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Oahspe The Book of Judgment Chapter II:
9. Let no man concern himself as to whether it be the spirit of himself or an angel; for it is only the subject uttered which is of value. In this day all things shall stand on their own merit and not on a supposed authority.
13. It is wiser for the spiritual-minded to keep to themselves, especially when communing with Jehovih and His angels.


Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy: Chapter VII:
16. It is not the purpose of these revelations to work out prophecies, leaving nothing for man to do. But to call his attention to the unseen forces that rule on the earth, and show him the way to make the prophecies himself. [I make prophecies for the years 2048 - 2050 based on the Orachnebuahgalah plate 48 see my Space Clouds and Earth travel page and the Beast page of this website]. 
Here Oahspe says the purpose of ORACH-NEBU-AH-GALAH is NOT TO WORK OUT PROPHECIES, the purpose is to reveal the plan and divine knowledge of the Creator (ORACH) and the travel of the great serpent around the galaxy (GALAH) and to call attention to the unseen nebulous (NEBU) and light regions in space that rule over the earth (AH). It is not the purpose of the Orachnebuahgalah plate 48 of Oahspe to make prophecies (beyond what is already on the plate) or to caculate every significant historical event, so don't expect to find the invention of the Internet on plate 48 or what is going to happend in 2014. On Plate 48 ORCHNEBUAHGALAH in Oahspe the prophetic numbers on the chart go up to 100 (1948) then pick up again at 200 (2048) on the left english side of the plate. On the right side of the plate are mostly panic words and some english words. For the purpose of deciphering and understanding Plate 48 ORACHNEBUAHGALAH I translated and calculated most of the left side and a few of the right side (later I have translated most of the right side).  But the same rules for the Base of Prophecy and calculations that I deciphered should apply to the right side of plate 48 also. My purpose of deciphering the Orachnebuahgalah plate 48 was to proove it true or not, for confirmation and verification, not to make prophecies.

Above I have made a ORACHNEBUAHGALAH chart of 1000 years of the Cycle of the Arc of Bon, of the great division of the earth Asia (Persia, India) and the bordering lands of Egypt and Greece from 1552 B.C.E to 552 B.C.E. This ORACHNEBUAHGALAH is based on the numbers and words on Plate 48 in the Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy in Oahspe and I show the historical manifestations that the numbers and words designate.
I drew a curved line, representing the travel of the great serpent for a scale of one to a thousand for the entire length from the dawn of the Arc of Bon to 1000 years into the cycle with each and every characteristic designated from one to a thousand. The chart is cut across in eight places, to represent the periods of light (1.dawn of Arc of Bon 2. 33 year dan, 3. 200 year dan, 4. 400 year dan, 5. 500 year dan, 6. 600 year dan, 7. 800 year 8. 1000 year). The places inbetween the dans are made dark.

There are different ways a person can do an Orachnebuahgalah. The Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy instructs the student to do it one way, and the Book of Knowledge talks of Tae doing it a different way. Regardless of whether you do an Orachnebuahgalah table (timeline) in written form or an Orachnebuahgalah chart (drawing), the same rules, base of prophecy, and numbers (and words) apply. Regardless of whether you do an ORACHNEBUAHGALAH for a region (continent) of the earth or you do an ORACHNEBUAHGALAH for the whole Earth (planet) the same rules, base of prophecy, and numbers (and words) apply. Regardless of whether you do an ORACHNEBUAHGALAH for a length of a thousand years, or for 3400 years (like Tae in the Book of Knowledge), or for the length of many (9 or 10) dawns of dan (cycles) like in Plate 48 the same rules, base of prophecy, and numbers (and words) apply. Regardless of whether your Orachnebuahgahlah table, chart, or plate has 8 dawn (dan) cuts in it or 9 or 10 dawn (dan) cuts in it, or less, the same rules, base of prophecy, and numbers (and words) apply. ORACH-NEBU-AH-GALAH is an Oracle (ORACH) science that is related to the travel of the Earth (AH) through Nebulous (NEBU) regions around the Galaxy (GALAH).

"your orachnebuahgalah work is ground-breaking." - Susan Martinez Ph.D May 01, 2013

adjective: groundbreaking; adjective: ground-breaking
  1. 1.
    breaking new ground; innovative; pioneering.
    synonyms:innovative, fresh, unusual, unprecedented, inventive; More
    advanced, state-of-the-art, pioneering, revolutionary, radical;
    "they applaud this groundbreak

1a : the thousand years mentioned in Revelation 20 during which holiness is to prevail and Christ is to reign on earth
2a : a period of 1000 years;

millennium = 1000 years peace on the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate 48 of Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy
Combined 1882 and 1891 Glossaries from Oahspe:
Christ, or Kriste: Wisdom, knowledge, education...
Christians, or Kriste'yans:..(The following words are synonymous;...budha, christ, kriste, ...knowledge, wisdom, ...light,...)
1000 years into the cycle of the Arc of Bon = Buddha, peace, enlightenment, light,
Arc of Bon = 3400 B.K (before Kosmon, before 1848).
Arc of Bon begins 1,552 B.C.E, 1848 - 3400 = 1552
1000 = peace = 552. B.C.E (1,152 - 1000 = 552)
550 BC—Siddhartha Gautama founded Buddhism in Northern India after achieving enlightenment after six years of practicing penance and meditation.
The Buddha described Nirvāna as the perfect peace of a mind that's free from ignorance, greed, hatred and other afflictive states,[36] or "defilements" (kilesas).

