friends, so when my boyfriend and I decided we wanted some 'grown-up' photos of ourselves.. you know, photos absent of beer bottles and random people in the background... we knew we had to ask Michele!

    Maybe this is just me... but having someone take photos of you is super awkward, even if they are a close friend, but Michele was able to put us at ease and had us laughing from the start. She was even able to wrangle our small dog into posing for the camera! By the end of the day we felt completely comfortable, and it really came across in our photos.

    Michele clearly has an amazing talent and can make any spot in the city look whimsical and completely unique. While Crissy Field might be one of the most cliche photo spots in the city, it has a lot of meaning to my boyfriend and me and we knew we wanted some of our photos done there. Michele did a great job of capturing the essence of Crissy field (beachy, casual, relaxing) while making it feel like we were in our own world. She also found some photo spots less than a block from our front door that we had never noticed before!

    I hopefully have a wedding in my future (hear that, boyfriend?) and I will not hesitate to call Michele the day of my engagement and snap her up for my big day!

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    michele did my lil sis' wedding and she did an amazing job.. i was surprised that we got to see the wedding photos only after a month! i've known some photographers that take a lot longer to get photos done.. michele and her team are talented wedding photographers.. they were able to capture the small moments guests had.. im not sure how much my sis paid for her photos but what i do know is that out of all the photographers my sis checked out she said michele had the best deal in terms of price and what was included in her package..

    i recommend michele for your wedding needs.. just check out her blog!

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    Michele is simply spectacular.

    I was planning our Bay Area wedding in only 3 months, with me in Boston and my husband Floyd in Ft. Lewis, WA. We were on a super tight budget, but one thing I really wanted was an incredible photographer to capture all the moments of our wedding that would otherwise go forgotten or unnoticed. We were looking for someone with a photojournalistic style, and while I found many good ones, most weren't within our budget, and quite a few lacked good customer service, which Michele excels in.

    I serendipitously found Michele through a Yelp review for the catering company (Toast Catering) we decided to use. The reviewer listed her as one of his recommendations, and once I clicked on the link to her blog, I was in awe. At the time, her most recent blog entry was for a wedding in Atlanta, GA (yes, she travels!) and I fell in love with her work starting with the first photo posted.

    After contacting her, she set up a phone date right away and by the time the call ended I felt instant chemistry. I didn't want to feel uncomfortable with our photographer come the wedding day, but with Michele it was like talking to an old friend. She asked a few questions to get to know me and even gushed about our engagement story, which assured me that she cares about connecting with her clients.

    We were lucky enough to have the beautiful Nestldown as our reception venue, and knowing how prized the location is, I didn't want to pick just any photographer. I knew Michele was talented but fairly new so I figured her portfolio could use some beefing up. When I emailed Floyd a list of photographers, he agreed that she was the best...but still expensive. It took a bit of convincing for Floyd to realize how good of a deal she was, but I fought for Michele and in the end we got her and couldn't have made a better decision. A month after receiving our photos (nearly 1700 of them, 250+ artistically edited, released within 6 weeks!), Floyd still mentions at least once every few days how awesome Michele, the photos, and the price all were.

    For the quality of work and service Michele provides, her collections are very reasonably priced, and even customizable based on your needs. One thing that really sold me was that the wedding album was already included in the package, which doesn't seem too common nowadays. The assistant and 2nd shooter was also already included. We had Michele for basically the whole day, from getting ready in the late morning to our grand exit in the evening. I definitely recommend the all-day coverage to get the whole wedding story photographed, as well as doing a "first look". Floyd and I are pretty traditional but the whole "not until the bride walks down the aisle" thing was one tradition I'm so glad we broke. The candids that came out from our private time together were so genuine and our emotions were captured so well. Michele is a "first look" advocate but wasn't at all pushy about it. If you look at her blog you'll see for yourself that many couples chose this option and came out with beautiful moments captured.

