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Microsoft Boycott

I am not against the size or wealth of Microsoft, the use of its software as helpful, or the ability for the company to somehow succeed by merit of proper production.  I greatly value Harmony in life.  However, society does not tollerate 900 pound gorillas running rampant in civilized streets... it's a nuisance, a hazard.  

It is vital for the public to have a freedom of choice in their tools.  Indeed, it is a cycle of history that when technology is leveraged by an aristocracy or oligarchy to their own benefit and the public detriment, eventually that technology becomes democratized.  Today's greatest examples are the Open Source Software and Free Software movements.

A real choice must be practicable.  I have been operating Microsoft-free systems since July 2001, and expanding both in servers and desktop operations.  When I started, Linux made for a good server directly out-of-the-box.  Today, it's also a great workstation OS for desktop PCs and laptops alike.

Reasons to Boycott

Choices of Operating System have individual rationales and performance demands...
There is an excellent writeup titled Windows XP Shows the Direction Microsoft is Going by Micheal Jennings. It helps detail the need seen for governments to migrate away from Microsoft.

Where can I learn about the Boycott Campaigns?

The original Boycott Microsoft site , and of particular interest is the Dirty Tricks page.
Microsoft Boycott campaign carries an Anti-MS SuperList of websites.

Where can I explore alternatives to Microsoft products?

Forerunners among Operating Systems are Linux and FreeBSD.
Some good Linux distributions include RedHat , Mandrake, and SuSE.
Linux on Laptops details successes of running Linux on most laptop models.
Your Windows-based servers can likely be replaced with Linux today!  Samba file and printer sharing and Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAMs) are greatly interoperable with your Windows desktops and servers.

Office products are growing rapidly in number.  Sun's StarOffice product and their open source initiative have quickly matured.  Other big players include the Gnome Office and KDE's KOffice offerings, available in any good linux distribution.

There are all sorts of open source internet and multimedia alternatives as well.  I won't detail them all here, but I will say that all my web browsing, CD burning, DVD viewing, MP3 serving needs are met in Linux.

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