ORACHNEBUAHGALAH is a key to the past as well as the future, an open book
Arc of Bon = 3400 B.K (before Kosmon, before 1848).
Arc of Bon begins 1,552 B.C.E, 1848 - 3400 = 1552
1000 = peace = 552. B.C.E (1,152 - 1000 = 552)
Kong Qui, better known as Confucius, was born in 551 B.C. in the Lu state of China.
551 B.C. = warm (dan) year period (1000 year dan 552 B.C).
Confucius Peace Prize
Awarded for Promotion of world peace from an Eastern, Confucian perspective; to declare China's view on peace and human rights to the world[1
1000 years into the cycle of Kosmon = 1848 + 1000 = 2848 = Another peace light manifestation. In Kosmon not one great leader forth like in ages past, but many quickened with the Light.  


Above I have made a ORACHNEBUAHGALAH chart for a 202 years period of the present Kosmon cycle from 1848 to 2050 A.D. of the world divisions (North and South America, Europe, and Asia). This ORACHNEBUAHGALAH is based on the numbers and words on Plate 48 in the Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy in Oahspe and I show the historical manifestations that the numbers and words designate. I have drawn a curved line, representing the travel of the solar system from the dawn of Kosmon to 202 years into the cycle.  The Dawn of Kosmon and the 200 year dan is represented by light. War is represented by black. The duration of wars is marked with a cut called change.

OAHSPE predicts a man (Tae) will find and determine (calculate) the orbit of CEVORKUM and prove whether the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH is true or not
OAHSPE Book of Knowledge ch 4:
1. Tae said: Now I will apply myself to Your works, O Jehovih. Yours is a book that never errs. The times You bestow shall be my signposts. Is this not the most exalted science under the sun?

2. So Tae collected histories from the arc of Bon to the coming of kosmon; ...When Tae had completed his labors he made a tablet of events, and classified them, and he called the tablet Orachnebuahgalah,...
But the people called it the tablet of prophecy, signifying, the mathematics of both evil and good.


The above predicts that Tae would call the tablet Orachnebuahgalah (and know the meaning of it, Oracle-Nebula-Earth-Galaxy) but other people will call it the tablet of prophecy and evil and good (dark times and periods of Light) instead of ORACHNEBUAHGALAH because they will have a hard time pronouncing the name or spelling it (and knowing the meaning of it).
This proved to be true in 2013.
"The thing I am most interest in is building a Orachnebuahgalah...although I may never be able to pronounce or spell it."
- A faithist, July 17, 2013
3. And Tae divided the time of the tablet according to the darkness and light of the period, and for four hundred years prior, and in all, it spanned three thousand four hundred years.
4. Tae said: According to the light of my Father in heaven I will call the ends of the tablet dan'ha, for these are the quickened times * mentioned by the prophets of old. Not only will I prove whether they are true or not; but I will find the motion of the Great Serpent (solar system) and this will determine its orbit.

* I used this term, the quickened times. It wasn't untill after I read the book "TIME OF THE QUICKENING" by Susan Martinez did I prove the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH.
5. For since Jehovih has made years, has He not also made cycles, and will the cycles not comport with the rules of its members?
29. Tae took the histories of men from the time of Moses to Kosmon, and for the periods of war and destruction he made spans of darkness, and for the periods of peace and goodwill among men, he made spans of light, for he saw that the actions and behaviors of nations were governed largely by the unseen worlds around them. And these spans formed a map of light and darkness, as it had been for three thousand four hundred years. And this became like a key to unlock the past, and a base to foretell the future.

The above prediction in 1881 came true on the pages of this website in february of 2013, 132 years after Oahspe was written. This prophecy in Oahspe has been fullfilled.


1. In the early days of the kosmon era, after the revelations of the Father's kingdom on earth had been published, and was known abroad over all the world, there went forth many, in Jehovih's name, to accomplish unto the resurrection of man, and for the glory of the Almighty, the new kingdom.
2. Foremost, amongst the many, there came out of Uz 2 one who was esteemed wise and good above all others; and because he was a representative man, the people named him, Tae.
1 We understand by this term, and also by the book itself, that, what is set forth as being in the past, has not yet occurred. In such respect it is a picture of the future, as will be demonstrated in actual practice. The name, "Tae," is of course only figurative, and is not a man of that name, as stated, but a representative, a figurehead. See Book of Ben, p. 541.
2 World's people. See Book of Ben, p. 541.


OAHSPE Book of Saphah - Tablet of Biene 11. Tae (Panic). A representative man. The universal prayer of mankind. Also one who is chosen by etherean spirits for an earth cycle; as Zarathustra, Abraham, Brahma, Moses, Capilya, Confucius, etc. I provided for the nations in their darkness, saith Jehovih. For I bring the earth into a light region in the firmament, and I send My etherean angels to deliver them out of darkness and bondage. In My name raise they up men with eyes to see and ears to hear, and I proclaim unto all the inhabitants of the earth (Kosmon). Mankind.


Tae (Panic).
Chinese language is the closest to Panic language.
In Korean "Tae" means "foot," "leg," or "to step on";
Tae may be a pioneer, like the first man to step foot on (Tae) the Moon. "One small step for man, one giant leap for Mankind (Tae)".
It seems like it derived from the Chinese name "Tai". Tae means "Great".
...a word of Chinese or Malaysian origin. In fact, in China, Taipan is a personality, a leader
“taipan” may mean something similar to “Boss, Sir”,

Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter VII:
18. These periods will be found to come under certain numbers...
the following tables of times and measurements were established:
Tae, 999.
Tae, 666.
The numbers for Tae are 999 (war) on ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate 48, and 666 (beast)
Here Oahspe prophecies (through prophetic numbers) the dark-side of Tae.
Newbrough ended up in a court case for abusing a member's child and of unfulfilled promises to all remaining members by cheating them out of their possessions and money on the promise of sharing ownership of SHALAM COLONY Near Las Cruces.
See Las Cruces Court Documents of SHALAM COLONY Near Las Cruces, NM 1887 -1891.
Suit Declaration *1050,  Third Judicial District Court, County of Dona Ana, New Mexico.
Ellis vs. Newbrough & Howland.
Did Newbrough's lack of humbleness mean his ego wanted the 'power' that being a prophet would bring? It seems it may have happened during the incomplete Book of Ben (pub.) / Book of Knowledge (unpub.), requiring all the tools to do prophecy.
the Grand C'Cheif Newbrough [Newbrough's own letters 1882 - 1884].
In the summer of 1885, some of its members left the colony and told stories of a misled but well-meaning group. For many in Las Cruces, these tales confirmed their impressions of the Shalam Colony's leader, John Ballou Newbrough, a 57-year old former dentist and spiritualist from New York.
'Colony of cranks'
Standing six feet and four inches, with reddish curly hair and arresting blue eyes, Newbrough drew followers, but he apparently rubbed others the wrong way. Newbrough had told the Rio Grande Republican thousands would eventually come to run schools and farm vast fields and gardens, and that all property was to be held in common.
To many, his bold predictions were too much to take. The attempts at farming were unsuccessful, and most colonists were still living in tents a year later. Then in the spring of 1886, several disgruntled colonists sued Newbrough, alleging fraud.
They said Newbrough ran Shalam like a despot, and the property was not held in common, but by Howland.


Above is a 900 year (from 1150 AD to 2050 AD Arc of Bon Cycle to Kosmon) ORACHNEBUAHGALAH chart of the great divisions of the Earth (North and South America, Europe, Africa, and Asia) called SATAN'S TABLES OR TIMES OF THE BEAST & THE NUMBER 666 and 66. OAHSPE: Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy CHAPTER III:16
...tables made by the ancients were based on periods of six hundred and sixty-six years, and were called SATAN’S TABLES, or the TIMES OF THE BEAST. 
The fatal numbers of the beast (66 and 666 of the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH OF OAHSPE) are associated with the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death which are mentioned in the Book of Revelation of the Bible. The 66th (66) book of the Bible is the Book of Revelation.
Revelation 6:6 = 66 = famine (66th book, 6th chapter = 666 = Pestilence, War, Famine, and Death). Employing the most fatal numbers (66 and 666). I have drawn a curved line, representing the travel of the solar system from 1150 AD to 2050 ADThe Dawn of Kosmon and the 200 year dan is represented by light. War, famine, pestilence, and death is represented by black. I show the historical manifestations of 66 and 666 years added to or subtracted from the dawn of Kosmon (1848) base.
Dark a'ji period at the end of the cycle of the arc of Bon (four hundred years before and down to the dawn of Kosmon) = 1448 to 1848 AD

1453: The Fall of Constantinople marks the end of the Byzantine Empire and the death of the last Roman Emperor Constantine XI and the beginning of the Growth of the Ottoman Empire.
1456: The Siege of Belgrade halts the Ottoman's advance into Europe.
1462: Mehmed the Conqueror is driven back by Wallachian prince Vlad III Dracula at The Night Attack.
1467–1615: The Sengoku period is one of civil war in Japan.
1481: Spanish Inquisition begins in practice with the first auto-da-fé.
1492: Jews expelled from Spain.
1494: Spain and Portugal sign the Treaty of Tordesillas and agree to divide the World outside of Europe between themselves.
1502: First reported African slaves in The New World
1506: King Afonso I of Kongo wins the battle of Mbanza Kongo, resulting in Catholicism becoming Kongo's state religion.
1506: At least two thousand converted Jews are massacred in a Lisbon riot.
1509–10: The 'great plague' afflicts various parts of Tudor England.[6]
1512: Copernicus writes Commentariolus, and moves the sun to the center of the solar system.
1513: Sultan Selim I ("The Grim") orders the massacre of Shia Muslims in Anatolia.
1517: The Sweating sickness epidemic hits Tudor England.[8]
1517: The Protestant Reformation begins when Martin Luther posts his 95 Theses in Saxony.
1519–1522: Spanish expedition commanded by Magellan and Elcano first to circle Earth
1519–1521: Hernán Cortés leads the Spanish conquest of Mexico.
1521: After building fortifications at Tuen Mun, the Portuguese attempt to invade Ming Dynasty China, but are expelled by Chinese naval forces.
1536: Establishment of the Inquisition in Portugal
1556: Pomponio Algerio, radical theologian, is executed by boiling in oil as part of the Roman inquisition.
1562–98: French Wars of Religion between Catholics and Huguenots.
1562: Massacre of Wassy and Battle of Dreux in the French Wars of Religion.
1563: Plague outbreak claimed 80,000 people in Elizabethan England. In London alone, over 20,000 people died of the disease.
1571: Pope Pius V completes the Holy League as a united front against the Ottoman Turks.
1571: The Spanish-led Holy League navy destroys the Ottoman Empire navy at the Battle of Lepanto
1592–1593: John Stow reports 10,675 plague deaths in London, a city of approximately 200,000 people.
(1527 – 1598).King Philip II of Spain. It was first said of his empire that "the sun did not set". Strong defender of Catholicism and self-proclaimed leader of Counter-Reformation (1527 – 1598).
1618: The Bohemian Revolt precipitates the Thirty Years' War, which devastates Europe in the years 1618–48.
1647–1652: The Great Plague of Seville.
1692: Salem witch trials in Massachusetts.
1709: Great Frost of 1709, coldest winter in 500 years.
1720–1721: The Great Plague of Marseille
1750: Peak of the Little Ice Age
1756–1763: Seven Years' War fought among European powers in various theaters around the world.
1767: Burmese conquered the Ayutthaya kingdom.
1773: East India Company starts operations in Bengal to smuggle Opium into China.
1775–1783: American Revolutionary War
1776: Illuminati founded by Adam Weishaupt
1776: United States Declaration of Independence adopted by the Continental Congress in Philadelphia.
1787: United States Constitution was written in Philadelphia and submitted to the states for ratification.
1787: Freed slaves from London founded Freetown in present-day Sierra Leone.
1793: The largest yellow fever epidemic in American history killed as many as 5,000 people in Philadelphia—roughly 10% of the population.[25]
1796: Edward Jenner administers the first smallpox vaccination. Smallpox killed an estimated 400,000 Europeans each year during the 18th century (including five reigning monarchs).[26]
1803: The United States more than doubles in size when it buys out France's territorial claims in North America via the Louisiana Purchase. This begins the U.S.'s westward expansion to the Pacific referred to as its Manifest Destiny which involves annexing and conquering land from Mexico, Britain, and Native Americans.
1830: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is established on April 6, 1830.
1834: Spanish Inquisition officially ends.
1837–1901: Queen Victoria's reign is considered the apex of the British Empire and is referred to as the Victorian era.
1838: By this time, 46,000 Native Americans have been forcibly relocated in the Trail of Tears.
1844: Millerite movement awaits the Second Advent of Jesus Christ on October 22. Christ's non-appearance becomes known as the Great Disappointment.
1848: Revolutions of 1848 in Europe.
1848: Seneca Falls Convention is the first women's rights convention in the United States and leads to the battle for suffrage and women's legal rights.
1848–1858: California Gold Rush.
1850: The Little Ice Age ends around this time.
A'ji dark nebula is associated with cold years on the earth (1448 - 1848 AD)