    I addressed a few minor concerns with Michele over emails and in person, and she was always very gracious and mindful, yet clearly knew what she was doing. When I met her the week before the wedding (she drove all the way to the East Bay after her day job in SF!), she mentioned that she's all about capturing emotions. This couldn't be any more true. Prior to the wedding, I was all about the details, but once I saw the photos, I loved the candids she caught of our guests throughout the day, especially on the dance floor. Everyone looked like they had so much fun! Her style has evolved and emotional candids have indubitably become her forte. Also, although I like the whole tilt-shift trend, I'm not so big a fan of the technique on wedding photos; I was worried ours would look more trendy than timeless. I expressed my concern since I noticed she uses it in some of her photos to get that "film" look and feel, and I was surprised she basically avoided it altogether without compromising her unique style.

    With no formal training (she'll attend Academy of Art in SF soon) and only a few workshops under her belt, Michele is a natural talent. She has impeccable ninja skills for catching 10 facial expressions within 3 seconds. She knows how to work lighting to her advantage. She's super patient with relatives during those dreaded formal portraits. Floyd mentioned during our "first look" that she has a way of instilling confidence, since both of us felt oh so awkward in front of the camera and time/distance didn't allow us to practice during an engagement shoot. She is also very timely, prepared, professional, accommodating, driven, sweet, modest, and spunky, especially in her emails. There is just so many good things to say about her. The only bad thing I'd say is that we didn't get to work with her long enough! We're now designing our photo album and we can't wait for the result!

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    I couldn't have asked for a better experience than working with Michele. Our photo session with her was fun, spontaneous, and laid back. Yet, the end product of this afternoon of fun was a huge portfolio of stunningly beautiful, professional, and unique photos.

    She struck the perfect balance by offering suggestions while also listening to our preferences. In the end, we found the perfect locations and some really creative setups for dazzling photos that I will cherish forever.

    My (then) boyfriend and I did a portrait session (just wanting some photos where one of us is not holding the camera). When we posted them, we were bombarded with congratulations because everyone was struck by our gorgeous "engagement pictures". A few weeks later, that became a reality and we knew immediately who we wanted to hire as our wedding photographer!

    Michele offers the complete package: helpful guidelines in setting up location/wardrobe/makeup/etc., a highly enjoyable shooting experience, polished and professional final photographs, and a personalized experience that will make you want to come back for all of your future photo needs.

    I am running out of ways to say how happy I was with my experience with Michele! It is rare to find a strong talent coupled with such a kind and wonderful personality. She is sure to make your photos spectacular and your experience fun and memorable. Thank you, Michele!

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    I met Michelle about a week ago, and her style as a person is just as exceptional as her artwork.

    Seeing her work for the first time on her facebook page as well as her blog, I was litterally stunned by her art photography.  Equally stunning is  how she manages to capture all the delicate and heartfelt nuances and idiosyncracies of weddings and engagements.  

    Having been privy to other styles of wedding photography, I can say hands down that Michele's style is what I personally most gravitate to, and it happened almost instantly when I began viewing samples of her prior engagements.  The initial thought that ran through my mind was "You've got to be kidding .... she can't really be this good."  Actually, she is.  I thought I might be viewing professional pieces from a magazine such as Bride & Groom or InStyle -- and yet, Michele's artistry seems to rise above any stereotypying or set wedding genre photography.  It has genuine heart and soul and a true personal touch.  Oh, and did I mention she has an uncanny ability to make humor come alive on film ??

    On top of that, she is easy to meet and extremely personable.

    I am hoping to convince my friends to hire her for their Wedding after they get back from Chile to the Bay.  

    AND she would be at the top of my list for my own wedding (IF she's not booked, whenever that will be ....).

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    Michele is simply a master of the tilt-shift lens.  What in the hands of mere mortals makes people look like toys makes the sun a little brighter and the scenery more beautiful when Michele is at work.

    The care and attention doesn't end there: the photos themselves turn out so nice it's hard not to print them all.

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    Michele Beckwith is not only amazingly talented, but easy to talk to, great to work with and will bend over backward for you, sometimes even literally...I mean, I think she might have actually bent over backward physically while taking our wedding photos, thats how serious she works! Words cannot describe how wonderful our pictures turned out, you need to go to her blog and website to see for yourself!  Her work came back flawlessly and exactly what we wanted even through all the time crunch a wedding day entails!  Thank you Michele for being a photo genius!

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    Michele is wonderful. She took portrait photographs for me because I needed headshots for use online and in publications. She has a great eye and being around her is a joy. She made me feel really comfortable and natural during our shoot and the photos turned out beautifully!

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