Mormonism is the predominant religious tradition of the Latter Day Saint movement of Restorationist Christianity. This movement was founded by Joseph Smith, Jr., in the 1820s
...in 1830 The Book of Mormon was published. In the same year, Smith founded the Church of Christ--later known as the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints--in Fayette Township.

Mormonism and the Book of Mormon is founded during the dark cold period of a'ji near the end of the cycle of the Arc of Bon.

Oahspe - Book of Divinity: Chapter XIII:
17. So great was the power of a'ji that even the I'hins oft broke their vows and lived clandestinely with the world's people, begetting offspring in great numbers, not eligible to enter their sacred cities. And yet mortals saw not the a'ji; saw their cities and temples as it were, sinking in the ground; but they sank not; it was the a'ji falling and condensing.

18. Jehovih had said: What I give that groweth the corpor, inspireth man to corpor; what I give that groweth the es [spirit, es-sential part], inspireth man to es. And in the days of a'ji, neither angels or men can enthuse mortals with spiritual things, only they that are organically grown in spirit [above grade 66] can withstand.

The Little Ice Age (LIA) was a period of cooling that occurred after the Medieval Warm Period (Medieval Climate Optimum).[1] While it was not a true ice age, the term was introduced into the scientific literature by François E. Matthes in 1939.[2]
It has been conventionally defined as a period extending from the 16th to the 19th centuries,[3][4][5] or alternatively, from about 1350 to about 1850,[6]
NASA defines the term as a cold period between AD 1550 and AD 1850  and notes three particularly cold intervals: one beginning about 1650, another about 1770, and the last in 1850, each separated by intervals of slight warming.[7]
The cooling period comes near the end of Apollo’s cycle and the warming comes at the beginning of the cycle of Thor. This is consistent with the cycles of Light and Dark of an average 3000 year cycle as given in Oahspe. The dawn, being the Hi-dan (most light) of the cycle and receding to a dark period of a thousand years, more or less before the end of the cycle.
Oahspe details the conditions of the space in which earth travels as having effects on the Light and Dark, Heat and Cold manifested on the earth and atmospherea.
Geological timelines found in icecores and other geological evidence indicate that the beginning of Thor’s cycle (15550 years bp) is marked by a sudden warming period which lasts around 1000 to 1500 years.
The cycle of Thor ended with 600 years of darkness before the dawn of the cycle of Osiris whose cycle continued for 3300 years:
Bk of Thor, 6.
||12. Now the earth passes into deep darkness, for I fructify the races of men in new
growth, corporeally, for things that shall come after. As they absorb from the a’ji of My places,
in this age, so also do their souls become full of superstition and darkness.||
13. Thus the earth went into great darkness during the last six hundred years of the cycle of Thor, and there was no harvest from her for the etherean heavens. But the spirits deserted
atmospherea in millions and millions, and went down to the earth, to dwell with mortals and to find places on the corporeal earth where to live.||
The termination of cultures such as the Clovis of North America also concurs with Oahspe regarding the effect of this dark period on human culture in the last 600 years of Thor’s cycle:
Lord’s Fourth Bk, 4.
||22. Then darkness came upon the races of men; millions of them returned to a state of savagery.
And angels of darkness came upon the earth, verily taking upon themselves the semblance of corporeal forms and dwelling with mortals and engaging in practices whereof it is unlawful to write or speak.
23. So that, at the termination of three thousand years, the lands of the earth were
covered with darkness.
OAHSPE: Synopsis of Sixteen Cycles CHAPTER III:
6. Sixteen times have my etherean hosts redeemed the earth and her heavens from darkness into light, and yet ere the end of a cycle she falleth again, and her atmospherea with her.
Oahspe Book of Aph XVII:7 the earth in a'ji 800 years.
Oahspe Book of Aph XVII:11 Thus ended the cycle of Aph's arc of Noe, which was
3,600 years.
Oahspe Book of Sethantes, Son of Jehovih Chapter XXIII:
13. And now darkness set in and covered all the earth around. And from this time until
the end of the cycle,
This darkness that covered all the earth around sounds like a'ji, semi-dark nebula (2/3 dark, 1/3 light) that is associated with cold years on the earth at the end of a cycle.

Seeds need soil, darkness and light to germinate and grow. Man the spirit is planted in corpor and given periods of darkness and light to germinate and grow. Germination is the growth of an embryonic plant contained within a seed.

Man needs Light and Darkness. Developing life forms need darkness, like a seed planted in the darkness of earth soil that shuts out the light of the sun, like an embryo or fetus in the darkness of the womb, the atmospherea of the earth and the a'ji and nebula of interstellar space is a womb for the spirit of man. Once man is fully developed (100 per cent, grade 100, ethe) he will have no need for darkness (a'ji, or atmospherea) anymore. When man is fully developed he will dwell in perpetual light (etherea).

Darkness and cold stimulates man to want something better, it stimulates (pushes) man to build, invent, find solutions, to grow and develope. Too much light, paradise, and comfort can bring about complacency and stagnation.

Oahspe 3000 year Day & Night Cycles (dawn of dan and a'ji cycles). Warm (dan) during the day, cold (a'ji) at night.

Day shift from 6am to 2pm = dawn daylight first 1000 years
Afternoon shift 2pm to 10pm = evening or middle of each cycle
Night shift from 10pm to 6 am = darkness end of each cycle

Aramaic Bible in Plain English (©2010)
But you shall not disregard this one thing, beloved: “One day is to THE LORD JEHOVAH as a thousand years, and a thousand years is as one day.”

1848, the dawn of Kosmon was a warm peak (dan)

The period 1850 to present is one of general warming
1848 to present = dawn of new day = dawn of new cycle Kosmon = Light = Sunshine = Warmth = warming period from Dawn to afternoon
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Climate change, global warming and global cooling is explained in Oahspe by the periods of dan and a'ji, the cycles of light and darkness, day and night. See graphs above to see the similarites between the dawn (dan) of a new cycle (1850) and the dawn of a new day (6 am) and the light and heat of 2006 and the light and heat of noon. The blue marks on the Global Temperature graph represent cold year anomalies or periods of a'ji (1885, 1916, 1946-1947) on the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate 48. in Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy chapter 7.

5. I created life, and I take away life; in Mine own way do I with Mine own. I send night to follow the day; clouds to interchange with the sunshine. And even so do I give times of dan to My atmospherean heavens, to be followed by seasons of darkness.
6. By these changes do mortals and angels and Gods learn to battle with and overcome the elements of My worlds.
The 4 substances, layers, elements, or entities of the universe
1. Ethe = 100% light and spiritual
2. Ji'ay = 2/3 ethe, 1/3 physical matter
3. A'ji = 1/3 ethe, 2/3 physical matter
4. Corpor = 100% physical matter
2 substances represent the 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse of the Book of Revelation chapter 6, ji'ay and a'ji. Ji'ay represents pestilence and plague. A'ji represents war, famine, and death. Ethe represents the Light, the Light that defeates and destroyes darkness (a'ji and Ji'ay, pestilence, war, famine, and death). Ethe is the Son (creation, begotton) of the Creator (Father). The Creator sends ethe (dan) to earth for the benifit of man. Ethe the most rarified and the most potent substance. Ji'ay and A'ji the Beast (2/3 or 66, 666) has dominion over the earth (corpor). Ethe has dominion over ji'ay and a'ji the beast or Satan. The 5th entity of the universe is Jehovih the All-person, Omni. These 5 entities are the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, and WHY of the entire Universe. These 5 entities make up the PLAN OF THE UNIVERSE that was revealed to mankind through Dr. John Ballou Newbrough in the book named OAHSPE in the 33rd year of the DAWN OF THE CYCLE OF KOSMON.

<---6:00 am sunrise
1848 = 6:00 am, dawn of a new day (cycle)

Uploaded with ImageShack.us <--- present time on the Kosmic clock, 2013 A.D., 7:19 am
Cosmic (kosmon) clock

125 / 60 = 2.083 years to hour/minutes

2013 - 1848 = 165 years since dawn

165 / 2.083 = 79.212 minutes since dawn

200 / 2.083 = 96.015 minutes since dawn, 2048 dan

96.015 - 60 = 36.015 = 1 hour 36 minutes since dawn for 2048

79.212 -  60 = 19.212 = 1 hour 19 minutes since dawn

6:00 + 1 hr = 7:00 + 19 = 7:19 am present Kosmic time

1098 = 12 midnight

1598 = 4:00 am

1723 = 5:00 am

1848 = 6:00 am

1910 = 6:30 am

1973 = 7:00 am

2013 = 7:19 am

2048 = 7:36 am

2598 = 12:00 noon, highest, brightest, etherean light of Kosmon
Jehovih = the central sun, the highest, brightest light

Highest brightest etherean light of Kosmon (7 dans, 100 or 200 years, or 7 ethes = 100 x 7 + 50 = 750 LEARNING ORACHNEBUAHGALAH = high noon)
Oahspe Book of Jehovih Chapter VII:
18...the time of My Harvests shall be according to each dan, which is two hundred years, four hundred years, six hundred years, and five hundred years; and these shall be called My lesser cycles because they are the times of the tables of prophecy which I give unto My servants.
19...Seven dans have I created for each and every dan'ha; and six generations of mortals have I given unto each dan.
OAHSPE: Book of Saphah - Se'moin
17. Dang, light (Panic). Hi'Dan (Kii).
43. Hi'dang, high-noon (Panic); the sun at noon. Let the Hi'dang be an emblem over My
altar. He is the glory of the day like the Great Spirit is the glory of the soul world.
50...The corporeal sun ye can behold at high noon
The number 22 and the other numbers on the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate
On the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate 48 of 1882 Oahspe edition:
480 learning, 480 / 22 = 21.81 = 22 cycles of 1 cycle = 22 x 21.818 = 480
other learnings on the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH are 90, 200, 750, Dan periods and high-noon (high-dan),
1848 + 90 (learning) = 1938 = up-spike warm (above normal) 2nd highest peak 1900-1950.
1938 = scientific accomplishments = atomic energy = uranium fission
1938 = academic accomplishments = John Dewey published best book on education
1552 B.C (Bon cycle) - 200 (learning) = 1352 B.C = Monotheism, new kingdom civilization
1552 B.C - 750 (learning) = 802 B.C. = Mayan Pyramid building, Greek dark ages end, Greeks produce philosophy, theatre, written poetry, Hindus produce philosophy, and theoretical Cosmogony-Cosmology, Beginning of the Iron Age in Central Europe.
So 480 learning would also be a dan year to fit the pattern of all the other learnings on the prophecy plate (ORACHNEBUAHGALAH). 480 is aproximately a 22 x the 22 year cycle a harmonic division/multiple. Learning = enlightenment = light = dan = ethe.
22 is a harmonic fundamental dan number (aprox harmonic of 480 learning)
22 is also a harmonic fundamental a'ji number (exact harmonic of 66 war)
1000 and 48 is peace on the ORACHNEBUAHGALAH
1848 + 48 = 1896 = Year of 1st modern international Olympics = inbetween warm (slightly
down from up-spike) = dan
1552 (Bon cycle) - 1000 (peace) = 552 B.C = inbetween warm (down slope) = dan = Buddha teaching and Confucious birth (same or within 1 year).
Peace and learning are both dan times, 480 / 48 = 10 harmonic division/multiple
---^----------V-----------^-----------V---- = New Zodiac
---0----------11----------22----------33--- = Prophetic numbers
--Dan--------A'ji---------Dan---------A'ji- = Light, darkness cycles
11 year, 22 year dan, a'ji cycles


Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter VII:
4. It is not the place of a prophet to answer these things by the accusation of ignorance or war. The prophet must account for that tendency in man to fall into ignorance and into war. In other words, he must find the cause of causes.
5. At certain periods of time, for hundreds of years, nations have dwelt in peace, and have risen in virtue; then turned to war within themselves and gone down in death.
6. The prophets of old divided time into cycles of three thousand years, with slight variations. And they found that at such periods of time, some certain impulse came upon the people, causing them to try to be better and wiser. Even as the same feeling is this day manifesting itself in many nations.
7. The scale then riseth for four hundred years, more or less; and, after that, wars and epidemics come upon the people.
...Then followeth a darkness of one thousand or more years, with slight intermissions.
Oahspe Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter VIII:
11. Let the student compare the Faithists of Capilya in India with the Cojuans of the
same country; and the Faithists of Moses in Egupt with the Eguptians of the same country.
The Faithists of both countries advanced, but their persecutors both went down to
destruction. The peace of the Faithists held four hundred years; and then both peoples
began to choose kings, which was followed by nine hundred and ninety years of darkness.
compare...Faithists of Moses in Egupt with the Eguptians of the same country...
peace of the Faithists held four hundred years...
then both peoples began to choose kings, which was followed by nine hundred and ninety years of darkness
Ancient Egyptian Timeline
1504 - 1492 BC Thutmose I begins military campaigns
1380 BC Building of the Temple of Luxor by Amenhotep III
1367 - 1350 BC Rule of Amenhotep IV (Akhenaton) - changed from a polytheism to a monotheistic society
1336 - 1327 BC Reign of Tutankhamon
19th Dynasty
(1295-1186) Seti I restored many monuments. His temple at Abydos has some of the most superior carved wall relief. Many battles and treaties were written between Egypt and Asiatic powers.
1279 - 1213 BC Ramses II begins building projects - including his mortuary temple The Ramesseum (on the West Bank near Luxor) 
20th Dynasty
(1186-1069) Setakht restored order to the country. Ramesses III was one of the greatest kings.
1186 - 1089 BC Royal Tombs in the Valley of the Kings plundered
21st Dynasty
(1070-945) The kings weakened, and Egypt was no longer a world power.
Civil war and foreign invaders tore Egypt apart.
The capital moved from Tanis to Libyan, to Nubia, to Thebes, to Sais, and then back to Nubia and Thebes.
1069 BC Civil War
Egypt conquers Kush (c. 1500 B.C.)>br>
Queen Hatshepsut rules Egypt (c. 1490 B.C.)
Egypt reaches greatest extent under Tuthmosis III (c. 1469 B.C.)
Amenhotep IV (Akhenaton, 1367 B.C.-1350 B.C.) institutes monotheism in Egypt
Egyptian capital moved to El Amarna (c. 1363 B.C.)
reign of Tutankhamon (c. 1350 - 1341 B.C.)
Egyptian army halted at Qadesh by the Hittites (1285 B.C.)
Moses leads the Israelites out of Egypt (c. 1280 B.C.)
peace treaty between Egypt and the Hittites (c. 1269 B.C.)
invasion of the Sea Peoples halted by Merenptah (c. 1218 B.C.)
invasion of the "Sea Peoples" halted by Ramesses III (c. 1180 B.C.)
1000 B.C
1492 - 1069 = 423 years of peace except for Egyptian army halted at Qadesh by the Hittites (1285 B.C.) ended in peace treaty between Egypt and the Hittites (c. 1269 B.C.). Oldest surviving international peace treaty in history.
peace of the Faithists [Eguptians] held four hundred years;
Egupt advanced:
changed from a polytheism to a monotheistic society
temple at Abydos has some of the most superior carved wall relief.
begins building projects - including mortuary temple The Ramesseum (on the West Bank near Luxor) 
restored order to the country.
1490 B.C - 1070 B.C = warm dan period (1552 dawn, 1352 200 dan, 1152 400 dan).
Refer to Climate Cycle chart in Geology Chapter od this website for dates beyond
600 B.C. to 2,500 B.C.
A time-line of ancient India

1600 BC: Indo-Aryans invade India from the west and expel the Dravidians
1500 BC: religious texts are written in Vedic, an Indo-European language
1100 BC: the Indo-Aryans use iron tools
1000 BC: the Rig-Veda are composed
900 BC: Indo-Aryans invade the Ganges Valley
1500 BCE
The Indus Valley is invaded by Aryans - nomadic northerners from central Asia.
c. 1000 BCE
The Aryans expand into the Ganges valley in India.
1500 BC - 1000 BC = 500+ years of peace
peace of the Faithists [in India] held four hundred years [plus];
1500 BC: religious texts are written in Vedic, an Indo-European language
1100 BC: the Indo-Aryans use iron tools
1000 BC: the Rig-Veda are composed
followed by nine hundred and ninety years of darkness.
900 BC: Indo-Aryans invade the Ganges Valley
700 BC: the caste system emerges, with the Brahman priests at the top
1500 BC - 1000-900 BC = warm dan period (1552 dawn, 1352 200 dan, 1152 400 dan, 952 600 dan).
Refer to Climate Cycle chart in Geology Chapter of this website for dates beyond 600 B.C. to 2,500 B.C.

Oahspe Book of Knowledge Part 2:
32. Yes, I have measured the stars in Your firmament,...
33. I have measured the light and computed the time of its coming, |1503| and lo, they have also existed for millions of years.
1503  i.e., computed how long it took the light to "travel" from star(s) to the earth
The Andromeda Galaxy is a spiral galaxy approximately 2.5 million light-years (2.4×1019 km) from Earth[4]...Also known as Messier 31, M31...
The 2006 observations by the Spitzer Space Telescope revealed that M31 contains one trillion (1012) stars:[8]
Light-speed = Dan = c = in vacuum (ethe)
Sound-speed = a'ji = mach = in atmosphere
Speed of light / speed of sound at sea level = 880919.09x
Speed of Light encoded into the prophetic table of Orachnebuahgalah Plate 48 of Oahspe.
880991.09 / 400 = 2202.4777
2202.4777 / 100 = 22.02
400 year Dan/Mayan Baktum and 22 year solar/galactic rays cycle
100 = ethe
1848 + 22 = 1870 Newbrough visited by angels, begins purification
1848 + 400 = 2248 = End of Beast religions on earth, Dan, Harvest
880991.09 / 999 = 881.80089
ORACHNEBUAHGALAH plate 48 of Oahspe , 99, 88, 999 = war
1848 + 99 = 1947 = Cold War begins, Mandatory Palestine Civil War,
880991.09 / 666 = 1322.7013
ORACHNEBUAHGALAH Plate 48 of Oahspe, 666, = war, a'ji
1322.7013 / 10 = 132.27013
1848 + 132 = 1980 = Iran-Iraq war, 10 year, longest conventional war 20th century. First year of multiple AIDS cases in the U.S.
CEVORKUM is the sub-galatic orbit of our solar-system
Encoded ratio of CEVORKUM to Lightspeed in Oahspe
4,700,000 (CEVORKUM) / 880919.09 (c/mach) = 5.3
CEVORKUM/Lightspeed = circumference of 33.3 harmonic multiple of 11.1, 22.2, cycles and prophectic numbers.
5.3 radius (center) x 2 = 10.6 (diameter) x 3.14159 (Pi) = 33.3 = harmonic multiple of 11.1, and 22.2. Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter 3:14 (3.14, Pi), first rule of prophecy 33 (33.3) divided by second rule of prophecy 11 (10.6) = 3.14 (Pi).
5.0 = Center, balance, Polaris, radius

5.0-5.3 fluctuation, oscillation, due to aphelion and perihelion of polestar.

Golden ratio x PI(n) = 5.083

Notice the speed of light unit or ratio (based on the universal relationship of light to sound or c/mach) of 880919.09 divided by 10000 = 88.0
88 is a harmonic multiple of 11, the second rule in prophecy. 11 x 8 = 88, 8
is a octave, or 8 x (cycles) per second which is a Schuman Resonance.

Encoded mathematical prophecy of:
880991.09 = the speed of light / speed of sound at sea level
8\= 88 = 8 x 11
9\ = 99 = 9 x 11
1848 + 99 = 1947
On October 14, 1947, Chuck Yeager broke the speed of sound
880991 = 2 separate harmonic multiples of 11
880 / 11 = 80
991 / 11 = 90.0909

The speed of light to speed of sound has a harmonic relationship to the geo, solar, and galactic cyclic numbers (11, 22), the prophetic numbers (11, 33, 99) mentioned in Oahspe's Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy and the numbers on the Orachnebuahgalah plate (88, 99) and to Cevorkum (4,700,000), and the mathematical formula Circumference = radius^2 x PI(3.14159).
What does the speed of Light (c) and the speed of sound (mach) have in common with the prophetic numbers and Cervorkum of Oahspe? All 4 are based on vortexian currents and waves (circles, oscillations) and cycles (cycles per second, per century, per millenium, etc...) and rate of motion.
All 4 have a harmonic relationship which shows up when you divide c by mach and divide that light/sound number by the prophetic numbers, or divide Cevorkum years or number of arcs by the light/sound speed unit, some interesting numbers and prophecies appear.
Pi (π, 3.14159, 3.1/7 or 22/7) a geometric number of physics and astronomy is also based on circles (vortex, orbits, circuit), cycles (repeated circular distance), and lines (radius, diameter, wavelength, wave amplitude, which are properties of Cevorkum, Light, and Sound). The prophetic numbers are parts of a circle or cycle, 11 = 11/100, 22 = 11/50, 33 = 1/3, 66 = 2/3 (.666 beast or a'ji, also the solar system), 99 = 99/100 or 1 (ethe, dan).  Pi = 33.33 / 10.6 = 3.14 which is very close (aproximate) to the cycle/prophetic numbers fraction (fractal) of 33.33/11 or 3 and a third cycle divided by 1 cycle (rounded off to nearest whole number = 33/11, the first rule of prophecy in Oahspe's Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter 3 verse 14 divided by the second rule of prophecy). Oahspe's Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter 3 verse 14 = 3:14 = 3.14 = Pi. Encoded in the chapters and verses of Oahspe's Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy is the universal mathematical constant number of geometry, physics and astronomy, Pi.

Diagram showing graphs of functions 
Sine and cosine functions repeat with period 2π.

The trigonometric functions rely on angles, and

Galactic-cycle-22-year-wave-pattern.jpg<----22 year galactic radiation cycle wave
Mathematics of Circular Motion
The speed of an object moving in a circle is given by the following equation.
wave number (k) - also called the propagation constant, this useful quantity is defined as 2 pi divided by the wavelength, so the SI units are radians per meter.
The sine wave or sinusoid is a mathematical curve that describes a smooth repetitive oscillation. It is named after the function sine, of which it is the graph. It occurs often in pure and applied mathematics, as well as physics, engineering, signal processing and many other fields.

This wave pattern occurs often in nature, including ocean waves, sound waves, and light waves.

A cosine wave is said to be "sinusoidal", because \cos(x) = \sin(x + \pi/2), which is also a sine wave with a phase-shift of π/2. Because of this "head start", it is often said that the cosine function leads the sine function or the sine lags the cosine.

Illustrating the cosine wave's fundamental relationship to the circle.
Harmonic ratio (relationship) = Love = harmony
Harmonic symmetrical relationship  of:
Cosmogony-Prophecy, Space-Time, Logarithmic spiral galaxy,
speed of light, speed of sound, Pi, golden ratio, and logarithmic constant:
1/9 of a logarithmic spiral galaxy = 11 = inner spiral arm
1/9 = 0.1111111 = coherent number = 111 = Gow (Dan)
9/9 = outer spiral arm of a galaxy = 99/100 = Ethe
8/9 of a logarithmic spiral galaxy = 88
8/9 = 0.8888888
7/9 of a logarithmic spiral galaxy = 77
7/9 = 0.7777777
6/9 of a logarithmic spiral galaxy = 2/3 out from galactic center
6/9 = 0.666 = 666 = A'ji = Beast
11 x 8 = 88 = a logarithmic harmonic multiple of 11 (1/9)
22 x 4 = 88
11 x 7 = 77 = a logarithmic harmonic multiple of 11 (1/9)
11 x 6 = 66 = a logarithmic harmonic multiple of 11 (6/9)
88 / 77 = 1.1428571
1 / .1428571 = 7.0000021 = 1/7 = 22/pi = 22/3.14159 = 7.0028
88/77 = 1.1428571
million/c/mach = 1.144 or 1.135
88/77 = million/c/mach
mill/c/mach = 88/77 = 8 is the number of harmony, 7 is completion
pi/million/c/mach = 2.7 = e (Euler Logarithmic constant) = 2.718
3.14159/million/c/mach = 2.7 e (Euler constant)
22/7 divided by 88/77 = 2.7 e (Euler constant)
1.618 = golden ratio of fibonacci numbers = 1.6
1.618 = 1 / .618 = 1.618 = golden ratio = summetry balance
e (Euler constant) divided by golden ratio = 1.6 = golden ratio
2.718 / 1.618 = 1.6 = golden ratio
2.718 = 2 / .718 = 2.78 = symmetry balance = 2.7 leftside = 2.7 rightside


Above equations show how the speed of light (c) is related to pi (3.14) and e Euler logarithmic constant (2.7) and how e is related to phi (1.6). 4 of the 6 most important numbers in the world.
The most important numbers in the world:
1. Pi = 3.14
2. Euler's number = 2.7
3. Golden Ratio = 1.6
6. Speed of light
The Speed of light ratio (to mach and 1000k) is 88/77 which is related to the prophetic cyclic number 11, 11 x 8 = 88, 11 x 7 = 77, and is related to spiral galaxies logarithmic spiral arms, cosmogony and prophecy.
Pi divided by speed of light ratio = e Euler constant

e (Euler Logarithmic constant) = 2.718
2 / .718 = 2.7855153
Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy Chapter 7:18: Tables of times and measurements:
measurements = mathematics = measurements of facts
Cosmogony and Prophecy = 2 books in one. Only book in Oahspe with 2 subjects = 2, 7:18 = 2.718 = e (Euler Logarithmic constant)
Ni, 88 (million/c/mach ratio) = 88/77
Foor, 333, Haa, 120. 333/120 = 2.775 = 2.7 Euler number
Haa, 120, Emon, 44. 120/44 = 2.72 = Euler number
e Euler = 2.718 rounded off to 2.72
Ceret, 112, Etus, 42. 112/42 = 2.66
Lulu, 100, Airi, 36. 100/36 = 2.77
Hoho, 99, Airi, 36. 99/36 = 2.75
Oise, 91, Oho, 33. 91/33 = 2.7575
6 pairs of numbers with ratios = 2.7 (e Euler constant).
Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy (2) Chapter 7:18 = 2.718
Encoded in Oahspe Book of Cosmogony and Prophecy (2 books in one) Chapter 7:18 (.718) is e (Euler Logarithmic constant).

The Arab Spring begins during cold down-spike period (a'ji).
The Arab Spring (Arabic: الربيع العربي‎, ar-rabīˁ al-ˁarabī) is a term for the revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests (both non-violent and violent), riots, and civil wars in the Arab world that began on 18 December 2010.
To date, rulers have been forced from power in Tunisia,[1] Egypt (twice),[2] Libya,[3] and Yemen;[4] civil uprisings have erupted in Bahrain[5] and Syria;[6] major protests have broken out in Algeria,[7] Iraq,[8] Jordan,[9] Kuwait,[10] Morocco,[11] and Sudan;[12] and minor protests have occurred in Mauritania,[13] Oman,[14] Saudi Arabia,[15] Djibouti,[16] Western Sahara,[17] and the Palestinian Authority.
Related events outside of the Arab World included protests in Iranian Khuzestan by the Arab minority in April 2011[18] and border clashes in Israel in May 2011.[19]
The start of on The Arab Spring on 18 December 2010 was a cold down-spike a'ji period
cold down-spike a'ji period from late 2010 to early 2011.


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